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Top 10 Paris

Location: Paris Longitud: 2.5 a 3 horas Necesario: Buen humor

¡Mejor albergue en la ciudad!St Christopher's Inn Paris is an multi-award winning hostel in close vicinity to Montmartre and only three stops away from the Gare du Nord Eurostar station. Not many hostels can boast a waterfront terrace overlooking the Canal St Martin, continental breakfast served everyday and free WiFi throughout the building! We offer a variety of dormitory accommodation including female only dorms and private rooms for those looking for a bit of extra comfort. Every room at St Christopher's Inn Paris Canal includes heating, WiFi, electronic key security, secure locker storage, private or shared bathrooms and elevator access. Our modern hostel 'POD' beds offer curtains for extra privacy as well as comfort, and are fitted with power plugs and reading lights to help you rest and relax during your stay.

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Discover París with our Famous Paris guide. Written by locals for you to make the most of your time in the city. Things to do in Paris.

1. Bike, Segway and Walking Tours

These emission-less transporters have become quite popular among tourists on the streets of Paris – just like the bikes and walking tours also on offer from Fat Tire Bike Tours. Everything kicks off from rue Edgar Faure, just around the corner from the Eifel Tower and the city centre routes take in many of the sites already mentioned so far in this guide, and a few that you wouldn’t think to stop at. Trivia is abundant on these excursions, you’ll need to allow around four hours to get the most out of them!

Book your tour and enjoy the best of Paris!

2. Public Transport in Paris Guide

The underground rail network in Paris is cheap, safe and covers the entire city without forking into an unmanageable mess. It’s not as clean as the London Underground but at €1.60 for a single ticket to anywhere in the city, who wouldn’t get a little dirty? You also save even more money when you buy a book of tickets from the electronic vending machines. Conveniently these dish out instructions in a variety of languages! The wisest thing to do is fill your pockets with cheap, single fare tickets when you arrive at the Eurostar terminus or the airport, and also grab a map of the colourful underground lines.

3. The Louvre

The Louvre is one of the world’s most famous museums and factually, it’s the most visited historical repository on the planet. Anyone will agree that it’s an impressive place but like most internationally infamous exhibits, it’s crowded, over-protected by over-eager security staff and ruined by the erratic and unpredictable walking patterns of pedestrian tourists. The top attraction is the eyebrow-less beauty – Mona Lisa, but it’s hard to appreciate this masterpiece when you have to stand in line for ten minutes, squint through the glass screen and compensate for the never-ending flash photography. A much better alternative can be found just over the river at the Musee d’Orsay.

4. Musee d’Orsay

The architecture of this old train station is equally grand to that of the Louvre and the collection includes an awe inspiring line up of Impressionist masterpieces. Degas is a favourite front runner and if you’re a fan of the Belle Époque then this is a true treat. Monet and Manet go head to head with Toulouse Lautrec in the visually impressive leagues and Ferdinand Hodler holds his own in a slightly more adult and disturbing insight into turn of the century art. On top of that the clock tower café upstairs serves up delicious, affordable, fresh and filling soups. Here’s a random fact for you. Did you know that the city with the second largest collection of Impressionist art, outside of Paris is Cardiff? If you don’t believe it then why not stop off at the Europe’s Famous Hostels base there when you’re done with París?

5. The Eiffel Tower Vs the Tour Montparnasse

It’s an icon, it was never meant to be a permanent feature and the hourly, evening light shows are a very pretty sight to behold, but all that aside the Eiffel Tower is a complete waste of money and the views aren’t that great. On a good day you’re looking at a one and a half hour queue, a fifteen minute ascent and a crowded viewing platform – which gets a bit steamed up in the winter months. A cheaper alternative with a far better view is the Tour Montparnasse. This is the only sky scraper in Paris and photos taken from its viewing deck include said tower. The nearest Metro station for this sky high wonder is Montparnasse Bienvenue and it’s generally open between 10.30am and 11pm, all year round.

6. Pere Lachaise

Going out of your way to include a cemetery in your trip might seem a little morose but the Pere Lachaise is worth it. This peaceful plot in the east of the city is the final resting place of Mr Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Delacroix and a stunning mix of historically significant figures. It’s a big place and therefore easy to get lost in. Add to this the army of Citroens driven by legions of cemetery attendants and you have a recipe for stress. To avoid this simply buy a €2 map from the newspaper stall when you exit the Pere Lachaise Metro station. Not only does this allow you to cut through the pedestrianised tomb divisions, but it’s also a nice little memento of something a little bit different in Paris.

7. Skate Paris

If you’re a – cram it all into a couple of hours – kind of backpacker then you might want to check out The French equivalent to the popular Wednesday night skates around London. Every week you have a great skating tour which traverses the avenues of Paris. I accidentally encountered several thousand skaters on their Sunday jaunt – complete with a police escort. Being a pedestrian spectator in this city centre closing situation wasn’t much fun, so it’s best to be a part of it or avoid the skates completely – on Fridays and Sundays.

8. Montmartre

For some of the best views across the city, drag yourself to this 130 meter high district. You can find Monmartre in the north of Paris on the right bank of the river. It’s famous for the white-domed Basilica of the Sacr Cœur and the plethora of nightclubs that populate Pigalle to the south. For your informed opinion, Pigalle is alive with armies of tourists and a considerable amount of sex shops. Continuing that education – Montmartre was also the playground of Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh. You can take a trip to the ‘mountain of the martyr’ from the hostel and be there in just ten minutes.

9. Shopping

There’s a massive selection of superb department stores in Paris, but they’re all closed (like most of the city) on a Sunday – so be sure to work your itinerary around this. A firm favourite near the Metro stop – Opera is Les Galeries Lafayette – a store so huge that it’s split between three buildings! Le Bon March is a little more upmarket (read pricey) and if you’re looking for a spot of weirdly wonderful people watching then check out BHV. The people here aren’t shopping for goods but rather – each other! Shopping and cruising – only in Paris.


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