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Beer Pong Tournament in Porto

Location: Porto Length: 3 hours Needed: Party mood & Aiming

Best hostel in town!Cats Hostel Porto welcomes guests from all corners of the world. The welcoming and exciting atmosphere is just one of the reasons you'll want to stay here. Are you ready to be a CAT?

Basic Infos

Have you ever played beer pong? It’s one of the most fun drinking games out there! Wherever you will find a hostel you will play – or at least hear about – beer pong.

Be the beer pong champion

To refresh your memory and make sure you will become the CATS hostel’s beer pong champion, we will share everything you need to know about the game!

Beer Pong

Beer pong is a drinking game where you try to throw a ping pong ball in a cup filled with beer. In total there are 10 cups of beer in a pyramid-like formation on each side of the table and you aim for the cups on the opposite site (in front of your opponents). When the ball gets in the cup, your opponents have to drink!


You can play beer pong one-on-one or in teams of two. When you’re in a team you will take turns throwing the ping pong ball. Each team takes turns throwing the balls into the cups.

Most important rules

  1. Keep your elbows behind the edges of the table. If you don’t do this the ball must be returned to the other team and your shot doesn’t count.
  2. You can change the format of the cups you have to throw in twice during the game (no more).

Tips to become the CATS hostel champion at the beer pong tournament:

  • When you throw the ball with a curve it’s more likely to land in a cup.
  • Throw the ball with a bounce on the table before it enters a cup.
  • Only change the formation of the cups at the end of the game (put them close to each other).
  • Always wet the ball before you throw it as this makes the ball slide through the air smoothly. A wet ball goes further and it makes it easier to aim for a specific cup.

Join the Beer Pong Tournament every Monday @ CATS Hostel Porto!

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