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European Best Destinations 2014

Posted at:18 February, 2014 in Blog, EFH News

Looking for inspiration for your next trip? has compiled more than 200,000 opinions from travellers all over the globe to create their 2014 list of Europe’s best destinations.

The competition is in its fifth year, and this year more people than ever have gone online to give their opinions, beating all of the records that European Best Destinations had seen in the years before, making this the biggest e-tourism event in the whole of Europe.

And the winners are…………….

1. Porto

Set in the north of Portugal, Porto is a fascinating city.  Smaller than it looks, making it an easy place to get to grips with over a few days, Porto also boasts fantastic food, wine, nightlife and atmosphere.  The city is easily reachable from many other major European cities.

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2. Zagreb

Described at ‘cheap, cheerful and fun’, Zagreb won the second place in the European Best Destinations list with 10.8% of the vote.  Voters loved the old town squares, the funicular rides and the friendly locals. Congratulations!

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european best destinations

3.  Vienna

Inexhaustible Vienna comes in in third place, just behind Zagreb with 10.2% of the vote.  Don’t get too tempted with the amazing Viennese sweets, but discover the beautiful palaces, castles and opera houses of Austria’s capital.

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vienna main images destination guide

4.  Nicosia

Thanks to its great weather year round, Nicosia has become a favourite with all types of travellers, from those on a budget to those looking for a little bit of luxury in the sun.  Eating out is inexpensive and delicious and if it’s a beach holiday you’re after then Nicosia has some great beaches too!

5.   Budapest

Budapest grabs 5th place with just over 7% of the vote.  Described by voters as one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, the history of Budapest and the variety of entertainment on offer make it irresistible for travellers.   For more information and to book your accommodation in Budapest check out our Budapest Guide.

Budapest hostel maverick6.  Madeira

The ‘atlantic garden of Eden’, Madeira is loved for its colourful flowers, warm climate and unpretentious cuisine. If you’re looking to get away from it all, then Madeira is the perfect choice offering great walks and views along with great food and drink!

7.  Milan

Milan has been popular tourist destination for many years, and this year’s European Best Destinations list confirms this putting at 7th place.  Great for shopping and nights out on the town, Milan is the bustling business centre of Italy.

8.  Madrid

With the perfect combination of sights, parks, tapas and nightlife, Madrid is number 8 on the list of European Best Destinations.  Plus the shopping is amazing and locals have a real zest for life.  Book your Madrid Hostel early during summer months.


9. Berlin

The European Best Destinations list would never be complete without Germany’s capital city, Berlin.  Visitors are enticed by its unique modern history, art galleries, and museums.  Plus, Berlin is the European capital of cool, offering cheap food and drink and some of the best nightclubs in the whole of Europe.  Check out our Berlin Guide for more ideas on what to see and do in Berlin.

Berlin Graffiti

10.  Rome

The eternal city rounds of the list at 10th place with 6.1% of the vote.  Rome has an incredible amount of monuments, churches and museums to get to grips with, but however long your days are while visiting Italy’s capital, there’s nothing that a good dish of the Roman classic Caccio e Pepe and a glass of local red wine that won’t get you up and ready for the next long day of exploring.  For more ideas on what to do in Rome and to book your beds, check out our Rome Guide.

rome trevi fountain

European Best Destinations 2014
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