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Europe’s Famous Hostel Ambassador. This section has been written by bloggers reviewing all of the Famous Hostels by land air and sea, logging his progress on this Ambassador blog.

The ten best terrace bars in Europe

Posted at:21 June, 2018 in Ambassador Blog

Whether it be museums, parks, historical buildings, monuments, charming corners…. Europe is full of countries with many secrets and places to discover. But the thing is, when we travel, we do not have enough days to go to all the places that we would like to go. Nevertheless, between walks there is nothing more relaxing […]

what about hostel famous hostels

Backpacking trip through Europe

Posted at:24 July, 2017 in Ambassador Blog

Not many experiences are as exciting as a backpacking trip through Europe. Nevertheless, it’s important to be prepared before starting your trip, although getting ready may seem daunting. Below we share some tips that will make it easier for you to enjoy any travel.   What about a hostel?   As the grown man you […]

What is a Hostel? Ultimate Guide from Europe’s Famous Hostels

Posted at:25 April, 2017 in Ambassador Blog

Don’t you know what a hostel is? Staying in a hostel is not your first choice when travelling? That’s because you didn’t stay at one of them! Some people still have a misunderstood idea about what a hostel is really about and what have changed in hotel’s accommodation market on recent years. We can guarantee […]

The Best Hostel in Milan joins Famous Hostels

Posted at:23 April, 2017 in Ambassador Blog,EFH News

Welcome to Ostello Bello – our Famous Hostel in Milan!   It’s no surprise that this multiple award winning hostel is the Famous Hostel in Milan – it has everything you would want in a homey backpacker place and more! The Ostello Bello team take pride in making your stay personal, and want the experience to match. So, make like […]

Why Famous Hostels are the best hostels in Europe

Posted at:1 September, 2016 in Ambassador Blog,EFH News,Travel Tips

Why Famous Hostels are the best option when traveling around Europe Taking that big trip around Europe or planning a weekend away? Find out why Europe’s Famous Hostels are the best hostels in Europe! Why Famous Hostels are the best hostels in Europe A view of the Acropolis in Athens? A roof top in Rome? If you’re looking for […]

Tour of Morocco

Posted at:7 October, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Sept 20 At 06:30, my phone alarm warned me that I had not slept enough.  ‘No rest for the wicked!’ they say… …I was in Equity Point’s reception by 06:50 and just after 07:00, seven of us were in a van for a tour of Morocco.  We would be visiting the High Atlas Mountains, and […]

Equity Point Hostel in Marrakech Medina

Posted at:5 October, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Sept 18 I went to check into my flight, through Air Morroc that would take me from Brussels to Marrakech… …As I got to the front desk the ladies behind the counter asked me if I had a return ticket.  I told them I was going to come back in five days.  A blonde lady […]

Abraham Tours: Fantastic Tours of Israel

Posted at:1 October, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Sept 14: Tours of Israel I was up at 06:10 to get ready for a 07:00 tour of Masada, Ein Gedi, and the Dead Sea, organized through Abraham Tours (… …I had a quick Abraham Hostel breakfast, chased it down with some peaches, and I was on the bus by 06:59 with 11 others to […]

Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem

Posted at:29 September, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Sept 12 (cont’d) The Pegasus flight out of Istanbul was about half full… …I was seated on the plane next to Rotem from Israel who was flying from Italy home and had a stopover in Istanbul.  I picked on her for a while.  She did not know what to make of me at first, but I […]

Hush Lounge Hostel in Kadikoy Istanbul

Posted at:25 September, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

Sept 10 It was a short flight from Athens to Istanbul.  Aegean Airlines fed me on the plane.  Awesome… …It has been a long time since I have not been on a budget airliner advertising perfumes and alcohol over the airplane intercom, so it was a real treat to have food delivered!  I seemed like […]