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Copenhagen Downtown Best Hostel in Copenhagen

Posted at:21 July, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

July 15 (cont’d)

I checked in for my flight to Copenhagen.  As I went to pass though security…

…and took everything metal out of my pockets, I took a gamble that my new shoes would pass through the metal detector without having to take them off.  The machine beeped.  I lost.  I booed the machine in front of security.  A large Norwegian man asked me if he could search me.  “I guess so…”  He patted me my entire body down.  I said, “Wow, it is like a free massage!”  He stopped, laughed and said in his Norwegian accent, “That’s right.  An airplane ticket now comes with a massage.”  He let me go right after…

The bar in Copenhagen Downtown.

The bar in Copenhagen Downtown.

At 10pm the hostel had a cheesecake eating competition with prizes of free beer.  The rules were that you had to eat your cheesecake and clean your plate, but you could not use your hands.  The results were hilarious cheesecake faced people who looked like pecking chickens going at their plates.  Everyone in the building was involved in the atmosphere.  It was really fun to watch and cheer on.

I flew into Copenhagen and caught a train to Nørreport station.  My Eurorail pass got me there for free without having to buy any kind of metro ticket!  Awesome!  Nørreport station is close to Copenhagen Downtown Hostel, the best hostel in Copenhagen!  It took some maneuvering to find the hostel, but it was easy to pick out when I was close as many people were lounging on bean bag chairs on the sidewalk in front.  Cool…

I checked in to the hostel and eventually made my way to the bar.  The bar is a colorful area that will stimulate your eyes.  They have maps everywhere, which are awesome for people from different parts of the world bonding together over excellent happy hour beer prices to point to places where they are from or have been.  All hostels should have giant maps in their lounges.  It is smart.  There are great sitting areas and hang-out areas.  

Fun and games at the Best Hostel in Copenhagen!

My friend Cindie was waiting for me and we eventually ended up in a fantastic blues bar call Mojo.  On stage was a girl with a keyboard who had a very powerful voice.  She entertained us for a couple of hours.  When she went to sit down after I noticed circular a golf ball sized bruise on her forearm that was completely black.  I could not leave that alone so I sat down across from her, pointed at the bruise and asked her, “Was it the best sex you have ever had?”  She was surprised, laughed and denied my assumption of what it was from saying, “I wish!”  I told her, “I know a sex-bite bruise when I see one!  I am not so easily fooled…!”  She thought I was funny but remained in denial.



Christiania is also known as the Freetown of Copenhagen…in Copenhagen, Denmark.  It is an old military barracks that hippies took over as a squat in 1971.  It is a self proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood to a commune of about 850 residents.  In Christiania, they have their own laws separate from that of Copenhagen.  On Pusher Street, aka The Green Light District, there were hundreds of people lined up to buy hash from the dealers.  It is a strange and fascinating little utopia inside of a city.

There are little bars to drink local beer brewed in the Freetown and overall Christiania has a really good vibe.  Everywhere you look people have constructed cool little shacks out of anything and everything that anyone else has or was about to throw away.  Christiania along with the amusement park Tivoli, are the two major tourist attractions in Copenhagen.

July 16
I woke up late and got out of bed late.  A lay in!  Rad!…

…I hung out around the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel for much of the afternoon, meeting the staff and other travelers.  The hostel has a really good vibe to it. There is always music playing in the background that holds the mood of the building in a good place.  The food is great as well.  If you are hungry, they will sort you out with one of the best pizzas you are going to find in any hostel outside of Italy!

With possibly the best beer prices in Copenhagen, locals come in to socialize at the bar as well so that travelers can actually meet Danish people.  Copenhagen Downtown also organizes live bands in the basement from Thursday to Saturday.  It is a nice touch, and certainly one that helps to make it the best hostel in Copenhagen.  Every night some kind of a social event takes place to create friendships between those staying in the 296 bed hostel.  This evening they had a balloon shaving competition.  One person would have an inflated balloon in their teeth, and their partner had the job of removing all of the whip-cream from the balloon with a razor while trying to not pop the balloon in the other’s face.  I thought about entering the competition, but realized I do not have enough shirts to warrant having one covered in whip-cream from a popping balloon.  My intuition was correct: three minutes later, a couple of balloon shaving competitors burst theirs, sending whip-cream trajectory in all directions.  My shirt got to wear some of it even from about two meters of distance, but, it was maintainable.

I made two notable friends.  One was a photographer named Alessandro who was taking pictures for the hostel.   The other guy was a 25 year old Chinese guy who had named himself Charlie.  We discussed travel in Europe and he told me, “I just hungry all the time.  Food in Europe suck!  I just no eat.  Go home China and then eat!”  I told Charlie he could call this trip the ‘European Travel Chinese Diet.’

Awesome stoned buskers outside of Christiania.

Awesome stoned buskers outside of Christiania.

Lego is Danish.  It is still privately owned by the Kristinsen family.

Denmark consists of 402 islands.

At 11pm, Emma from Spain who works with customer relations for Copenhagen Downtown Hostel took me out to a couple of bars in the city.  We went to a bar called ‘Floss’ that is a squat bar close to the hostel with graffiti all over the walls.  A bar with personality always has characters for patrons.  We made a couple of friends, mostly who had shirts on but one who did not, and then went to another bar called ‘Understellet’ which is a rock and roll bar that was playing ‘Queens of the Stone Age’ when we walked in.  A couple of people befriended us, and then we went to sit on the stools at the bar.  We shared stories about each other that two people who have just met each other probably should not share, but it was a lot of fun chatting.  Emma guided me to the hostel at 4:30am and I headed to bed.  The sun was high in the sky.  I knew that was going to be bad news when check-out time would be coming around at 10am.

Trivia – The biggest selling Danish album in the history of time….  Aqua.  Don’t remember?  Try this: “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world…”  There, that should be stuck in your head for the next hour.

Copenhagen Downtown Best Hostel in Copenhagen
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