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How to Pack Light: 11 Tips for All Types of Travel

How to Pack Light: 11 Tips for All Types of Travel

Packing is an art, and we want to help you pack light for your next adventure! Overpacking is one of the most common mistakes almost everyone makes when travelling, no matter the length of holiday. Check out our guide to learn more.

No matter the topic, it’s important to listen to the experts and hear what they have to say. We consider ourselves professionals in the world of travel, and we’ve perfected the art of packing! While some travellers are good at it, others never seem to get the hang of it and make repeat mistakes. From short term, to long term, and even bikepacking adventures, we’ve had loads of experience and want to pass on our expertise. If you want to learn how to pack light, check out our guide on 11 Tips for All Types of Travel.

How to Pack Light: 11 Tips for All Types of Travel

How to Pack Light: 11 Tips for All Types of Travel

1. Save the Towel

Our first tip on how to pack light is to forget the towel. While they might seem harmless, towels take up lots of space in your luggage and weigh you down. Ultimately, you have two options: use the towels provided at your accommodation (they’re usually free or cost a small deposit), or purchase a microfibre towel. These can be found at camping stores or online, and are lightweight, thin, and very absorbent. They can be folded down to the size of a handkerchief, yet are big enough for showering and sun bathing. They’re also a great item to pack if you plan on bikepacking!

2. Online Journal

Unless you’re dedicated to journalling, it’s not likely you’re going to start on your travels. Leaving the hard copy at home is a great way to pack light, and leaves you responsible for one less thing. But if you do plan on keeping track of your travels, or just your day to day experiences, opt for a digital method. Phones usually have a built in app for note writing, so there’s really no need for a paper copy!

3. kleine Toilettenartikel

While we don’t think you should leave your hygiene products at home, we do think you can minimise what you bring! Carefully choosing to bring only what you need will help keep your luggage light. Pick up some silicone travel sized bottles and fill them up with whatever you need. And if you run out while travelling, check your hostel to see if they have a free toiletries bin and get a refill!

How to Pack Light: 11 Tips for All Types of Travel

Budapest, Ungarn

4. Wear your Heaviest Items in Transit

This might seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of people don’t follow this tip to help them pack light. Rather than pack a pair of heavy boots in your luggage, wear them in transit. The same goes for sweaters or jackets. These items can sometimes be necessary, so leaving them at home is not really an option.

5. Buy What You Need in Transit

Maybe your trip is planned over the course of a few months, and you might be in for some seasonal change. While we don’t think you should leave your winter jacket at home, we recommend buying one on your travels to lighten the load until you need it! Check out local flea markets or shops on your travels to find something suitable.

6. Use all Available Space

Using all the available space in your luggage will actually help you pack light. Roll socks and undergarments up, and tuck them into your shoes. If you plan on bringing a large reusable water bottle, take advantage of this empty space as well and fill it with whatever you can. You might even end up realising you need smaller luggage once you’ve done this!

How to Pack Light: 11 Tips for All Types of Travel

Milan. Italy

7. Bring Versatile Items

To reduce your clothing, focus on bringing versatile items and remember you can wash clothes on the go! Bringing basic and versatile items will lighten your load, and make your daily decision on what to wear a lot easier. And as for those items, you might need? We’re here to tell you that you probably won’t end up needing them. So leave it at home! And when you need clean clothes again, just wash them at the on-site facilities at your hostel.

8. Opt for E-Books

Reading is a great activity to indulge in when you’re travelling around, but we strongly advise against a backpack full of books. We suggest opting for e-books, which will certainly help you pack lighter! Alternatively, if you prefer the feel of a good, old-fashioned book, then bring one along. Once our done, you can exchange it at a hostel book exchange for another title! Most hostels have huge libraries, packed with books that have been left behind, so leave yours and pick up a new one!

9. Essential Accessories

Accessories can be a great way to finish off an outfit, but they can also weigh your luggage down and take up unnecessary space. Plus, do you really want to carry around a wide-brimmed beach hat if you’ll only be there a few days? Leave the expensive and heavy stuff at home and only bring what you really need. And if you end up needing something while you’re travelling, check out the local shops for something special.

How to Pack Light: 11 Tips for All Types of Travel

München, Deutschland

10. Hair Dryer and Other Items

Another tip on how to pack light is to ditch the hair dryers and other day to day products you might use at home. Most hostels have hair dryers, so you won’t have to deal with wet hair in the dead of winter. You probably also won’t need an electric toothbrush, hair straightener, or other bulky items. Opt for travel friendly ones and you’ll thank us later!

11. Empty Your Wallet

You probably have tons of loyalty cards, and other things in your wallet which you won’t use on your travels. We suggest doing a thorough clean-out of your wallet and only bringing the cards that you’ll need! You’ll notice how much easier this is, and in the event you end up losing your wallet, at least you won’t have to replace all your cards.

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How to Pack Light: 11 Tips for All Types of Travel

Valencia, Spanien

How to Pack Light: 11 Tips for All Types of Travel

Like we said, packing is an art and it certainly takes some practice! We hope you’ve found our guide useful on how to pack light, as we know how tried and tested these tips are. If you’re looking for more information to plan your adventure, or simply get inspired, click Hier to find tons of helpful tips and tricks. For all the latest news at Famous Hostels, follow us or subscribe on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube.

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