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Top 10 Things to Do in Granada

Ort: Granada Dauer: 3 Stunden Benötigt: Gute Laune

Best Hostel in der Stadt!Oasis Backpackers Hostels ist nur wenige Schritte entfernt von der Alhambra und in bester Lage für Bars und Clubs. Es ist leicht einzusehen, warum Oase Granadas Famous Hostel ist!


Who loves free tapas? We love this mountainous Spanish city for its party scene, beautiful old town, and heaps of delicious free tapas – with so much going on you’ll want to stay a while, but here are our top 10 things to do in Granada not to miss!

First up, you can’t visit this town without seeing the very famous Alhambra palace – Granada’s finest attraction – but the best thing to get started with in Granada is explore it on your feet. With little winding streets, snowy mountains in the distance, an impressive cathedral, street art, great views and secret bars – this place is best experienced by wandering around – so get your sneakers on and head to these babies.

1. The Alhambra Palace

You really should see this 13th century palace, home to the Nasrid sultans for over 200 years and with beautiful gardens believed to be some of the most divine in the world. The architecture and design is simply amazing and there are several buildings to check out, including the Alcazaba and Generalife. It’s sensible to buy your tickets in advance (you can do this online or at certain ATMs)

2. The Free Tapas Tradition

We love tradition don’t we? Yes. And the tradition in this student city is that you get a free ‘tapa’ when you buy a drink. Now that’s an excuse for a beer!! And they just keep coming with every drink, so you get to try a whole variety of Spanish food for free.

3. Street Art Tours

You’ll see a lot of cool street art walking around town, but if you take a tour you will also find the graffiti that the local experts know about. It’s up to you how adventurous you feel – but we loved the tour. There’s one artist in Granada who does really big painted murals and you can also find their work in other cities in Spain.

Take a look to the alternative side of Granada, a mix of modern culture and history.

Come joins us for this great 3 hours walk to discover alternative side of Granada. See the three oldest neighbourhoods in the City ~ Albayzin ,Sacromonte and Realejo and their amazing Street Art from different graffiti artists + the highest view points , gypsy caves from the inside and cold beer with the view of the mountains.

Book now and let’s walk!

4. Carrera del Darro – the pathway on the Darro river

Next to the oldest square in Granada, the Plaza Nueva, is this pathway along the river, offering famous views of Granada and crossed by stone bridges – the ultimate quaint old town. It’s a great place to stroll along with the Paseo del los Tristes. This is also the way to the Arab Baths.

5. The Albaycin

The white washed houses that make this maze of old streets is emblematic of Granada’s old town – the ancient Arab and Moorish quarter. This is the place to walk around and get lost – you will stumble across shops, cafes, minarets, flamenco bars and lots of friendly people. The view from the top of the hill is one of Granada’s highlights – you can see the Alhambra and generalife with the Sierra Nevada mountains as a backdrop.

6. Check out some Flamenco

Famously born from the gipsies of Andalucia, the music and dance of Flamenco can be found in these parts, with a few tourist shows in bars (some are very good) and more parties late at night in the bars at the top of town – some in the famous caves in Sacromonte. If you hear about a show then try to catch it – the music is famously soulful, passionate, dramatic, and the dancing is amazing.

7. The Arab Baths – El Bañuelo

These 11th century baths are free to visit and well worth seeing if you’re interested in Granada’s cultural past. They used to be part of the Mezquita del Nogal (the walnut tree) and are the oldest preserved baths in Spain. As well as a steamy place to relax these were constructed using parts of Roman pillars so some parts of the architecture are much older.

8. Sacromonte

These traditional cave homes are built into the cliffs and have a history of being occupied by artists and flamenco dancing gypsies. There are some touristy shows here but you can still find the real deal late at night and see a performance in one of the caves.

9. The Cathedral and Royal Chapel

This imposing building was constructed, like many of Spain’s Cathedrals, on the site of the Great Mosque when the Muslims were expelled from Spain. It’s in the other part of town (only 5 minutes walk from the Albaycin but in the much newer side of the city). You have to pay to get in but there is some impressive art work and the Cathedral and the adjacent Chapel where the Kings were buried is quite beautiful.

10. The Plaza Nueva

The best place to sit and watch what’s going on, this square is the oldest in the city (despite being called the ‘new square’) and the starting point for seeing the Alhambra.

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Bei Oasis Backpackers Hostel Granada finden Sie uns inmitten der alten gepflasterten Gänge und Kerzenschein Teehäuser der Granadas zauberhafte arabische Viertel, die Albaycín. Im Laufe des Tages ist die Albaicyn voller Leben mit marokkanischen Märkte, Straßenmusikanten und sonnige Plätze. Wenn die Sonne, es untergeht wird das Zentrum von Granada Nachtleben mit Bars, Cafés und Clubs.



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Come joins us for this great 3 hours walk to discover alternative side of Granada. See the three oldest neighbourhoods in the City ~ Albayzin ,Sacromonte and Realejo and their amazing Street Art from different graffiti artists + the highest view points , gypsy caves from the inside and cold beer with the view of the mountains.

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