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Europe’s Famous Hostels Ambassador TOP TEN

Posted at:6 May, 2015 in Blog, EFH News, Job

So, after months of collecting profiles for our Europe’s Famous Hostels wannabes, here’s our top ten!

Check out their profiles, their cover letters and scrutinise their motivation…..but above all VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE!  Votes received will be taken into consideration when selecting the Ambassador.

Votes recieved after the 15th May will not be counted.  

For more information on the Europe’s Famous Hostels Ambassador competition follow this link.

Kelly Marie Edwards-Smith

Kelly_MarieHello, I am Kelly, I am 28 years old and love life! I do impersonations, sing loads and try to give everything I do 110%!!

I think I would make an amazing ambassador as I haven’t actually travelled much and imagine a lot of people applying would have. My spin on the coverage from the whole experience would be to document the ease of the process and to make travelling more accessible for the first time traveller to the most experienced either alone or with others.

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Buzz Feed is something I am trained to do very well due to my experience in PR. The main key points for successful coverage in my opinion and experience is having very good quality photographs, an intriguing headline, the content to be informative, thought provoking and succinct. I also have contacts in the publishing and journalism industry as selling stories to the press is part of my job.

My writing style is very much aimed at the generation Y so the 18- 35 year old, with this in mind I always try to use buzz words that are current and applicable but also having a fun edge. For example if I am writing a piece on London I would highlight the best places like Soho’s secret bars and where to find cheap local food that tastes amazing. I would adopt this for the other cities and make a play on words with local highlights.


Stephen ‘Beaver’ Harris

My name is Stephen Harris, but most peopl221872_6211020314_9793_ne know me as Beaver.  I am a farm-boy and cattle rancher who left his roots to live the nightmare and chase the dream, a persona driven by the relentless pursuit of revolving passions: travel, girls, rock and roll, beer and writing.  My true calling in life is to act as the medium between two worlds: the edge of adventure and the comfort of conservative living.

I like to share tales of my exploits, charming stories and fun facts.  I am very interested in taking the world by storm with a pair of fresh eyes with your perfect-for-me project for Ambassador of Europe’s Famous Hostels.  In the meantime, I am trying to release a silly per diem 365 day tear-away desk calendar of adventure about the wonders of life when living it fully.  I would like to call it something like ‘Awesome Fun and Facts of Beaver.’

From 9 years of non-stop global travel through 63 countries, I am doing what I love while keeping a regular blog on the road.  Someone needs to help entertain the nervous population of armchair travellers.  My future of global domination looks like this: in the autumn of 2015, I will travel to Africa for a few months.  I have no plans, other than to fly into a city with a fair fare, chip away at the countries and cultures of the continent while hunting for someone to help me put a voodoo hex on a former high school teacher.  In the summer of 2016 my best friend and I are going to drive a Land Rover across the entirety of Russia.  We will fly into St. Petersburg with only the clothes on our backs.  Part of the challenge will be to shop only in second hand stores during a month long drive to Vladivostok.  We will dress like Russians as we travel the nation, listening to Pussy Riot.  Neither of us reads Cyrillic and the sum of our Russian linguistic set is my own vocabulary that includes only the words for beer, thank you, goodbye, and the numbers from 1-7.

This is what I live for, and the world will be missing out if there is not more exposure to how awesome the planet is once you get off of your leather couch.  So, just in case curiosity tugs at your dander, I am attaching a link to my blog –  It is not a peep show; it is free to have a look at my goods so please do not hesitate.

Cristina Carducci

cristina_carducciIf I had to define myself I would say I am a true lover of challenges.

Creative, determined and curious I am always attracted to the idea to experiment myself. Thinking out of the box is my way to live, making sure to discover always something unexpected.

If writing is my first love since I was able to hold a pen, then travelling has always been my dream.

In August 2010 I moved to London and I probably pursued the biggest challenge of my life. Starting over again in a new country, writing the first page of a new book. Living in London is a bit like travelling without actually travel. So many cultures, people, languages. Every day something new to learn, just amazing.

What could I do if not sharing my excitement?

In 2013 I started a blog called Londrachiamaitalia which is targeted towards the Italian Community in London. My blog is something in between a travel and life-style blog where people can find advice, reviews and simply my way to see the city.

From then until now many things had changed. If before moving to London I used to work as a journalist, then I became a professional blogger. Always moved from a genuine passion for what I do, my aim is to make my readers happy to follow me. Using social media and digital strategies helps in making sure my audience will engage with my contents and let’s say the true… It is also funny! I always get any chance to extend the knowledge of the world around me… Nothing would do that more than travelling.

Someone once said: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” …

Could you possibly disagree?

Kimberly Connor

Living on the edge :)I’m writing to tell you why I’m the perfect candidate to be your Ambassador this summer! I was born and raised in California to a British mother and American father, and have had a bad case of the travel bug, that yearning to see new places and cultures, for my whole life.

