Erasmus Madrid Students at Cat’s Hostel Madrid Madrid Guide

Erasmus Madrid Students at Cat’s Hostel Madrid

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Heading to Madrid this year to study abroad? Haven’t found a room yet?

Come and stay at Cat’s Hostel Madrid for the first fewdays!

A great opportunity to become part of the Erasmus Madrid Social scene, find accommodation and get to know this incredible city with the help of Cat’s amazing staff!


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We are Marco and Maca, two members of Cat’s and Mad’s staff, and we’ve prepared a special package for you, thinking of your needs as an exchange student.

We’ll be at your complete disposal for a full three days to help you get settled into the incredicle city that is Madrid.  We’ll give you a hand finding accommodation, meeting other exchange students and solving the many problems that you may be faced with when arriving in a new city.

marco and maca

Maca is from Madrid;  official Erasmus Buddy and ex Erasmus student knows the ins and outs of Erasmus Madrid life!

Marco is Italian and arrived in Madrid as an exchange student himself, so he knows what it’s like to go through all of this, love it and even make the city his new home!

We’re happy to help you out, join us and you won’t regret it!

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