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Chillout Hostel Zagreb

Posted at:30 June, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

June 26 (cont’d)

The train took us from Austrian across Slovenia to Croatia….

…I jumped off the train in a Slovenian station just to touch the ground as I have never been to the country before, but it does not count as a country on my list because I did not make a monetary transaction there.  The train ride is beautiful though.  It is through mountains and follows a river for much of the train-windows down journey.

I confidently looked at him and said, “I am sorry, but this group is here for the dance recital.”  He looked at me with confusion until I laughed.  I read his mind.  It said, ‘Great…  Another asshole…’

I arrived in Zagreb and caught an easy tram to where the Chillout Hostel is located.  The directions on the Europe’s Famous Hostels were very concise.  As I walking to the building the first thing that grabbed my eye was a sign that said, ‘Chillout Hostel – Sleep Cheap, Save for fun.’  Awesome!  Mislav who is in charge of sales and marketing met me soon after I arrived.  He told me that I have a lot of things to do to enjoy Zagreb, and there was a free walking tour starting immediately.  I just had time to drop off my bags and run out the door.  When I got to the area where the tour guide was he asked me if I was there for the free walking tour.  I confidently looked at him and said, “I am sorry, but this group is here for the dance recital.”  He looked at me with confusion until I laughed.  I read his mind.  It said, ‘Great…  Another asshole…’

So great!

So great!

Advice and wisdom.

Advice and wisdom.

Chillout Hostel Zagreb Pub Crawl

I got back to the hostel after the free walking tour to take a look around the place.  One of the best parts of the Chillout Hostel Zagreb is the witty signs everywhere.  They have been written with personality – ‘Buy a padlock.  Step aside risk!  Get your bouncer for only €5.’ ‘If you notice that the toilet paper is out, please be kind and tell us so that others can enjoy relaxed times too.’  Chillout is expanding.  They just opened up a flashy new restaurant with great prices where you can order a ‘Zagreb Steak’ which is then stuffed with cheese a ham.  This is a must if you are staying!  They are starting construction on a terrace and the lounge area gives you plenty of spaces where you can make friends.  It is a very clean, well organized and well managed hostel with very nice staff, who were sure I should go on the pub-crawl they were organizing for the evening.  An early morning would not be welcoming after a pub-crawl, but I like the enthusiasm of the staff so much that I decided to join in.

I wanted to party all night, but I knew that would be a very bad idea for my morning.

The Chillout Hostel pub-crawl took us to four bars.  Shots were given everyone to everyone at the hostel and then at every bar after.  I do not drink shots because I really hate blacking out, so I gave me shots away and drank a lot of beer instead.  I can drink beer for 24 hours straight, but shots are terrible for me.  Giving away shots of alcohol really blows people’s minds.  I gave my shot in the first bar to an English guy.  He did not believe me that I really did not want it and I had to tell him that I was not going to drink it at least six times because he kept on asking me, “Are you sure?  Are you sure?  Are you sure?”  I had to tell him I was going to take it away from him to get him to drink it.


Chillout Hostel

Chillout Hostel

I gave my second shot in the second bar to an American girl.  I had befriended two Croatian girls and they teased me for her having to drink my shot.  I told them I had to be up at 8am.  They nodded their heads in understanding.  I was friends with two Scottish guys on the pub crawl when we entered the third bar.  We were handed our shots.  I tried to give mine to one of the Scottish guys and told him I was not going to drink it.  He told me to drink it.  I told him I was not going to.  He told me to.  His buddy came up to us and I told him to drink my shot.  He told me to drink it.  I said I was not going to.  I told them to drink it because I was just going to get rid of it.  They told me to drink it.  I gave them one more chance.  They told me to drink it.  I dumped it on the wet floor in front of them.  Those Scottish guys both nearly had heart attacks when I did that and it looked like it was the most painful thing they have ever watched.  I said, “I told you I wasn’t kidding!”  They looked like they wanted to get straws to get the booze off the floor.

I stayed out much later than I wanted to and made friends with people on the pub-crawl and some locals in the bar.  I wanted to party all night, but I knew that would be a very bad idea for my morning.

June 27

I am not sure what time I got home, but I know I did not get nearly enough sleep.  I was downstairs and ready at 8:30am for the tour of ‘Plitvicka Jezera’ an amazing national park in Croatia.  When I met with the group standing outside and waiting, I told a guy with a check-list my name.  He checked my name and said, “Oh…” went back in to the hostel and came out with a homemade sandwich, and apple and a bottle of water in a plastic bag for me for the trip.  Awesome!  I said, “You are like my mom!  Thanks!”

P1080170Chillout Hostel Zagreb Tours

Museum of Broken Relationships Example

A postcard from a woman in her 70’s who had received it from a boy who wanted to marry her. When his family came to meet her family, her family rejected the boy saying her was not good enough for their daughter.  That night he drove his car off a cliff.  Years later she gave the postcard to the museum as a way of letting go.  I was a wreck when I left the museum.  I told the girl working behind the counter, “This place made me emotional.  I am going back to my hostel to think about my life…”  She said, “It does that to everyone…”

Our group walked to a charter bus, and as we climbed on board, I heard “Hi Beaver!”  I looked and there were two of the girls who I had hung out with in Prague at the music festival.  Awesome.  I sat with one of them and tried to sleep on the three hour drive to the national park.  That park is so beautiful.  The waterfalls everywhere and the colors of the water in contrast to the forest are incredible for the visual senses.

I slept on the bus back to Zagreb and stopped in at the Chillout Hostel to get rid of my bag and then went to the ‘Museum of Broken Relationships.’  I wanted to go just because it was such a uniquely named museum.  It cost 25 kuna to get in, and it was money well spent.  But, it was really a museum of broken relationships and it was very sad.  There were personal items from people’s lives that connected to stories of heartbreak that were donated to the museum with the story:

It had rained for most of the afternoon and evening in Zagreb, so the city seemed quiet.  I took advantage and decided to have an early night myself.  The museum had been hard on me…

Museum of Broken Relationships.

Museum of Broken Relationships.

Lessons Learnt

I have learned a good lesson.  Before I left London, I stopped at the ‘£1’ store where everything inside costs a pound.  They had razor blades in there and they looked like good razors.  Never.Ever.Buy.£1.Razors. There are things that a man should not cheap out on.  ‘Why would I spend £10 on razors when I can spend £1 instead?’  Well, because the £1 will take off your face.  I could not even use them.

Today I learned lesson #2.  ‘Why would I spend £7 on sunscreen when I can buy £1 sunscreen in the ‘£1’ store.  Well, it is because the £7 sunscreen does a good job.  The £1 sunscreen will burn your eyes so much that you will have to dump water into your eyes to rinse them out and to clean the sunscreen out so that your eyes are not weeping from the stinging burn.  The ‘£1’ store has totally failed me…

Chillout Hostel Zagreb
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