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Top 10 lugares para comer en Nápoles

Top 10 Places to Eat Italian and Traditional Napolitan Cuisine in Naples

As we all well know, food is extremely important for Italians, and it should be for any foreigner visiting Italy too.

Yes, the pizza is fantastic but Naples has a load more to offer than just that; from fried street-food to gourmet modern takes on age-old recipes, one thing you can guarantee from a few days in this city is that you’re not going to go hungry…

So just to get your tastebuds going, here’s our tips!


Trattoria Nennella

I’m not sure where to begin. Nennella is crazy, chaotic, fun, and bizarre all at the same time. Not for people who want to have a quiet romantic dinner for two, but absolutely for anybody who wants to have a true Neapolitan experience with true Neapolitan food cooked by a team of seven brothers; the most Neapolitan of Neapolitan hosts.

This is not meant to put you off; more to encourage you. And so should the price. There are no prices on the handwritten, daily-changing menus but a brother will give you a grand total on exit of around €10-15 per person for a 4 course dinner and as much wine as you can possibly get down you. Nothing extremely special on the food front but an unbeatable price, and the entertainment is included…


Timpani e Tempura

Something a little special and certainly off the beaten track. The restaurant only opens at lunchtime and seats less than ten (squashed) people but serves up some of the most traditional of traditional recipes, some of them originating from recipes researched by the head chef from as far back as the 16th century. In the old town, near Piazza Dante.


Trattoria del Buongustaio

Tiny and always packed, this little trattoria in the market area of Montesanto offers again traditional Neapolitan ‘cucina’, at a low price. Perhaps the highlight is the frittura mista (fried seafood) or the seafood pasta. Reassuringly un-tourity.

Hosteria Toledo

One of our very favorites. Run by an enthusiastic family, this little place tucked just into the Spanish Quarter off the main shopping drag Via Toledo, serves up fantastic traditional Neapolitan specialties like Ragu and Polipo all’Insalata (octopus salad)

L’Osteria della Mattonella

Located in a more up-market area of Naples, between Piazza Plebiscito and Chiaia, La Mattonella offers an excellent ‘Genovese’ (pasta with onion sauce and chunks of beef, my personal favourite, just don’t expect to get lucky after eating it…) or Meat with Ragu sauce.


Palazzo Petrucci

Set in a historic ‘Palazzo’ of the same name, on the side of the San Domenico Maggiore church in the heart if the historical centre, Palazzo Peutrucci is one of Naples’ most famous and most exclusive restaurants. Not cheap, but for the quality and originality of the menu, and considering it’s Michelin star status, the 40 euros you pay for the tasting menu could be a lot worse.

Best Pizzerias in Naples

Word is that anywhere trying to charge you more than €3,50 for a Margherita is not worth it. The top three places mentioned here won’t sell ANY pizza for more than €6….


Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo

The queue is constant for a reason: this is the best pizza in Naples. Cripsy crust, thin base and delicious toppings. Grab a beer and stand out front until your name is called, it’s worth the wait.

Pizzeria Da Michele

Still probably the best known outside of Naples, especially thanks to it’s mention in that film starring Julia Roberts…. Da Michele still continues to serve up their two pizzas; the Marinara and the Margherita to an exceptional standard.

Pizzeria Di Matteo

They haven’t tried to refurbish this place.I’m glad they haven’t and they don’t need to; they serve up the best Ripieno and fried tit-bits in town. Try the melenzane fritte and panzarotti before delving straight into the Pizza.


Pastries and Other Sweet Stuff

  • Scaturchio, Piazza San Domenico Maggiore
  • Pasticceria Mary, Galleria Umberto, at the entrance from Via Toledo
  • Pasticceria Moccia, Via San Pasquale, 77, 80121 Napoli
  • Pintauro, Open since 1785, Via Toledo 275


The best Ice Cream in Naples

  • Fantasia Gelati Award-winning Icecream on Via Toledo. Always open. Make sure you try the ’sorbetti’ as well…
  • Gay Odin On Spaccanapoli, the famous street in the Centro Storico, some of the best gelato in town. Via Benedetto Croce 61


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