I graduated from UCLA in December and decided to put off the ‘real world’ a bit to move abroad, travel, and follow my wanderlust dreams! I moved to London this year and have started up my new travel blog,, on which I document all my adventures, destinations, travel tips, and photography. I have done my fair share of backpacking through Europe, and have the perfect balance of enough experience to be a very knowledgable and efficient traveler, yet still have so many places in Europe I plan to and would love to experience.

I am an avid hosteller – they are my only accommodation when I travel and I have developed a taste for hostel culture (I would completely argue that’s a thing!). Hostels are how I meet people while traveling and how I hear about the best and cheapest things to do, food to eat, and places to go in each city I visit. I have actually met some of my closest friends in hostels! I am no stranger to being on the road for long periods of time, I have to drag myself home each time I end a backpacking trip because I wish I could travel forever.

I am an extremely outgoing person and have loads of experience in jobs where I must interact with people and represent a brand in the most positive way. I am also a social media guru – I try to post daily, and try to make all my posts tasteful and interesting (see my insta – @KimmConn). Lastly, I am of course no stranger to keeping a blog, because I have my own! I always try to write in a funny and relatable way while still getting important points across. I am confident I would be perfect for this, because it really is my dream job anyway. Traveling and documenting my adventures is my passion and what I do best in the world, so it would be an honor to do it for you!

Emer Mulligan

Emer_MulliganI’m Emer, I’m 24 from Ireland and I think I should be the EFH ambassador because I feel like I already am! I’ve been spreading the word of these hostels since 2011 so let me tell you why!

On my first backpacking trip I stayed in a hostel for the first time. My sister and I checked into Villa Saint Exupery in 2011 and it changed my life!

We walked into the 16 bed dorm and were daunted only for it to turn into the best 3 days of our lives at that point. We met people from all over the world and it turned me into a traveller.

The next summer I returned to Nice and I was lucky enough to get a job at “the Villa” and spent 12 months living the hostel life every day.  I now work in another EFH, the Flying Pig in Amsterdam.

Before I go to a new city I always check the EFH website first which has led me to partying along La Rambla while staying in Kabul, dancing and drinking Guinness staying in Avalon House, strolling along the Thames while in St Christophers, eating too much pizza staying at the Hostel of the Sun, taking a time machine through every street staying at Alessandros palace and cruising the river Mass while staying at Room hostel. So I am familiar with 8 hostels but there is something special that calls me back to each of them, It would be my dream come true to get the chance to stay at all 50 on this epic trip!

I saw this opportunity and I really believe it’s meant for me! I believe that I’m the girl to be your ambassador. My degree in Public Relations means writing is one of my strengths and to be honest I’ve let it slide, this would push me to blog for you guys and combine my two passions. Travelling and writing!

So give this Irish blonde hobbit a chance to put her backpack on and tell the world why they need to be checking in to an EFH hostel NOW !

Rachel Anorov

Rachel_AnorovI’m Rachel, a 25 year old, fun loving travel agent – and a huge fan of Europe’s Famous Hostels. I hope that my story convinces you that I am the perfect candidate be to be Europe’s Famous Hostels’ Ambassador…

5:15am Wednesday the 11th March I am woken by my alarm. I get into my gym gear, pour a cup of coffee and check my emails. Still half asleep, I open one from Europe’s Famous Hostels.

Breaking news“, it says, “Europe’s Famous Hostels is looking for an Ambassador to promote the brand in every hostel, talking to travellers and sharing the word“. Wow. That sounds incredible… I wish I didn’t have to go to work this morning, I want to apply for this right now! I check my roster to see when my next day off is, and realise it’s actually today!

So here I am, writing my application right now. Mirella, this was meant to be. I am the perfect fit for this opportunity. Apart from the fact that travel and connecting with people is my passion and a huge part of who I am, I actually have the experience and social networks that set me apart from the other applications that will be flooding your inbox. I’m a travel agent and already promote Europe’s Famous Hostels to my clients as I truly believe that your properties add value to people’s journeys and travel experiences, over and above other hostels. I still talk about my Europe trip and the amazing time I had at Villa Saint Exupery in particular, it was my sanctuary after a busy day exploring Nice and Eze Village with my new travel buddies I met at the breakfast buffet.

I majored in Marketing at uni, have an EU passport and have a travel/lifestyle blog which is all about sharing experiences to inspire people to live life to the fullest through travelling the world, connecting with people and having fun!

Here’s a link to an article I wrote to give you an idea of my work.

I’m more than happy to adapt my writing style to be aligned with the brand message and campaign goals of Europe’s Famous Hostels.

Ben Dalmont

BenI should TOTALLY be your EFH Ambassador !!

Oh, wait, I still have 285 words to go. Let me tell you why ! 🙂

My name is Ben, I’m 26 years old and French-English, the smiley and outgoing type.

