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Sehenswürdigkeiten in Brügge

Ort: Brügge Dauer: 3 Stunden Benötigt: Gute Laune Language: English and Spanish

Best Hostel in der Stadt!Home to a popular bar serving up more than 50 Belgian beers, there's a great mix of locals and travellers at The Bauhaus Hostel in Bruges. Located in the centre of it all, you'll see why Bauhaus is our top pick in Bruges.


Brügge – an enchanted city full of of historical sites that may get you the Fairytale feeling! Walking by its iconic streets or explore it by boat on the canals, Bruges reveals itself a surprising place with a lot to do and see. It is many times compared to the village described on the famous story “Beauty and The Beast”, specially during summer.

Ready to explore the charms of the city?

Join the Walking Tour to learn about the most symbolic corners of Bruges (at least the most symbolic of the day) and Bruges’ main monuments.

We are going to narrow down on the places to visit while you’re in Bruges. It is a historic town dating back to the 1st century and is on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. The city is paved with cobble stone streets and is known for the canals intersecting the city, lending both charm and adventure to the commute. Backpackers can easily manage covering the town of Bruges on foot. There is also the option of horse drawn carriages or renting bicycles, or simply opting for the city bus to get around town.

The Market in Bruges

The first place to start is from the heart of the town called The Market, commonly known as Grote markt. There is a statue which celebrates the war heroes from the Battle of the Golden Spurs which took place in 1302. The architecture on the south of The Market is medieval and lends an old world charm and a sense of calmness to the small town of Bruges. The structures are tall and the roofs are like stairways to the sky. The colours of the buildings are soothing and picturesque. Photographers will find numerous photo options here.

The Gruuthuse and museum in Bruges

Moving on from The Market, tourists should visit the Gruuthuse and museum. It is a beautiful mansion which belonged to the Gruuthuse family; one of the richest and most prominent families in Belgium. Gruut means peeled barley or wheat in old Flemish. The Gruuthuse family held a large market share in the brewing trade back in the day. Explore the mansion to the fullest. There are painting and artifacts dating all the way back to the 13th century. Every corridor and room offers something worth your while. The audio guide offered is free of charge and very informative.

Saint John’s Hospital

Saint John’s Hospital is another place to see. It was a built in 1188 for pilgrims and travelers in need of medical attention. It was run by monks and nuns all the way from the 9th to the 19th century. The hospital now houses old works of art from the most recognized artists in the Flemish region.

Saint John’s House Mill and the Koelewei Mill

The next thing you can do is take a walk to the Saint John’s House Mill and the Koelewei Mill. These are two of the four mills in the town of Bruges. These wind mills are 2 of the four surrounding the city. The best way to see these is to take a walk along the park and river that encircles the town. These mills were built in 1770 and 1765 and till date are fully functioning grain mills. This is another spot for photographers as it offers a panoramic view of the town.

The Belfry Tower

It should be next on your list. It was built in 1220 with several more additions in 1240. It has been reconstructed to repair the damage caused due to fires in 1280, 1491, and 1781. The Belfry is 83 feet high and used to be a watch tower back in the day. It was also a popular market for the Flemish cloth trade. Go up the spiral staircase and explore the connecting rooms in the tower. You may even find musicians in parts of the tower. The sound of bells is rather musical and makes you think about what it could have been so many centuries ago.

Church of Our Lady

Apart from the above, you should visit the Church of Our Lady which houses Michelangelo’s famous marble Madonna with Child. Take a walk up into the Gruuthuse family observation room while you’re here too.

The locals are friendly in Bruges and are happy to help tourists and recommend interesting places to visit. You can also visit the tourist centre to get museum and travel passes to get good deals while you’re in town.

What to Eat in Bruges

The town is known for beer and chocolate. Tourists will find small chocolate stores on street corners. Keep a look out for the Suckrbuyc family’s home made chocolate. It is definitely a delicious treat and a perfect gift to carry home for your family and friends.

Where to Sleep in Bruges – St Christopher’s at the Bauhaus

The Bauhaus Bruges Hostel is in the perfect location for you to venture out in Bruges, a city often referred to as the ‘Venice of the North’. Find out why this uniquely preserved, medieval but kicking city has been named a UNESCO Heritage Site, while having the perfect place to come back to for a Flemish ale at the end of a long day! Thanks to its popular bar serving a selection of the more than 1000 types of Belgian Beer, there’s a great mix of locals and visitors in The Bauhaus Brügge Hostel. The Bauhaus is made up of four adjoining typical Brugean houses and rooms range from dormitories of five, six and eight beds to four person, triple and private doubles.


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