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Each Hostel maintains the association’s standards, forming a brand that is trusted by those who stay with us. Customers know that they will find the same levels of quality throughout the network. Each city has only one Famous Hostel and staying at a Famous Hostel guarantees you’ll have a great stay at unbeatable value.

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Visiting Scandinavia on a backpacker budget You might think it's impossible to travel in Scandinavia on a tight budget. However, anything is possible if you are willing to search for the most friendly budget solutions! With a reputation for beautiful people, designer interiors and an expensive bar scene, Scandinavia can intimidate backpackers - but don’t be afraid - there’s plenty of cool stuff to do if you’re visiting Scandinavia on a backpacker budget! If you’re yearning to see the wonders of Scandinavia then you

As a female you always have to be a bit more careful when choosing a travel destination, especially when you go on a trip on your own. The good thing is that Europe is perfect for female solo travellers and when you travel the continent you will meet many people just like you. Yet, it’s important to always be aware of the do’s and don’ts of female solo travel in Europe, just to make sure nothing can go wrong! DO’S Do

What follows is a list of no more than six and no less than four things that are unique to Balmers Hostel, a proud member of Europe’s Famous Hostels, that you simply have to experience in order to be socially accepted as a human being: 1. Best Drinking Water The water here is bloody good. You can drink all of it. Even the toilet water. One guest drank some of our tap water and started believing in a divine creator instantly. In fact,

The biggest party of the year is about to take place for the Dutch this April 27th, so come and celebrate King’s Day in the Netherlands! King’s Day 2016 Picture a sea of orange revelers - dancing on canal boats, bridges, parks and in the streets, throw in some great music, food, beer and market stalls, and you have King’s Day 2016! Koningsdag or King’s Day, is the traditional birthday celebration for the Dutch King. Expect partying in the streets, lots of

There is only one place on earth where i feel totally alive, not simply existing, and that beautiful, poignant, sublime city is Jerusalem.  Where the three major religions meet with harmony - if you wake up early you can hear the Mosques ring out their call, bells ring in churches and synagogues open their doors for prayer.   The people gather to witness the essence of  waking up in the most spiritual place in the world. The sun's subtle colours hit the rooftops

What to eat in Warsaw There are many different holiday destinations in the world which are loved by the people to visit for spending their holidays and vacations there. One such holiday destination is Warsaw which is the capital city of Poland and is also considered to be one of the largest towns of this place. Warsaw is one such destination which is loved by many people to visit and spend their vacations there. It has various different beautiful destinations or

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Did you know that you can learn a little more about the different cities of the world through their sandwiches? It’s just as you read! Small and appetizing bites, some with a lot of history behind them, that conquer our palate from the start and can remain as a reminder of our trip. On this occasion, we will travel through 44 cities around the world and encounter 44 sandwiches that you will want to try at any time. Have you

Summer is finally here! You can feel it on the streets, local people start their holiday period and fill up terraces and bars; Unis and schools have stopped for two months and the streets start to get full of curious backpackers! Summer in Andalucía is hot, temperature goes between 30 and 48 Celcius Degrees so pack light clothing, a bathing suit, flip flops, a hat and sunglasses- you will need them. You must have a backpack full of wishes and expectations

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