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Los 5 mejores festivales de música en Hungría

Location: Budapest

¡Mejor albergue en la ciudad!Would you like to feel the pulse of Budapest while enjoying a relaxing and clean environment with a friendly atmosphere? Located in the heart of the city in a renovated royal mansion built by the Hapsburg dynasty, the Maverick Hostel is open to guests in its original magnificence.

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Sziget Festival

Sziget Festival is bye far the largest festival in Hungary and one of the biggest one in Europe too. The programme is very complex. You can find all styles, pop, rock, electronic, world music, classical, folk, etc.. And not just music. They have theatres, circus, group activities, bungy jumping and more. It is located on Hajógyári island inside Budapest, so many guests stay in town and go there in the evening, but if you are more hardcore then you can sleep in your tent next to one of the stages. It is organized in the beginning of every August.

Spring Festival

A very different, but also Budapest based event is The Spring Festival. This takes place in concert halls and clubs inside Budapest and focusing lot more on classical and jazz music, but also pop and electronic performers have been featuring lately. You can explore some of our nice concert halls through this, like Müpa, A38, Budapest Music Center, Budapest Jazz Club or the List Academy.

Volt Festival

Back to the younger generation, we head to the west boarder of Hungary to the city of Sopron. Volt Festival is an early summer event and a bit similar to Sziget, but in a significantly smaller scale with more Hungarian visitors and a bit more rock orientated music.


An other famous festival is Balatonsound which takes place usually in July. It is almost 100% about electronic music, mainly popular techno and house. During daytime you can swim in the lake Balaton and sun-bath on the beach while listening your favourite dj. You can rent a tent place inside the festival, but if you look for more comfort then look for a weekend house in the village, Balatonzamárdi.


Ozora is the event to visit for goa and psy trance fans. It is organized in the middle of nowhere about 140 kms to south west from Budapest. It is basically a huge hippy gathering with incredible decor and scenery. The dates are usually very close to Sziget as that is the driest part of the year. The crowd is very international, the majority is foreigner, but the Hungarian goa community also participates in large numbers.

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