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Copenhagen Downtown Best Hostel in Copenhagen

Posted at:21 July, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

July 15 (cont’d) I checked in for my flight to Copenhagen.  As I went to pass though security… …and took everything metal out of my pockets, I took a gamble that my new shoes would pass through the metal detector without having to take them off.  The machine beeped.  I lost.  I booed the machine in […]


Auschwitz Tour – The Blackness of Humanity and Dark Facts

Posted at:17 July, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

– A bus arrived at Pink Panther’s hostel to pick me up at 11:30am.  I would take about an hour to get from Krakow to Auschwitz.  I was surprised to find that I was the only first language English speaker on the bus! A short history of the Third Reich thanks to our Auschwitz Tour – […]


Beautiful Norway in Pictures

Posted at: in Ambassador Blog

This is beautiful Norway from Oslo to Bergen in pictures, and photos of the Fjords around Norway.  This is a gorgeous country. For great accommodation and fantastic prices in Bergen, visit the Marken Gjestehus  +47 55 31 44 04.


Marken Gjestehus Bergen

Posted at: in Ambassador Blog

July 13 (cont’d) The train arrived in Oslo, Norway.  It has been over four years since I had seen the city…. …and even though I knew I would be heading here, I still felt surprised to be looking at the city again when I left the train station.  I took pictures of old memories, grabbed lunch […]

City Backpackers Hostel.

City Backpackers Hostel Stockholm

Posted at:16 July, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

July 11 (cont’d) My plane from Warsaw (Modlin), Poland landed in Stockholm (Skavsta), Sweden…. … An €18 shuttle bus for the 80 minute ride from the airport to Stockholm city center was a quick reminder about Scandinavian prices.  Ouch! I arrived at the City Backpackers Hostel and checked in.  The hostel is very nice, tidy, and […]

St. Kinga Chapel

Wieliczka Salt Mine – Krakow

Posted at:15 July, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

– The bus came to pick me up from Pink Panther’s hostel at 9:10am.  The Wieliczka salt mine, registered on UNESCO’s list, is close to Krakow and it only took about 30 minutes to arrive from the hostel. – As we were in line to enter the salt mine, the tour guide asked who had […]

Perogee crew.

Oki Doki Hostel Warsaw

Posted at:13 July, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

July 9 (cont’d) The train arrived in Warsaw central station and I headed for the Oki Doki Hostel which is pretty easy to find… In climbing up the stairs there are reminders to tell you how many steps you have left until you reach reception and how many calories you have burned so far in your […]

Pink Panther's Hostel.

Pink Panther’s Hostel Krakow

Posted at:11 July, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

July 7(cont’d) The Eurorail pass is great, and it gives you a lot of freedom… …but some of the countries in Europe charge you with a mandatory reservation fee.  Of the three trains from Bratislava to Krakow, two of them required a payment for seat reservation.  The first reservation was €5 for a two hour […]

Thanks for having me!

Patio Hostel Bratislava

Posted at:10 July, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

July 6 (cont’d) Bratislava, Slovakia, has always made me wonder what is there, and for some reason I have had a mental draw to the city…. ….But, I also had no idea what to expect from there… As the train pulled in to the cozy small central station, I wondered if it would be a representative […]

The Danube meets the Sava River.

Belgrade City Center Free Walking Tour and Alternative Belgrade Tour

Posted at: in Ambassador Blog

Some fun things I learnt from the Free Belgrade Tour! – A common alcohol in Serbia is Rakia.  Rakia is commonly homemade and comes in 100’s of flavors.  The most common flavor is plumb.  It usually has an alcohol percentage between 40-70%. – The locals say there are three levels of a Serbian party: At […]