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Wandern im Süden von Spanien im Sommer

Summer is finally here! You can feel it on the streets, local people start their holiday period and fill up terraces and bars; Unis and schools have stopped for two months and the streets start to get full of curious backpackers!

Summer in Andalucía is hot, temperature goes between 30 and 48 Celcius Degrees so pack light clothing, a bathing suit, flip flops, a hat and sunglasses- you will need them. You must have a backpack full of wishes and expectations but we would like to contribute to your bucket list by telling you about the best things to do in Andalucía in summer:

We all associate summer with the seaside, the river, the pond… definitely- WATER! We feel like swimming and sunbathing, drinking and doing nothing! There are plenty places in Andalucía where you can go for a swim, and not all of them are seaside destinations! You just need to know where the closest water refreshing paradise is when you are backpacking around.

Here you will find a list with our favourite spots (and the city they belong to or the closest urban hub you can find!):

Malagueta, Málaga

This city´s famous beach is within a short walking distance from the city centre, which makes it a very attractive city to visit in summer! Imagine getting involved in the city culture, learning more about Picasso, eating a paella in front of the sea and then go for a swim! This is definitely the perfect plan when visiting Malaga!

Playa de Calahonda, Nerja, Málaga

If you are more of a nature´s person and prefer to go to a beach far away from the big city, we recommend you to go to Nerja and enjoy its various Calas (small beaches). You can easily travel to Nerja from Málaga using the bus or Bla Bla Car. For more information and local tips of Malaga, read our Ultimate Malaga Guide!

Monachil waterfalls, Monachil River, Granada

This is one of our favourite spots! Monachil is only a 30 minutes bus ride from Granada. A small village surrounded by mountains where the river Monachil is born. Head to Monachil, do the Waterfalls Hike and end up swimming in clean cristal river water ponds for the day. When you are tired, go to the Village and enjoy the best organic local food and beer ever!! Morevover, Monachil is well known to be home to various artisans. Look for their art and shops around!

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Granada, check out Oasis BackpackersThe top hostel in Granada is a place designed for the modern day global traveler! You’re about to discover the new generation of contemporary styled backpackers.

Hot Springs, Santa fe, Granada

Hotspring in summer? Of course! But not during the day! This is an activity to be done at night time. Your alternative to a crazy night out in Granada is in Santa Fe. Spend your day wandering around the Albayzin, the moorish neighbourhood, enjoy walking around the city centre which was designed to stand the summer heat, buy a nice bottle of wine and head to the Hot Springs after Sunset. You won´t regret it!

Río guadalquivir, Sevilla

Oh! Sevilla! Capital of the South, the “happy city”, always alive, always energetic, always PARTY! What better way to spend your hangover than kayaking in the river! Enjoy the views, paddle and swim afterwards if you feel brave enough!

Lagos del Serrano, Sevilla

Located in the mountains North of Seville, this is a natural reserve paradise ideal to cycle, walk and swim! You can get there by bus for your day trip from Seville. For more information and local tips of Sevilla, read our Ultimate Sevilla Guide!


This small historic city is one of the oldest in Europe and has a few accessible beaches within walking distance. Try the delicious “Pescaito frito”, deep fried fish made with love in the bars located next to the seaside, enjoy a big glass of Tinto de Verano and freshen up in the sea while you watch people playing Volley ball.

We hope you liked our suggestions. Spain and Portugal are excellent rail partners packed with of beautiful cities and amazing beaches. If you love sun and fun read our full Iberian Adventure Route.



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