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Top 10 Ways to Travel Light – backpack tips

Posted at:26 March, 2014 in Travel Tips

backpacker LIST

Pack light – backpack tips 1.Saving Towels Take yourself to a camping store and find a super thin, super absorbent towel. These can be squashed down to the size of a handkerchief and are big enough for showering and sun bathing. They start at about €13 – which isn’t bad for a long lasting, space […]

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My favourite neighbourhood in Paris

Posted at:28 January, 2014 in Travel Tips


Best Neighbourhood in Paris On the perks of calling any neighbourhood in Paris home is that you will always be surrounded by alluring greenery, happy people and amenities, which make your life simple.  That is why it is almost impossible to point out a specific neighbourhood and describe it as the best neighbourhood in Paris. […]

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Party on the Italian Riviera!

Posted at:29 August, 2013 in Travel Tips

Party on the Italian Riviera

The party season is coming up and Rimini and Riccione are getting into full swing! Italy’s answer to Ibiza and Mykonos, Rimini and Riccione have a long history of being the country’s party capital. Rimini and Riccione have no shame in being famous mostly for their nightlife. Their position means that they are within a […]

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The Home of the Hipster

Posted at:3 June, 2013 in Travel Tips

black and white camera

Ever since American Apparel opened their first store over here on the Continent, the Hipster lifestyle has taken Europe by super-cool storm. No longer do Hipsters feel their calling to Williamsburg and Mission; their home is here on the mean streets of Western Europe. Here’s our Europe travel guide for you die-hard hipsters; what to do, where […]

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5 Must-Have FREE Travel Apps.

Posted at:2 June, 2013 in Travel Tips

5 must have free travel apps

1. Skype Lots of newer Apps have been released since Skype in 2003 but it manages to stay on top of the pile as the call quality is so much better than the competitors’. Skype is an essential for anybody travelling away from home, with calls costing as little as 0,01€ a minute to landlines. […]

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Travelling cheap in Europe

Posted at: in Travel Tips

tips for travellers on a budget Europe can be an expensive place to get around. Those of us who are looking to experience local culture and customs while sticking to a tight budget can get a bit of a shock when organising their ‘Eurotrip’. Perhaps us Western travellers have been spoilt with the comparatively cheap […]

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15 unmissable European flea markets

Posted at: in Travel Tips

  If you, like me, love nothing more than spending your time in each new city rummaging through stalls and people’s carboots to find retro-kitsch bargains then this post is just for you. For every city I’ve visited in the last five years, a percentage of my research time has been spent solely on searching […]

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Starting to get that beach feeling? Here’s our guide to the Top 3 Beaches in Barcelona!

Posted at:2 May, 2013 in Travel Tips

Barceloneta Beach Not only has Barcelonata Beach been voted in the top 3 beaches in the World by Discovery Channel, but it’s also home to some of the best nightlife Barcelona has to offer. A firm favourite with Barcelona’s sun-worshippers, it attracts both tourists and locals thanks to it’s proximity to the centre and the […]

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Top travel blogs

Posted at:3 April, 2013 in Travel Tips

Top travel blogs recommended by Europe’s Famous Hostels What I am doing here is a new photographic travel blog. Eugenio D’ Urso, an Italian traveller and photographer from Tuscany, started his blog as a way to share his own experiences and photos about his many long travels around the world. Soon the blog become […]

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Marseille 2013, European Capital of Culture

Posted at:3 February, 2013 in Travel Tips

Didn’t you hear? “Marseille 2013, European Capital of Culture” started a few weeks ago. After a huge party all over the city to launch the project, Marseille is ready to welcome you. All the main places in the city have been renovated for the occasion, new museums and an information center (le Pavillon M) were […]

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