Culture Shock in Rome and Athens Inspire me

Culture Shock in Rome and Athens

Holidaying in Rome and Athens

It’s true that one can fall short of words when it comes to describing the beauty and the rich culture of European countries. Two such cities are Rome and Athens. While Rome belongs to Italy, Athens is the capital of Greece. They are the perfect destinations to have a cultural break. Let’s discuss how:


Italy is blessed with the some of the most unforgettable cities in the world. They are all cultural icons and their beauty is unparalleled. All the cities, namely Venice, Rome, Milan and Naples are distinct in their own ways and they scream of a rich cultural heritage from every nook and cranny of the country. But it is the breathtaking architecture of Rome that differentiates it with other cities of this amazing country.

Rome is the capital city of Italy. It is known as the most grand and popular cities among the tourists. Movies like Ben Hur, La Dolce Vita and The Italian Job have popularized this destination to quite an extent for its spectacular architecture and culture. From pasta to opera, this city speaks of its culture and is a perfect culture break for a tourist.

The ancient Colosseum is one of the city’s architectural remains along with other places to visit. Head over to the beautiful Vatican City, famous around the world for its grandeur and richness. Rome also boasts of its cathedrals, grand piazzas, chapels and excellent museums. All these taken together give the perfect picture in your mind of what the Italian culture is like; rich and flourishing. The people are creative in every field, especially fashion.  Our Rome Guide is written by locals and will show you exactly what to see in the Eternal City however long you plan on staying.


If a  culturally enriching break is what you’re looking for then there could be no better choice than Athens. With cultural events that happen every year, museums, cultural enthusiasts, Athens offers things that no other destination can. Athens is the capital city of Greece and has thousands and thousands of years of history breathed into its winding streets.

Probably the most famous attraction of Athens is the Acropolis, which is the ancient fortified town of Athens and is the home for the most famous buildings of the classical Greek age.

The National Archaeological Museum and the Acropolis museum are a home to many national treasures that showcase Greece’s extensive cultural heritage.

Athens is also known for a lot of annual cultural events that take place every year in summers. The Athens and Epidaurus Festival is just one of them, which offer a wide range of performance in theatres both in the capital and in the city of Epidaurus, two hours south of the capital.  Click here to read more about the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

Thus, it can be concluded that if you want to sprinkle a touch of culture in your holiday, then Athens and Rome are just the perfect choices. The cultural heritage is both evident from the architecture, opera and museums and from the spirit of the people that live in these eternal cities.

Culture Shock in Rome and Athens
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