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Sommer in Warschau

Almost ¼ of its area is covered by green areas with so many attractions waiting for visitors. Below you can find a short list of the best directions:

The Riverside

In 2006 popular band Scissor Sisters recorded their well known number-one-hit „I don’t feel like dancing”. But if you don’t agree with lyrics of that catchy song and you definitely feel like dancing, Vistula riverside is the place you have to visit! There’s a couple of places where you can dance, drink whatever you want, do a campfire or play a volleyball. Bar called „La Playa” organizes zumba and salsa classes every week, and we swear to you, you won’t be disappointed with their great music and amazing drinks in every color of rainbow. Also Warsaw has newly opened boulevards on the left side of the river, so riding a bike or just sitting with a beer on the open air is no longer a problem. On the right side of the river you can also find sandy beaches (which is kinda unusual in Europe’s capital cities!), so prepare your sausages, organize some wood and catch new unforgettable moments with Oki Doki City Hostel on their event!

Food and Drinks

There are some places in Warsaw that are open also during winter time but they are more amusing in the summer. One of them is called Pawilony. It’s a popular student district with around 30 little bars, pubs and shisha places and, what’s the most important, not very high prices. It’s a funny site where you will meet a lot of local people crowding on the street and having fun – definitely worth seeing in the evening! If you feel like the riverside had stolen your heart, you can also go there for a beer or two, there are open air bars on the left side of the river. They provide dance floors, comfy chairs and some of them have sand like on the beach. The place deserving your attention is BarKa, which is a bar organized on the floating boat, with so many events and great atmosphere!

Felling hungry day after the party? There’s a fair each weekend called „Targ Śniadaniowy” (their website: ) where you can find stands with food from different places around the world and chill on the grass. Similiar thing to that is a Food Trucks event which is taking place beside the PKiN or on the National Stadium. Unfortunately, they don’t do it regularly, so you should check on their Facebook page for when is the event ( ).

Grass Activities

What about burning additional calories after very fat (but soooo good!) polish traditional meals? There’s a cyclical event called Yoga on the Grass. It’s organized in different parks in the center of Warsaw and you should bring a comfy suit with you. To find out more about it, google „joga na trawie” and you will see their Facebook event! For more lazy travelers and also for the people bored of huge crowded multiplexes – the city has annually been organizing open air cinemas on the grass. The movies are also in English or have English subtitles and they happen in different places so check on their page for repertoire and the place/dates of movies :

Water Sports

If you would like to feel like Warsaw Mermaid and do some water sports, trust us or not, there’s a lot of attractions in the city! Port Czerniakowski provides many of them, like wakeboarding (visit the fan page of Warsaw Wake Academy!), kayaking or kayak polo. In place called Pomost 511you can do Stand Up Paddle (SUP), getting more and more popular in Warsaw. Strefa Sportu nad Wisłą provides skimboarding as well and three years ago, when project was launched, the place was surrounded by hundreds of people.

Other Pleasures

To satisfy artistic needs of every traveler, the best place to go is the canter of the Old Town where The International Jazz Music Festival is taking place on the open air. It’s completely free and you can hear the best musicians from all over the world in the surrounding of the historical city center’s masterpieces. Another music festival is organized in Łazienki Park where every Sunday you can listen to some Chopin music while wondering around trees and squirrels. Both festivals have their websites: Jazz , Chopin .

Lastly, the unique attraction in Warsaw is the Fountain Park couple steps away from the Old Town and the riverside. They compose water with music and lasers resulting in a very unique and amazing show. The shows are on every Friday and Saturday though it’s a good idea to go there on the other days too as the fountain are working without the music. Their website:

If you want to know more about Warsaw, read our Warsaw Ultimate Guide with local tips and events! Feel the pulse of Warsaw at Oki Doki Hostel located in the heart of the city.

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