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8 der Instagrammable Orte in Jerusalem

Traveling to a different country is one of the most amazing experiences that a person can experience. But in 2019 it seems like you haven’t really travelled to a country or experienced something amazing, if there is no photo proving it.

Wherever people go these days, photos and videos are taken constantly documenting their experiences being made. So now we’re in Jerusalem – where are the best places to take those photos and shoot those videos?

In fact, this city has got absolutely incredible sites to see and to take a quick snap and upload to the gram. Here are the 8 most Instagrammable places around the Holy City.



Die Klagemauer

People come from far and wide to be able to get up close to the Western Wall, say a few prayers, put a little note in the wall and feel the energy around. The wall is one of the most religious sites in Judaism. Try get to the wall when the sun has gone down and catch the magical site with your lens that is perfect for that Instagram post.


Temple Mount (Dome of the Rock)

The Dome of the Rock is one of the most beautiful mosaic sites to see when you get right up there, close and personal. The incredible Gold dome which rises above all and can be seen from miles pulls you towards this site as it is not one to be easily missed. The mosaic is one of kind and glows when the sun rays hit. Wear a top which is a shade of blue, green or gold and get ready for those likes to roll in on Instagram.


Dormition Abbey

The Zion Gate connects the Old City to Mount Zion where the abbey lies. Climb a few stair cases and you get to a viewing point where this photo below was taken. You get to see a 360 degree view of the Old City of Jerusalem and this Beautiful Abbey in all its glory. Head there just as the sun is going down and if you are lucky the evening sky will mimic the colour of the Abbeys dome.


Church of the Holy Sepulchre

This church in the Old City has incredible history and includes spots where important occurrences from the bible have happened. The roof is higher than the sky, the light from the sun creeps in the little cracks in the wall. Be ready to be swarmed by people from every direction while trying to get that perfect shot. Go out into the ancient courtyard in front of the church with the church towering over you and stand there taking the energy of all the people around you while you get someone to take a few snaps of you looking tiny in front of this magnificent site.


Mahane Yehuda Market

This vibrant electrifying market place has everything you could possibly dream of. During the day it is packed like a can of sardines with people buzzing around buying food, nuts, sweets, spices and much, much more. The amazing thing is that you can walk the length of the market and when you reach the end you have tasted and tried at least 5-10 different types of Israeli food for free as all the store owners are giving tasters. Now walk back the other way and go purchase what you like. Stand right in the middle of the market for the best photo as many people are rushing passed you and you are standing as still as a statue.


Mount of Olives

See that hill just behind the Western Wall with lots of large stones protruding from the ground? Those are graves of thousands of Jewish people. Each grave ranges from $80 000 – $120 000. Take a bus up there or take a little walk and be amazed with the panoramic view that will present itself to you. One of the best in the whole of Jerusalem. The entire Old City will be in front of you. The golden top of the Dome sticking out above all. The Western wall and the Church of Holy Sepulchre in all its glory. If you visit the church named Dominus Flevit and go inside to the altar there will be a cross standing there. This cross lines up exactly with the Dome of the Rock in the far distance. What more perfect of a photo could you ask for?


Yemin Moshe

One of the most historic neighbourhoods in Israel overlooking the beautiful Old City. Beautiful streets lined with flowers and cobbled Jerusalem stones. It is a residential area so do be respectful to the privacy of the residents living there. Montefiore’s windmill is located here. Broad streets for viewing the Old City and Mount Scopes couple together nicely for quiet peaceful photography with the scent of the flowers filling the air.


Ein Karem

Ein Karem is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the Old City. Nestled at the foot of the Jerusalem hills. This village has charming little alleyways and is surrounded by lush green hills and a spectacular forest. Looking for some delicious restaurants to try out? Ein Karem probably has the best clutter of magnificent restaurants. The Russian Convent is a site for sore eyes… and lenses. Take a walk into the forest and experience a different kind of landscape than you are used to being in the Old City.


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