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So, that is what is going to happen to the nearly obsolete payphone...  I like this idea.

St. Christopher’s Village London

Posted at:2 September, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Aug 24 I slept until 09:00, packed my life, and headed down the stairs of the Flying Pig to breakfast my day with my – orange juice, apple juice, cereal, toast – routine.  At 11:00 I said goodbye to the staff and caught the #14 tram directly to Sloterdijk Station where my IDBus would take […]

I like this older couple, chilling out.

Flying Pig Amsterdam the Best Hostel in Amsterdam!

Posted at:1 September, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Aug 21 It takes 42 minutes by train to get from Rotterdam to Amsterdam… …and it costs €18.10 by the time NS Rail is through with extra charges for using your credit card on the ticket machine, yet they do not have a slot for cash….  A naughty trick…. As I got off the train […]

flanders amsterdam

Fun facts of Amsterdam

Posted at:31 August, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Here are some fun facts of Amsterdam: Amsterdam has the highest density population of any city in Europe. For 12 years during a housing shortage, in Vondel Park there were 5,000-7,000 people living in tents.  They played drums, smoked pot, and lived a hippie lifestyle.  Stealing milk from the steps of the locals is what […]

Wooden Clog Dog Walking.

Hostel ROOM Cheap Hosel in Roterdam

Posted at:30 August, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Aug 19 (cont’d) The woman at the ticket window of the train station asked me how old I was… …It turns out that if you are under 26, the ticket is substantially cheaper.  I asked her if they ever ask for ID when they are checking tickets.  She said they do.  So, I had to cough […]

The Bauhaus Bar in the afternoon.

Bauhaus International Hostel in Bruges City Center

Posted at:24 August, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Aug 17 (cont’d) It cost €17.50 for a train ticket from Leuven to Bruges, which is only 90 minutes away… …Once in Bruges, I asked the bus driver outside of the station how much it was going to cost to get into Old Town.  I thought he said €2 so I put it on the tray for […]

City Hall.

Cube Hostel in Leuven near the bars!

Posted at:21 August, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Aug 15 (cont’d) I tried to sleep on the bus from Lille France to Brussels Belgium…. …Then from Brussels, I had to figure out how to get to Leuven.  Public transportation according to Google was going to take 90 minutes to travel the distance it said that a car would do it in 30 minutes.  I […]

A very French meal.

Gastama absolutely the Best Hostel in Lille!

Posted at:19 August, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Aug 12 Three hours of restless napping in the night…  Great… I got up at 05:00 to shower some life into me.  A taxi came to collect me when I was ready and I regretfully checked out of Oasis Lisbon.  It was the wee hours of the morning, and my taxi driver took advantage of […]

Perfect setting...

Oasis Hostel in Lisbon City Centre

Posted at:18 August, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Aug 10 (cont’d) I checked out of the Oasis Hostel Seville and walked to the bus station at 11:00.  At about 11:10 a white van with hazard lights flashing came driving though a tiny parking area.  I approached the man driving and asked, “Blablacar?”  He asked me by Spanishifying my name, “Estefan?”  Yeah!  It was my […]

Seville is a very pretty city.

Oasis Hostel in Seville City Centre

Posted at:17 August, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Aug 8 (cont’d) I caught the first train from Málaga to Cordoba, where it had just rained and the hot air was very heavy… …The added weight of humidity that made the air seem spicy.  The second train took me to Seville where I caught the #32 bus from in front of the train station to […]

I love this image.

Oasis Hostel Party Hostel in Málaga

Posted at:11 August, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Aug 7 (cont’d) I caught the bus to Málaga and found a ‘Touristica Information’ lady who gave me a map… …and circled a small street in the old town of the city where Oasis Hostel Málaga was located.  She gave me an option of two buses from outside of the train station right next door from […]