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Euro Youth Hotel Bad Gastein

Posted at:30 June, 2015 in Ambassador Blog

June 25 (cont’d)

I caught a train to Bad Gastein, Austria….

….Congratulations to Euro Youth Hotel in Bad Gastein for being the easiest hostel to find so far on this journey!

Actually, it is not a hostel, but rather a hotel for young people, as the name might suggest.  Summer time is the slow time, but winter is hopping.  I met with manager Christopher and had a beer with him to discuss Bad Gastein life.  The only way you could not find Christopher to be cool would be if you do not like humans.  He is a great guy, and he wears lederhosen every day.  Even if he was not cool, he would be just because of the lederhosen.  He told me (Austrian accent), “As long as you do not get too fat, they will last forever.  Deer-skin will never break.”  He had a knife tucked into one pocket.  Every morning during the snow season, he and his black lab, who is trained to search for people in case of an avalanche, walk over the mountains in search of signs of a potential avalanche to make sure the mountain is safe before the ski day starts.

Christopher, his dog, and lederhosen.

Christopher, his dog, and lederhosen.

The Euro Youth Hotel Bad Gastein has 226 beds, 70 of which are dorms, and 100% are booked up for the ski and snowboard season.

The Euro Youth Hotel Bad Gastein has 226 beds, 70 of which are dorms, and 100% of which are booked up for the ski and snowboard season.  It is the best hostel in the valley for your money.  There are three main districts in the Gastein valley.  Bad Gastein has roughly 5,000 people of the Christopher-approximated 12,500 valley populous.  Directly in front of the door of the hotel, is the gondola to go up the mountain.  The bar/disco closes at 2am for a reason.  Christopher told me, “When people get here, they say, ‘What, the bar closes at 2am?  That can not be possible…’”  Then after some days they come to me and say, “That is very good that the bar closes at 2am.  I actually get up in the morning to ski rather than staying in bed all day.”  The Euro Youth Hotel Bad Gastein is looking out for your best adventure interests.

The town is very quiet during the summer, and the bar was quiet itself except for a couple of regulars.  Christopher ordered me a ‘devil schnitzel’ for dinner and headed home for the day.  Devil schnitzel is spicy and is the best schnitzel you could ever eat.  If you end up in the Euro Youth Hotel Bad Gastein, I have chosen your first meal for you!

 June 26

I got moving early as I had a day to get cracking on….



…There is something wrong with my health and I have been trying to whip it back into shape.  I am not sure what that thing that hangs down in the back of a person’s throat is called, but I know it has a funny name and I know that mine is not being funny at all.  It is being a jerk.  It is inflamed and it hurts a lot.  Its bad attitude has been hankering me for about a week now and I have been gargling 3% peroxide to kill whatever is attacking it, but I do not seem to be gaining any traction avenging its culprit. My throat feels like I might have tried to swallow a rake.

I had not even told them I was coming and they were holding the train for me anyhow!  Word travels fast…

So, this morning after breakfast pained me, I decided to go to the thermal pool to boil whatever is wrong with me out of me.  That did not seem to work either.  I dropped into a pharmacy.  The woman behind the counter asked me if she could help me.  I asked her if she could cure me.  She laughed and said she would try.  I told her my problems.  All she could really give me were some lemon flavored things to suck on.  She told me that anything stronger would have to come from a doctor’s prescription.  I told her that since I am away from home, I will probably die before I go to a doctor.  She hurried to get me the lemon things.  They cost me €6.50.  For that price, I hope the candy works!

I packed up at the Euro Youth Hotel, made my goodbyes and headed for the train station, all the while sucking on double recommended doses of the lemon drop thingies.  The train was delayed by 20 minutes when I got on it where I would have to change in Villach for one to Zagreb.  I checked the schedule on my phone and there was only a 10 minute lay-over, so I would miss my connection.  The next train would come though four hours later.  Great…  So, I found a conductor and I asked him what to do.  He asked me in his Austrian-German accent that made me wonder if he was cousins with Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Zagreb?”  I said yes.  “Your train vill be vaiting because they are holding it in the station.”  Right on!  That was really nice of them.  I had not even told them I was coming and they were holding the train for me anyhow!  Word travels fast…

Chyaaa, living large and comfy in this old gal.

Chyaaa, living large and comfy in this old gal.

The train to take me to Croatia that was waiting in the station was considerably older than the Austrian train that had dropped me off at Villach.  There is probably 35 years of difference in ages between the two trains.  When I got on, a conductor checked my Eurorail pass ticket, noticed my name and country and said, “Canadia!  Thanks!”  Then he handed me back my ticket and walked away.  When I sat down in first class, the seats were a dream.  It is funny how perception makes one think everything new is better.  Those new leather seats on the Austrian trains have about 20% of the comfort of the old material lay-z-boy seats of the early 1980’s Croatian train.  However, the air conditioner does not work on the old train and an Austrian woman came to join me in the cabin I was alone in.  I asked her if she knew if the windows open.  She pulled the window down from the top and it let the cool air in.  She looked at me and said, “I’m a tough!”  It was cute!

In no time I realized that a no air-conditioning train a way better, as long as it is not India hot outside (I have learned that one).

Stick your head out the window and feel Europe blow by your face.  Let the wind blow those long locks of hair that you should have figured out by now that you need to grow out if you are ever going to try to be cool.  The train ride with the windows open just feels more real…

…It loses it stuffiness and pretentiousness.  I feel like I am more on the road now that I have for the past two weeks.  Having your head out the window and listening to the sound of the train on the rails and how it changes as the locomotive crosses bridges, take curves, and passes buildings is a good definition travelling…



Euro Youth Hotel Bad Gastein
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