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Lissabon und Sevilla, das Beste aus Portugal und Spanien

Lisbon and Seville

When you are venturing Europe as a backpacker or a usual traveller, and you have a “more for less” type of holiday in mind, then one of the options is to visit Lisbon and Seville. While Lissabon is a part of Portugal, Sevilla belongs to Spain. Connect by history these two countries share their ancestors and their muslim infuence in architecture, music and lifestyle. Both these cities individually are great places to visit and are budget trips where every dime you spend goes further.

Let’s discuss each of these in detail:



Lisbon is made up of seven hills- Estrela, Santa Catarina, São Pedro de Alcântara, São Jorge, Graça, Senhora de Monte, Penha de França. We are located in Santa Catarina , otherwise known asthe seventh hill, one of the most famous and definitely the most happening neighbourhoods. Starting with Chiado and it’s 18th century elegance and leading up to Barrio Alto, which is now the Lisbon Soho with one-off designers, vintage boutiques, record shops, restaurants and an uncountable array of bars and cafes, Santa Catarina is where it’s at.


There are a variety of outdoor activities apart from the usual plethora of night clubs and restaurants, that makes this city a must visit. This city is stacked with museums with the most popular one being the Museo Calouste Glubenkian. This museum boasts of Renaissance artifacts and paintings and also of two concert halls dedicated to ballet performance. Another bizarre view is offered by the Museu Nacional dos Coches and features the best collections of 17th to 19th century carriages.

For architecture lovers of different regions, Lissabon can flaunt of its buildings and Renaissance buildings. The royal burial ground at the Monastery of Jeronimos has been there for over four centuries now.


No trip to Lisboa can be called a success without a pilgrimage to Belém. Belém is where the Age of Discovery began. Ships commanded by the likes of Vasco da Gama und Henry the Navigator set their sails here returning with tales of adventure, bloodshed and riches. Discovering a sea route to India Gama helped aide in Portugal’s rise to one of the world’s greatest empires. See more of our recommendations in our Lisbon guide.

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Sevilla is one of the prettiest cities in Spain, rich in cathedrals and plazas. An excellent piece of architecture can be seen at Plaza de Espana, known to all you Star wars fans out there. Entrance to this plaza is free and every inch is covered with tiles. Real Fabrica da Tabacos is a tobacco factory that was built over 500 years ago and had a moat and a jail.

A sophisticated mix of monuments, plazas, revolutionary architecture, tapas bars and amazing nightlife, Seville is a must visit in Spain. Seville has all those truly spanish things that Madrid and Barcelona have been trying to leave behind for decadessiestas, bullfights, tapas, flamencoand it’s incredibly sexy and beautiful for it. Discover Seville with our Seville guide written by locals!


Seville is a city where people are united by tapas and divided by football and where the ghosts of Spain walk the streets, be they fictional, like Don Juan and Carmen or historical, like Cervantes and Columbus. Winding your way through the narrow streets gives you the feeling of being in a completely different universe; The crowds are welcoming and friendly, and bullfighting; a religion. Being in Seville will leave you feeling in-love and content. In the summer, when the temperature is still in the 30s at night, there’s a big bar scene along the river, as well as outdoor bars in some of the parks.

El Alamillo is a bridge that tells the story of modern architecture in Spain. It is mostly crowded with artists and street performers. Thus, a visit to Spain is definitely incomplete without visiting Seville. See more of our recommendations in our Seville guide.


How can I travel from Lisbon to Seville?

Fortunately there are several options to travel directly between the two cities except for the trainthere is no train connection, only from Madrid. So you can choose between car, bus or airplane. By airplane you cand find multiple flights that connect the two cities without stopsplease check TAP or White airways for more detailed information. There’s also the possibility to ctach a bus that takes more or less 6 hours to complete the journeyplease check Eurolines for more detailed information on prices and schedules. If you prefer the adventure of going on an Iberian Road Trip, you can find several rent-a-cars in both cities and the driving is easy mostly through highways with low traffic.


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