Best Music Venues in Copenaghen Copenhagen Guide

Best Music Venues in Copenaghen

Copenhagen has everything a music lover could desire; offering live music of all genres, from rock to orchestral concerts, and at all levels from the small, intimate back room bars to state- of- the art, world-class venues. You will find jazz, blues, classical, world, house, rock and electro playing all over the city. Here’s a selection of some of the city’s best venues.

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Best Music Venues in Copenhagen

The building itself is listed in Denmark’s special architectural interest category and has a brilliant retro interior. The wood panelling and mahogany floors, along with imaginative design details give it a classy ambiance. Besides the great music on offer, there’s the Lille Vega nightclub and Ideal Bar providing additional entertainment to complement an evening at this excellent venue.

Vega – The House of Music

A very popular venue with the main focus on rock and rhythmic music, but it also offers other genres including hip hop and electronic. The venue stages around 250 concerts every year and has two stage areas. Big Vega (Store Vega) draws the big international stars, and can hold 1500 people. Little Vega (Lille Vega) with capacity for 500 is where newer, up-coming performers provide a more friendly and unique experience for fans.

Copenhagen Jazz House

Copenhagen has had a flourishing jazz scene since the 60’s and hosts two annual jazz festivals. The Copenhagen Jazz House is renowned as THE place for jazz, and with over 200 concerts a year, its program of both modern and classic jazz is one of the best in northern Europe.

After weekend concerts the mood continues until dawn in the HERLUF cocktail bar where you are likely to sit with prominent musicians or choose to party on to the DJ’s hip renditions.

mojo copenhagen

Mojo Blues Bar

Here you will find live blues and the related genres of soul, bluegrass and rock, presented every night of the week, in an intimate and friendly atmosphere. After the main performances, the dancing and DJ’s take centre stage and the partying continues on.

Jazzhuss Montmartre

This was originally a hugely successful venue playing host to such legendary performers as Stan Getz, Dexter Gordon and Chet Baker. It was closed for over 10 years before being recently re-established to try to live up to its former glory.

A relatively small venue with room for about 100, the concerts have an intimate, friendly atmosphere. The first class restaurant is a popular spot for pre-concert dining and booking ahead is a must.

music venues in copenhagen


A popular venue of long standing, Rust caters mainly to fans of indie rock, pop, electronic and hip-hop. You will find a great mix of both recognized and newcomer artists at the music and nightclub spot. A multi-level dance floor is a unique feature and bars are spread over four floors. The action is in the basement where the DJ stage is located.

Drop Inn

Often some good gigs are found in small, unremarkable and for folk, blues and jazz enthusiasts, The Drop Inn old-time venue offers nightly entertainment. A smaller, informal site that tends to become quite lively later in the evening has open air seating on the pavement during the summer season.

There is definitely something for every live music lover in this wonderful city. Home to world class concerts, leading-edge clubs, and legendary jazz, the city has a proud history of providing some of the best in live music entertainment which continues to develop and thrive. And with great prices on flights to Copenhagen available all year round, it’s easier than ever to get out there and experience it.


Best Music Venues in Copenaghen
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