What to eat in Istanbul Istanbul Guide

What to eat in Istanbul

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If there is anything that the Turkish are well known for, it is the effort that their bakers put into making their bread. Archangel Gabriel taught other patron saints to make bread. Till this very day, Turkey thrives on making the finest breads in the world.

Simit is a round bread which looks like  a bagel. It is usually covered in lots of sesame seeds. For those on the run, grabbing a quick bite becomes so much easier with these breads. Most buffets also serve bread in the morning along with meats.

The bread here is cooked twice in the morning and once at night, so that those heading back home will always find fresh bread to eat. When you do buy your Turkey bread, you will realize just how crisp it is when fresh. Most people feast on the fresh enlongated loaf at lunch time.

The mezze here is to die for.

Istanbul offers different kinds of Mezze. You can choose from hummus, cigars, baba ganoush and many others. Fried mussels here are a delicacy. Have them on a stick along with a can of beer. The Marmara terrace is a famous restaurant for having great mezze. If you are a pancake person, then Gozleme is the closest thing you will get here.

The food here is stuffed with vegetables like onions, green peppers, and tomatoes along with generous use of feta cheese with lemon. The hard cheese available here is something you may not find anywhere else in the world. Pide is a yummy version of an Italian pizza. The flat bread is topped with tasty ingredients. This can also be folded and served cut up. Kumpir foods, serve potatoes stuffed with whatever you would like.

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If you are looking for a much larger meal then you won’t be disappointed with what is on offer. The kebabs of fish, meats, and vegetables are very popular here. The Doner is a national skewer here. In this treat the lamb is heated on a vertical barb and sliced on order. The Urfa kebab serves minced meat. While you are ordering your kebabs make sure you try out the Adana Kebab.

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Kebabs come with potatoes, rice and just about anything. Every serving comes with hot sauces and pepper. The seafood in Turkey has struck a chord with many given how good the Turkish do their fish. Many places in Istanbul don’t take the tie out to debone their fish, so be very careful. The meatballs like the Manti are like a ravioli with marinated lamb in curd.

Baklava has famous pastries you can feed on but there is a lot more.  The lokum is a delight known all over the world. If you like puddings, the Turkish cuisine will take you by surprise.  Kunefe is also a popular dish served at high end restaurants. The fried dessert comes with melted cheese on top. If you haven’t had ice-cream here, then you’ll love Turkish ice-cream.  Try the pistachio ice-cream; it’s a must!

Tea is the national drink here. It is something people have every morning and in the evening as well. The apple tea is a must try for tourists. It is a sweet and soothing. Turkish coffee is served strong along with cookies usually. Beer lovers will love the beer here. Raki is also worth the try.

The honey here which is available from the Kars region in the East is of the very best quality.

Istanbul certainly surprises one with the variety of kebabs, drinks and desserts. Make sure you take explore the city on an empty stomach if you are looking to enjoy the most of your meals in the city.

What to eat in Istanbul
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