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Alessandro Palace Rome Hostel

Posted at:15 June, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

The girls walked me to Alessandro Palace & Bar….

….I met them with manager Takashi for a beer and then Mirella set me up with a really nice dinner at the Bramble Bar & Kitchen before I said goodbye to her and Valeria.  Back to Alessandro Palace & Bar, I and went upstairs to the terrace on the roof for a party.  They were playing Latin music and around 11pm, and good crowd of people trickled in one by one.  I spent much of the night visiting with two girls from Sweden and two guys from Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico!  In ten years of travel, I have never met anyone from there on the road.

That the most creative decor I have ever seen around a light. Alessandro Palace Bar.

That the most creative decor I have ever seen around a light.
Alessandro Palace Bar.

Alessandro Palace Rome Hostel

When last call was announced on the rooftop terrace, the party moved downstairs to the main bar in the hostel.  The Puerto Ricans wanted the DJ to play Mark Anthony and once he did they proceeded to salsa up a dancing storm.  The bar was giving away a bottle of wine and a t-shirt.  One of the Swedish girls had two tickets for the draw.  I told her that she was going to win and channeled all of my mental energy into the draw every time the bartender went to choose a ticket.  On the second prize, bartender pulled out her ‘#61’ and she won a t-shirt.  Really cool!  It was a good and fun night in the hostel.

Alessandro Palace Bar

Alessandro Palace Bar

13 June

Castoro is ‘Beaver’ in Italian.

I have decided to change my name to that for the rest of the time I am in Italy.  It sounds so elegant.  I will be visiting 28 different countries, and I will change my name to local language in each place I visit.  Beaver used to be such a rad name until this little brat Beiber showed up on the scene, and now I have to battle with people thinking I am introducing myself as Beiber when they meet me.

I got tired of the battle of people calling me Steven my whole life, playing me out to the point where I hardly ever use my real first name anymore to avoid the hassle.  It seems I am destined for a battle with the name I use for the rest of my life.  Perhaps I will find a mega-awesome word for Beaver in another language on this trip and adopt that.

Am I too old to adopt a new name?  I may have to conduct a poll on that…

Two American girls who had to catch an early train were up at 7am, and they may as well have had band practice in the hostel room for how much noise they made for an entire hour.  ‘Pack your 10,000 loose articles at night ladies.  I know you are the two most important people on earth, but it would be nice if you would be kind enough to favor the rest of the sleepers a little more slumber.  Surprisingly, we actually have different agendas than you.  Yes, I know that might seem strange to your life which the sun continuously revolves.  Yes, you are accurate; it is actually perpetually dark here in Europe when you are at home.’



I signed up for a trip to the Colosseum at 11:30 am.

It was two hours of action packed fasts of a time long ago that is still very visible all over the cityscape.  Rome is a very special city.  What a place to come for a class trip for kids in school.  I think being here would make kids want to learn history when they were at home.

After the tour I hurried to the Alessandro Palace & Bar to collect my bag and head to the train station.  I am really starting to enjoy watching people with strong Italian tendencies exaggerate their conversations.  It makes me smirk the way they craft such strong gesture with their faces and hands when they have a point to make that they know they are right about.  It is ridiculous, and it is like it is in the movies.  I also really like how strangers stare at me with large frightened eyes when I ask them if they speak English because I need information about something.  It completely horrifies them, but they are always willing to help.

alessandro cocktail party

Rome – Rimini

‘2est.’  2est?  What did that mean?  Estimated?’

I was running short of time for my train, and in Roma Termini I was looking at the wall-schedule.  My 15:58 train to transfer at Falconara Marittima did not have a proper track number five minutes before it was to depart.  For all other trains, the board listed a line number to walk to but the train I needed said ‘2est.’  2est?  What did that mean?  Estimated?  I had no idea so I scared the hell out of the closest younger person standing near me when I asked him if he spoke English.  If he did, he was not about to tell me, but he hurried me to some workers in the station.  I understood him when he asked a janitor pushing a cart in Italian, “What is 2est?”  The janitor shrugged his shoulders.  He hurried me to a group of older gentlemen who looked official and asked them the same thing.  Three of them pointed I unison to ‘Line 1’ and motioned for me to go down down down past it with arm swinging pointing.  It seemed like they meant for me to hurry so I ran my ass off through the station.  It is now two trains that I have had to run hard for in the past two days, and I can tell you that it was a very long distance to get past ‘Line 1’ to where I could see a sign that said ‘2est’ that had a train waiting on the line but the sign also said that they train was actually 80 meters away.

So, I kept on running.

I made it at about 15:58 and jumped up the stairs of the very first car and made my way towards a car with empty seats.  The race was all for nothing because they train was then delayed in the station for the next 27 minutes.  Italian women in my car were (what I assumed to be) cursing in their language and pacing like animals trapped in a cage, freaking out about the train not moving.

I arrived at the station at Falconara Marittima, Italy, and all I had was this to figure out how to get to my next train, and everyone at the station was terrified to speak English to help me.  How to get out of this jam...

I arrived at the station at Falconara Marittima, Italy, and all I had was this to figure out how to get to my next train, and everyone at the station was terrified to speak English to help me. How to get out of this jam…

When they would say things to me in Italian with a tone that indicated the end of the world, I would nod at them to and pretended I understood, and then I would glance about the train car as well with a heavily disappointed look. The train finally got moving but by the time we got to the second station it was announced that we were 57 minutes behind schedule.

There is a chance that by nightfall one of the pacing women might not be able to sleep at night from the stress disorder caused by the delay catastrophe.

Alessandro Palace Rome Hostel
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