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Hostel of the Sun Naples, Italy

Posted at:11 June, 2015 in Ambassador Blog, Blog

June 10
I woke up at 8:30am and got ready for the day…….

……I had breakfast, paid for it, and then headed back to the hostel next door where I was asked if I had paid for my own breakfast.  When I told them that I had, the guy behind the counter, CJ, said, “No, you are VIP.  We pay for your breakfast,” and gave me back the money I had spent.  Rock star treatment!


I met Mirella, my boss, at 11am.  It was great to see her in real life as I have been corresponding with her from different countries for so long.  We visited and I probably told her too much about me, but I am who I am.  I now have the best job that the world was offering for the summer of 2015.  Somehow life is turning out better than my dreams as a teenager.  It seems like they really just want me to party all around Europe…  Sheesh…

Mirella showed me off to a lot of people and told me that my name is just ‘Ambassador’ now.  That makes me sound like royalty.

Fun Fact

In Denmark, 0.88% of your paycheque automatically goes to the church if you have been baptized.

In Italy 0.8% of your paycheque automatically goes to a field of your choice based on the box you tick when you are filling out your taxes, be it: the church, the education sector, health care, or a specific charity foundation.  That is a really great system for helping specific areas of their culture.We had gnocchi for lunch, something that Mirella said they eat every Thursday in Rome as a tradition, though today is a Wednesday so maybe it was a special ‘Ambasssador’ treat.  Fridays are for fish.

I like how Italy is still old fashioned, and the food is made by an old man who has had the same restaurant on the corner for 45 years.  This is an authentic country that is what it really is.  It feels refreshing.

Rome to Naples

Mirella and a friend named Valeria who helped to set up this ambassador role, took me with them to catch a train heading for Naples.  My new boss is awesome and she seems uncomfortable when I call her ‘boss.’  When we arrived at the train station, an Italian man was yelling at the man organizing the line-up to get to the train.  It embarrassed my new Italian friends.  I told them that it added a little excitement to the day.

Mirella had booked us the biggest seats on the train to have an easy relax for the ride.  Yeah!  It took about an hour to get to Naples/Napoli, traveling 300 km/h in a train through the Italian countryside full of little Italian villages where I would have loved to have stopped to drink wine with the locals. 

Universita' Metro Stop

Universita’ Metro Stop

Italy looks to be a great country designed for a motorcycle trip.

In Naples, we met Harriet who is a major organizer of the ambassador role and she took us to the ‘Hostel of the Sun,’ which Europe’s Famous Hostels in Naples.  It is a very cool hostel with an ‘at home’ vibe, and a very likable Italian owner named Luca who makes you feel welcome as soon as you come through the door.  You can actually see Mount Vesuvius from the balcony!  On the wall has the greatest map-of-earth panting you will ever see, definitely one the best hostel in Naples!

Best Hostel in Naples!

Local Drink

Aglianico (Local Red Wine)

Falanghina (Local White Wine)

Most Famous Person from Naples

Sophia Loren

There are comfy lounge areas and there is a really charming little side bar.  The whole place is very hip.  Do you want a comfortable place with 1970’s décor?   Check.  

Do you want to talk to the sweetest woman in the world about riding horses for the day?  Meet Berry. 

Do you want to try the best pizza in the world, in Naples, where pizza was actually invented?  Ask Luca. 

We got lucky and he actually took the girls from Europe’s Famous Hostels and I to try it.

Riccotta balls in the crush!  Amazing!

Riccotta balls in the crush! Amazing!

Pizzeria E Ristorante da Attilio has a wood chip fire fueled pizza oven, and awesome €5 pizzas.  The pizza I had came with ricotta cheese balls baked into the crust in eight spots.  When one of the girls asked me if I was surprised at the shape of the pizza with the bumps of cheese balls baked into the crust.  I told her that I do not think anyone could be ready for something like that.

Local Lore

According to the story, in 1889 queen Margherita di Savoia was visiting Naples.  A chef wanted to create something original just for her, with white-red-green to represent the Italian flag.  He put mozzarella, tomato, and basil on the dough and called it ‘Margherita.’  Bam.  Pizza!

There are little hole in the wall pubs/bars everywhere in Naples, and one that Harriet took us to had a massive cask inside.  I asked her what was inside.

She told me, “Wine.”  Of course…

There were empty bottles of wine in on the floor and she said that for €2.50, they will fill a bottle with wine for you.  They were serving €1 beer as well…  There is just something really great about the way things are in Italy.

Harriet, Valeria and Mirella took me to a really cool area where tables were set up and a jazz band was playing music.  We were enjoying a visit about life in Italy and how the country works when a transvestite trying to sell contraband cigarettes came around to our table.

A 6.5 year-old little girl sitting at the table with us called the transvestite a man.  It is amazing that a child of 6.5 can see things so clearly.  Harriet told me that the transvestite was normally very aggressive and asked me if I wanted to see how she how mean s/he was.  When I nodded, Harriet waved her finger at the transvestite to tell her that she did not want any of the cigarettes.  The transvestite snarled to her in Italian, “What are you doing with that finger?  I will put my finger in your ass!”  Then s/he walked away.  Holy!  It terrified me!

On the walk home Harriet walked us down an alleyway that had once inhabited all of the dwarves of Naples around the turn of the 20th century.  Just imagine…  I immediately wished it was now 115 years earlier!




Hostel of the Sun Naples, Italy
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