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The best European Autumn and Winter festivals

Posted at:8 November, 2018 in Travel Tips

Europe is super cold and even snows during the autumn and winter seasons. It is the continent that never sleeps, at least according to the countless festivals that we can find on this part of the planet. Europe hosts some of the most attractive dates to travel from country to country during the coldest months […]

10 Best Travel Books to Read While Travelling in Europe

Posted at:23 October, 2018 in Travel Tips

If you love books you certainly love to read when you travel. One of the best ways to get to know a Europe (apart from actually going there) is by reading. Not only in guidebooks but also novels, stories and experiences. It allows you to see the country at through the eyes of someone else, […]

Female Solo Travel in Europe – Do’s and Don’ts

Posted at:5 October, 2018 in Travel Tips

As a female you always have to be a bit more careful when choosing a travel destination, especially when you go on a trip on your own. The good thing is that Europe is perfect for female solo travellers and when you travel the continent you will meet many people just like you. Yet, it’s […]

44 cities, 44 sandwiches you must try

Posted at:21 September, 2018 in Travel Tips

Did you know that you can learn a little more about the different cities of the world through their sandwiches? It’s just as you read! Small and appetizing bites, some with a lot of history behind them, that conquer our palate from the start and can remain as a reminder of our trip. On this […]

20 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Erasmus Year

Posted at:5 September, 2018 in Travel Tips

How often do you tell yourself: “Oh, if only I’d known this before”. Well, I never said it as much as during my Erasmus Year. There’s so much the university and teachers ‘forget’ to tell you which will make your time abroad so much more awesome. So just in case they forget to inform you,we’ll […]

University travel: 10 ways students can globe-trot for free

Posted at:17 August, 2018 in Travel Tips

Are you a student and want to travel the world? Is money what’s stopping you from going? Well, not for much longer with these tips! One of the downsides of being a student is not having a large budget to fund your travels. Yet being at university is one of the best moments in your […]

Street art: the most colourful places to visit in Europe

Posted at:16 July, 2018 in Travel Tips

Traveling through the different corners of Europe and strolling through the neighbourhoods and alleys of the main capitals of the old continent is like seeing beyond the famous galleries, dazzling museums, and architectural pieces worthy of admiration. So-called Street Art has achieved its own way of understanding art. These are the some of the most […]

A Guide to Portuguese Language

Posted at:13 July, 2018 in Travel Tips

Coming to Lisbon for a few days and worried that you won’t be understood? No need to worry, Portuguese people speak english fairly well and will make an effort to understand what you’re trying to say (unless you’re rude. If you are they will make you eat pigs ear and drink bad wine. Or maybe […]

10% discount at Europe’s Famous Hostels with Interrail and Eurail Passes 2018

Posted at:10 July, 2018 in Travel Tips

Use your Interrail Pass or Eurail Pass to visit the best hostels in Europe’s Famous Hostels What if we told you that not only can you stay at Europe’s top hostels but also travel in style with Interrail and Eurail to the best destinations? Famous Hostels offers an exclusive 10% discount, on advance bookings, for Interrail/Eurail Pass holders in 37 cities across Europe! What do I have to do […]

Eight European Routes For Your Summer Holidays

Posted at:4 July, 2018 in Travel Tips

When the summer holidays finally start there’s no better way to enjoy your freedom than to jump on a train and explore Europe. But, where in Europe should you go this summer? We selected our most popular routes including the hostels to stay on the way! 1. IBERIAN ADVENTURE Sun & Fun in Portugal & […]