Culinary Experience in Bruges Bruges Guide

Culinary Experience in Bruges

Bruges is a traveler’s wonderland. This small town in the Flemish region of Belgium offers scenic beauty, historical monuments and museums full of art and culture dating back to the 1st century. The city is surrounded by a river and canals intersect the town lending it a very picturesque feeling and a sense of calmness that you do not find in cities

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There is a lot of exploration to be done in this small but culturally vast town

 Tourists flock the town all throughout the year from all parts of the world. English is commonly spoken, which makes it easier on the tourists to get around. Apart from the number of historic museums and structures from the medieval times, the city is also known for the dramatic culinary experience it offers to tourists.

When backpacking in Bruges, it is always good to know the quality and affordability that the restaurants and eateries offer. The tourist season starts in April and ends in September. At this time of the year, backpackers will find that the restaurants and accommodation facilities are more expensive than in off season. Before you plan your trip, it is always good to do a little bit of research about the town.

Belgium is known for its chocolates and the large number of local brews.





The first place to check out is The Market which lies in the heart of town. Here you will find Frite vans which offer scrumptious Frites with an elaborate menu of sauces, gravies and mayonnaise. While you’re there, a must try is Frites with mayonnaise. The helpings are generous and the food is absolutely delicious! You will also find a lot of local pubs at The Market where you can try over 100 types of locally brewed beer. It is astounding for many of us to find anything more than 10 options on the beer menu. It can be easily said that Bruges is a beer drinker’s paradise.

During the tourist season, the prices at the local restaurants and vans hikes up; however, a good day to go to The Market is on Market Day, which is on Wednesday each week. On Wednesdays, you will get the best food and brews in town at less than half the price as compared to the rest of the week.

Other parts of town also have authentic restaurants tucked into dark alleys, along the river, or on roof tops. You can check out the Bierbrasserie Cambrinus. It is a historic façade with warm interiors and offers Belgian specialties at an affordable price. Try the Eels on toast and the array of croquettes with different sauces at this restaurant. You will not be disappointed.

Asiette offers a fine dining experience and value for money. You can go for a 3 course menu for an approximate price of 35 Euros. It is a great place to get a taste of authentic Bruges cuisine. A must try here is the Shrimp croquettes.

Café Vlissinghe dates back to 1515 and lies in a dark yet safe alley of Bruges. Tourists will love the interiors as the café has wall art and artifacts dating back from the 1500s. It’s a great place to go to if you want to enjoy the weather. The courtyard here is calm and you also have the option of playing boules. While you’re here, try the tripel ales; they are the strongest brews in the region.

Another café worth your while is Bean around the World. It is owned by an American who came to Bruges as a tourist, but his instant love for the town made him settle there and start a family

Culinary Experience in Bruges
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