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What to eat in Stockholm

Here are some things that you must try when looking for what to eat in Stockholm:

Enjoy good coffee at Stockholm

If you like coffee, then Sweden is heaven on earth for you. The Cafes are a lovely place where you can enjoy a break from the bustling streets. It is a tradition in Stockholm where people drink a cup with a cookie or a pastry. The coffee here is traditionally stronger than what an American one would have to offer. An Italian espresso is however more strong than the fika here. There aren’t many big International chains here but the small coffee shops are worth a stop.



Lingonberry Jam

If there is any jam that is a staple here in the Scandinavian countries it is the Ligonberry jam. The jam is usually accompanied with potato cake and some tasty black pudding. The jams here made from the finest berries with heaps of sugar and small amounts of water.

Give an opportunity to Pizza

If there is anything as bizarre on the planet it sure can’t match up to the uniqueness of the pizza in Stockholm. The food here is Stockholm is usually experimented with but don’t be surprised to find raisins, beef and tomato sauces on your pizza. Some of the most out of the box items make it to your tasty pizza. You will either live it or hate it.

Gravlax for fish lovers

The Nordic dish is a delight for any meat lover. The raw salmon fish is used and served in sugar and salt along with some dill. The appetizer is a must have and is mostly recommended by the chefs. Fermented salmon is buried in sand to create the gravlax. Nowadays, the fish is buried in a dry marinade of sugar, dill and salt.


Ostkaka, a Sweedish dessert you can’t miss

The Swedish cheesecake called the Ostaka is a tasty Swedish cake of curd. This dessert is made with milk, eggs, sugar and almonds. The dish is served with the very famous Ligonberry jam. Most folks end up loving this dessert so much that they have a light main course so that they can have more of this tasty treat.



The Swedish pastry is a creation with sugar, oatmeal, butter, cocoa and some vanilla sugar for flavour. The balls are quite small in size are then rolled around in coconut, sugar and sprinkled with more shredded coconut for the final look. The pastry is very tasty and is easily available in almost all bakeries in Stockholm.


Fancy a soup? Then try some Nyponsoppa

It is tasty wild rose soup which has a syrupy texture with grainy consistency. The earthy flavors make this dish quite unique. The crunchy coconut nibs are used along with biscuit crumbs to create the soup along with some whipped cream for the look.


Kanebullar, a must eat in Stockholm

If you like buns, then you are certainly going to love this sweet bun. The kanelbullar is omnipresent in Sweden and certainly one of the top on our list of what to eat in Stockholm. Nowhere else in the world will you come across such tasty and mouth-watering cinnamon buns. The cinnamon is well blended with sugar and butter to create crunchy dough. Seek a proper bakery to eat yours. This dish is to die for.



This dish is popular in almost all the households in Sweden. The cow milk dish is thick mixture of buttermilk, yogurt and kefir. The dish is fermented by many bacteria to create the final product. The dish is delicious and most prefer theirs with museli and elderberry syrup. Many people take a liking to this dish and love just how tasty the whole meal really becomes after having some tasty buttermilk with other treats.

Räkor, for shrimp fans

The crustaceans are soothing to the tongue and you are sure to be left begging for more. The shrimp with borealis is cooked in shells on boats. The peeled frozen ones aren’t as tasty as these are. Stockholm is famous for this dish. Most meat lovers ask for this dish as soon as they land. Both locals and tourists alike rave about this dish.


At the end of the day, Stockholm is a foodie’s delight. There are so many bakeries and eateries to check out. The local food does require one to accommodate to the sweetness. The pizza here is a must have. Many people find the food odd but it really depends upon what you order. With fine music and good company, you are sure to enjoy your meal for an affordable price. If you do want to go to a fine restaurant, make sure that you carry enough money with you so that you are able to taste these once in a lifetime treats.


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