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Was in Rom essen

Rome is the most famous city in Italy. Every year, millions of people go to Rome to check things out like the famous Coliseum, the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica. However, some people also enjoy visiting Italy because it is known for its wine and its cuisine. When visiting Rome, there is plenty of food in Rome that a tourist has got to try. Here is more information on what to eat in Rome.

Pizza Bianca

One of the most popular foods in Rome is called Pizza Bianca, which means white pizza. Every bakery in Rome has this flatbread available to buy. The bread itself is light, fluffy, and salty just like a warm pretzel that can be found in America with the outside being salty, but the inside is very soft and chewy just like freshly baked bread, certainly one at the tope of our what to eat in Rome list!

what to eat in rome


When one is in Italy, the first thing that everyone wants to try is the pasta. Carbonara is a dish that is served all over Rome. Though in America, carbonara is made with thin spaghetti, it can be made with any kind of pasta. The pasta is served with a cream sauce, and there are pieces of bacon and egg mixed with the spaghetti.

food in rome what to eat

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, which means that a visitor to the country of Italy has to enjoy some really delicious food.

Though Rome is known for things like the Coliseum, many people come to Italy to enjoy some of the best food there is. Whether it is pizza, pasta, or cheesecake, a visit to Rome will be both enjoyable and delicious.

Roman style pizza

Pizza served in Rome is not like pizza served in America. The major difference is the fact that the curst is extremely thin, almost floppy. Once the pizza crust is rolled out and topped with things like spinach leaves and Feta cheese, it is put into an oven that is heated with wood. Typically, the only time of day when Roman pizza is made is at night, so anyone that wants it has to have it for dinner.

Roman cheesecake

This type of cheesecake, known locally as the ‘crostatais made with ricotta cheese. Because the cheesecake is made from Ricotta, it has a slightly tangier flavor than cheesecake abroad. A classic Roman dessert, the cheesecake is served with a fruit topping, or sometimes the dessert is served with a drizzling of chocolate sauce on the top.

food in rome crostata romana

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