The FamousHostels Brand signals to me amazing places, full of fun, friendly, dynamic and sociable travelers and staff – and I am in a unique position to promote these aspects:

I am embarking end of March on a huge (and super fun) “Ukulele Road Trip”, where I will be singing my way through the whole of Europe, meeting (this is the plan) amazing people along the way. Myself and my 2 ukuleles could be great Ambassadors to these FH qualities.

FH branded hotels and my experiences there, are part of what made me such an outgoing, adventurous person. I remember the amazing social atmosphere in the Bad Gastein and Budapest ones really getting me out my shell when I was just 19. No shell anymore 🙂 I now relish these extraordinarily cool places for cool travelers.

The Hostels, guests and staff, would be featured in my media publications (podcasts too!). I will be extremely active for at least 8 months straight on facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram, and of course, my blog, hopefully with your logo on it! Being EFH Ambassador would be the DREAM !

I will be backpacking though a multitude of European countries at least until the end of October, starting in Bulgaria.  I am really excited about this opportunity to serve a brand that has provided me with such amazing experiences.  Do check out my blog and hopefully, see what a good job I could do for you guys showing your coolness to the world !

LC Haughey

10687872_10152768500651967_1973463879908488289_oFrom reading the description of the individual you seek to fulfil the position of EFH Ambassador, it seems you require someone who is a true explorer at heart.

I am an Australian-born EU resident, in my mid-twenties. Aussies are notorious world wide for their itchy feet and adventurous souls and I am not ashamed to say that I fall right into this stereotype.

I have worked for the last six years within the media industry as a film editor. I enjoy writing about my travels as well as cutting videos to accompany these stories. An example of my work, from my time spent living in Doha, Qatar and road tripping around the Westfjords in Iceland can be seen via the below link:

If I were to be selected as the EFH Ambassador, I would happily blog and update followers of my adventures on social media. On top of that, I could use my particular skill set to produce a video(s) that documented my experience. I own my own gear; laptop, editing software, DSLR, various lenses, tripod and Gopro, which I am more than accustomed to travelling around with.

I like to holiday on my own; it is the best way to meet and connect with fellow travellers. I am employed as a freelancer and am therefore in complete control of my work schedule. On top of that, I am not at all averse to spending an extended period of time on the road.

Andrew Walton

AJ_WaltonMy name is Andrew Walton, long term traveller and travel blogger at I would like to express an interest in being EFH’s ambassador. Here is my application:

I believe that a successful partnership starts with the willingness to give more than you get. And if you select me as your ambassador, you will get the nothing but the best before, during, and after the campaign.

I am a long term traveler who runs a popular travel blog ( – The #100,759th most popular site worldwide acording to I know travelers, just as I know travel, and I specialize in representing travel organizations through content creation and social media. Press trips are not new to me and I’ll have no problem creating killer content on the road.

To start, I can leveraging my existing travel blog, it’s audience, and highly engaged social media followers (Klout score: 58)

I also have a reputation for creating some of the best travel content in the world. Just take my epic 17k word guide to budget travel:

One reader had to say this about my writing: “…this is the best 20 minutes I have spent on the computer EVER! Thank you one million times over.” -Joe MacDonald

This campaign will obviously create a lot of buzz, but it should also produce long-term results. I have over 6 years experience in SEO & content marketing and my coverage of EFH’s hotels will continue to drive search traffic long after the actual trip is over.

Not only that, but if selected I’ll put together a free, full-length guide book covering my journey with EFH throughout Europe and publish it on and alongside my other guides on my website.

If you find someone who can do offer more than this, please don’t select me as your ambassador. Otherwise, it would be my honor to travel with you and represent your brand.

Justin Egli

Justin_EgliMy name is Justin, originally from Bangor, a small seaside town in Northern Ireland, UK. For the last three years I’ve been living in Tokyo, Japan, but in March I quit my job, put on my backpack and hit the road again! As I type this I’m in Kuala Lumpur Airport waiting on a flight to Nepal. Plus I have a dose of food poisoning. Yet I’m still emailing you. How’s that for dedication 🙂

Why should you pick me? Well, I’m creative, artistic, a great writer and photographer. In the past I have worked as the senior writer on the Northern Ireland Tourist Board advertising account, and my own work has been published by Wanderlust Magazine among others. One of my fictional travel stories was even picked up by and narrated for the BBC! My own blog, was shortlisted for an Irish blog Award last year. Please check it out!

Why do I wanna become the EFH Ambassador? Simple! I want to see Europe. Despite knowing Asia inside out, I’ve actually never really seen much of Europe. I’ve jumped off cliffs in Bali, climbed an active volcano in Sumatra yet I’ve never been to Germany! I had planned to come back and do Europe during the summer any way… plus it’ll make my mum happy that I’m closer to home 🙂 And think about it: the best person for this role is someone who hasn’t seen these countries before.

Even if I was doing this trip independently I’d still be writing content on my own blog so it makes sense my work gets put to use. To check out my writing, photography and video skills, check out this recent post from rural Thailand.

Hotel review I just did yesterday:


Europe’s Famous Hostels Ambassador TOP TEN
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