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10 ‘Sweet‘ Destinations in Europe

10 ‘Sweet‘ Destinations in Europe

Planning a European adventure and wondering where the best ‘sweet’ destinations are? We take food seriously, so check out our guide for the best tips!

Europe is home to lots of culinary wonders, including lots of options to satisfy your sweet tooth! Dreaming of French eclairs, German strudel, Italian cakes, Austrian croissants, and more? You’ll find all of this and more throughout your travels. Read on to discover our recommendations for the 10 ‘Sweet‘ Destinations in Europe. You won’t want to miss these tips!

10 ‘Sweet‘ Destinations in Europe

10 ‘Sweet‘ Destinations in Europe

1. Paris, France

El French capital is known worldwide for its desserts and sweets. The eclairs au chocolat, Pain aux Raisins, o Pain au Chocolat are must-trys in Paris. Imagine eating a freshly baked pastry under the Eiffel Tower? Seems like a romantic dream, but it’s totally a reality. Another popular option here is macarons, and the most famous can be found at Ladurée. Paris is a ‘sweet‘ destination in Europe that shouldn’t be missed.

10 'Sweet' Destinations in Europe

París, Francia

2. Vienna, Austria

Known for it’s museums and opera houses, Viena is also a great place to load up on sweet treats. This is where the croissant was invented! Legend says it celebrates victory over the Ottomans, whose symbol was a half moon. It might not be the nicest story, but we can’t deny the deliciousness of this world famous pastry. Another great option here is the Apfelstrudel Weiner Art. Viena is a ‘sweet‘ destination for many other wonderful breads and sweets.

3. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisboa is a foodie and pastry paradise! The Portuguese capital certainly shouldn’t be missed as a destination if you’re searching for something to cure your sweet tooth. You can try everything from pingos to pasteis de nata (typical of the area of Belém). Traditionally, these recipes aren’t vegan friendly, but there are tons of places now where you can try a vegan variation. Check out any pastelerias to try the widest variety of sweets!

10 'Sweet' Destinations in Europe

Lisboa, Portugal

4. Leipzig, Germany

Germany has a pretty intense relationship with desserts, so Leipzig had to be on our list for the top 10 ‘Sweet’ Destinations in Europe. You can find bakeries and cafes all over the city, and you’re especially in luck if you happen to visit during the Christmas Market! One of the most common times to indulge is mid-afternoon, where we recommend a delectable piece of cake with a cup of coffee. There are too many varieties to name, so we’ll let you pick your poison when there. And if you happen to visit in summer, you must try some ice cream at one of the many shops around the city.

10 'Sweet' Destinations in Europe

Leipzig, Alemania

5. London, U.K.

The list of ‘sweet’ destinations in Europe would be utterly incomplete without mentioning the British capital. Everyone knows about the classic, ‘British High Tea’, and it’s an experience you’ll want to have! Hit the streets and find a place by 5 o’clock to indulge in this delicious tradition. If you want to indulge in other specialties, the world is your oyster! London is also a hot spot for an array of new and exciting desserts, from milkshakes, to bonbons, cookies, and a whole bunch more.

10 'Sweet' Destinations in Europe - Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography on Unsplash

London, U.K. – Photo by Sebastian Coman Photography on Unsplash

6. Santiago, Spain

Santiago is in the Galicia region of northern Spain, and is best known for the Camino de Santiago (Jacob’s Way). So if you find yourself here for that reason, you should indulge in the local sweets. Our favourite is the sweet Tarta Santiago. It’s a light cake made with ground almond, and is the perfect sweet treat after a day of exploring. Another popular option in Santiago is filloas, which is basically Spanish-style crêpes. We think Santiago is a ‘best kept secret’ sweet destination in Europe.

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Feliz día De Santiago!! . Hace un año que hice el Camino De Santiago y puedo decir que es de las mejores experiencias que he vivido. . Placer, gastronomía, paisajes maravillosos y gente increíble hacen de Galicia sea única. . Por todo ellos, os dejo un recordatorio de mi tarta De Santiago. . Esta con forro…. ¿y tú? Como la prefieres, ¿con o sin forro? . . . . . . . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Diseño y desarrollo blog: @planeta_pixel . . #tartasantiago #santiagocompostela #tartadealmendras #almond #cake #galiciacalodades #caminodesantiago #eldulceobjetivo #foodstylist #homemade #objetivoviernesdulce #foodfluffer #fotoplancha #pastry #hechoencasa #thehub_food #foodartblog #9vaga_food9 #raw_kitctchen #cuisine_captures

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7. Brest, France

Often overlooked, Brest is next on our list of ‘sweet’ destinations in Europe. The capital of Lower Brittany is one of the best European cities to enjoy sweets. And it’s also the home of the much-loved Crepes. These are world famous desserts that have made an impression on the international food scene. From sweet to savoury, you’ll find a wide variety of options here. Other local favourites include the delicious palets brétons y gâteaux brétons.

8. Liège, Belgium

Of course we couldn’t forget Liège on our list of ‘sweet’ destinations in Europe. It’s home to some of the most delicious waffles in all of Europe. Locally, they’re known as gaufres, which are larger and fluffier than anywhere else in Belgium. You can get your gaufres topped with several amazing options, so have fun! Liège is also home of the café liégois, a cold coffee with ice cream, biscuit, and cream. It pairs well with a waffle!

9. Gouda, the Netherlands

You’d be forgiven for assuming Gouda in the Netherlands is just about that oh so good cheese. Gouda is actually a pretty great ‘sweet’ destination in Europe, especially because of their Stroopwafels. These are soft wafers pressed together with a caramel syrup and brown sugar filling. They pair perfectly with any hot beverage, and are eaten at all times of the day!

10. Venice, Italy

And the last stop on our list on the ‘sweet‘ European destinations list is Venice. People come from all over to see the historic city, gondolas and boats, and its romantic canals, but they end up falling in love with the sweet treats. The most famous dessert here is tiramisu. It’s one of the most emblematic desserts of Venetian and Italian cuisine, was actually invented here! And of course, you should pair it with a nice cappuccino.

Where to Stay in Europe

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10 ‘Sweet‘ Destinations in Europe

We hope you’ve enjoyed our recommendations for the 10 ‘Sweet’ Destinations in Europe, and found inspiration on where to go on your adventures! We’re more than positive your taste buds will fall in love over and over again while eating your way through Europe.

If you’re looking for more information to help you plan your adventure, click aquí. And for all the latest news at Famous Hostels, follow us or subscribe on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, y Youtube.

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