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Las 10 cosas que debes hacer y ver en Granada

Posted at:22 October, 2017 in City guide,Travel Tips

¿A quién no le gustan las tapas gratis? Nos encanta esta montañosa ciudad española por sus fiestas, su hermoso Casco Antiguo y sus montones de deliciosas tapas gratis. Pasan tantas cosas que no querrás irte, pero aquí te contamos las que consideramos las 10 mejores cosas que hacer en Granada, ¡no te lo pierdas! Lo […]

Donde y qué comer en Dublín

Posted at: in Travel Tips

Dublín es una ciudad vibrante y multicultural, lo que sin duda se refleja en la gran cantidad de restaurantes de todo tipo que hay por la ciudad. Desde comida tradicional irlandesa hasta restaurantes con estrellas Michelin, si buscas algo en Dublín, lo encontrarás. La ciudad no es barata, así que, si quieres comer bien, lo […]

Cosas que hacer y ver en Edimburgo

Posted at: in City guide,Travel Tips

Esta impresionante ciudad tiene todo lo que podrías imaginar. El castillo de Edimburgo, encaramado encima de un viejo volcán, corona la ardiente capital escocesa. Desde aquí podrás ver todo lo que necesitas ver, desde el bullicio de la Calle de la Princesa hasta el impresionante paisaje de los Lothians. Esta es una ciudad que no […]


TOP 10 travel bloggers through Europe 2017. Budgets, tips and experiences.

Posted at:25 July, 2017 in Travel Tips

If you’re thinking of going on an adventure through Europe, you’ll definitely need some inspiration to schedule your trip. Check out the blogs featured below and take advantage of them! These backpackers plan their trips in detail. Not only to see the most important, most unknown and coolest sights and to get to the best […]

10% discount at Europe’s Famous Hostels with Interrail and Eurail Passes 2017

Posted at:29 May, 2017 in Travel Tips

Use your Interrail Pass or Eurail Pass to visit the best hostels in Europe’s Famous Hostels What if we told you that not only can you stay at Europe’s top hostels but also travel in style with Interrail and Eurail to the best destinations? Famous Hostels offers an exclusive 10% discount, on advance bookings, for Interrail/Eurail Pass holders in 37 cities across Europe! What do I have to do […]

Welcome to Tattva Design Hostel in Porto

Posted at:16 May, 2017 in EFH News,Travel Tips

Find out about our Famous Hostel in Porto, Tattva Design Hostel Welcome to the Famous family to our chic hostel in Porto, Portugal: Tattva Design Hostel. Porto is a stunning city to visit, with plenty of miradouros to enjoy the view of rooftops and blue tiled houses, along with the famous port warehouses on the […]

What not to miss on a trip to Istanbul

Posted at:9 May, 2017 in EFH News,Travel Tips

If you’re heading to Istanbul then don’t miss out on these cultural gems: This historic city has startling beauty, history, colours, flavours and energy that you don’t find anywhere else. Straddling two continents, this city ruled by the Bosphorus River links Europe and Asia, there is nowhere to match its vibrancy. Istanbul is the ultimate city […]

What to do with 48 hours in Salzburg

Posted at:7 March, 2017 in City guide,EFH News,Travel Tips

What to do with 48 hours in Salzburg What to do with 48 hours in Salzburg? Plenty! Enjoy this beautiful city’s rich history and natural setting. It’s been over 50 years since Julie Andrews pranced through the verdant mountains in iconic movie “The Sound of Music” but Salzburg still celebrates this movie for putting this […]

8 European Cities that are awesome to visit in winter

Posted at:22 February, 2017 in EFH News,Special Events,Travel Tips

8 European Cities that are awesome to visit in winter Winter doesn’t have to be gloomy – some places were just made to be seen in the snow! Check out our 10 European Cities that are awesome to visit in winter! 1. Romantic Prague Romantic year round, Prague’s Bohemian appeal is even more charming in the […]

Have a Romantic weekend in Europe on a budget

Posted at:15 February, 2017 in EFH News,Travel Tips

Have a Romantic weekend in Europe on a budget Love is in the air, everywhere you look around.. here’s our guide to how to have a Romantic weekend in Europe on a budget! For all you travel lovers out there – visiting one of Europe’s most romantic cities doesn’t have to have break the bank. […]