What to eat in Moscow What to eat in Moscow

What to eat in Moscow

Russia is known for its hugely diverse but often heavy dishes. From meat stews to dainty pancakes, there are some incredible things to eat while visiting Moscow, not to mention some of the world's best vodka to wash it down with!

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What to eat in Moscow

Start your meal off with Zahuski which is any combination of hors d’oeuvres, appetizers, or snacks and served buffet style. You can choose from cold cuts, cured fish, pickled vegetables, mixed salads, canapés, open sandwiches and breads.

Next try one of the many soups that are part of Russian fare. The traditional borscht soup is a hearty soup made from julienned beets and carrots with chunks of potatoes and beef. Schci is a cabbage soup based on sauerkraut. Solyanka is a thick and spicy sour soup that has pickled cucumbers. Ukha is a clear soup made from different types of fish.

Okroshka is a cold soup made of raw vegetables such as boiled potatoes, spring onions, cucumbers combined with eggs, beef, veal, sausages, or ham and topped with sour cream (smetana).

what to eat in moscow

Many of traditional Russian dishes are made with dumplings and pastry. Pelmeni are dumplings filled with meatballs and wrapped in thin pastry dough. A similar stuffed dumpling is kalduny. Pirozhki are pastries filled with potatoes, meat, cabbage or cheese. Knish is a baked or fried potato dumpling wrapped in flaky pastry dough.

There are also famous Russian versions of the traditional pancake. Blini is the most famous of the Russian pancake dishes and is served traditionally with caviar, but can be filled with jam, cheese, or onion then rolled.

Syrniki are Russian farmer’s cheese pancakes. Oladyi are thick buttermilk pancakes served for breakfast (served with salmon roe and sour cream) or dessert (served with jam and sour cream).

what to eat in moscow blini

For a hearty main course, there are several dishes to choose from. Most traditional is beef stronganov served atop pasta with is sautéed beef in a sauce and served with sour cream (smetana). Coulibiac is a loaf made of salmon or sturgeon combined with dill, hard boiled eggs, mushrooms and rice.

Shashlyk (shashlik) is the Russian version of the traditional kebab. It is made with a combination of meat (lamb) and vegetables. Salted herring is diced then layered with chopped onions, grated, boiled potatoes, carrots, and beet roots, and mayonnaise. Oliver salad is made with diced potatoes, vegetables, eggs and ham and served with a mayonnaise dressing.

Something sweet?

For dessert try kissel a thickened fruit soup or lymonnyk a type of lemon pie. Paskha is a traditional Easter dessert made from farmer’s cheese, heavy cream, butter, sugar, and vanilla then molded a triangular shape.

Finally; wash down your meal with some traditional Russian vodka.

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What to eat in Moscow
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