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What to eat in Frankfurt

Location: Frankfurt

Best hostel in town!Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt has a great location in the centre of Frankfurt's bustling nightlife, close to the central station.

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The Doner Kebab

It has been said that the doner Kebab was introduced to Germany by a Turkish resident living there. It is safe to say that kebabs can be found virtually everywhere in the world today and Frankufurt is no excpetion!  You’ll have a whole load of places to try an amazing doner kebab when you are in Frankfurt.

The Doner Kebab  usually consists of is meat slices that are cut very thin (the three choices are usually beef, lamb, or chicken), veggies like onions, lettuce, and tomatoes in a sauce usually yoghurt based. Kebabs are created in a sort of flatbread, such as a pit or lavash.

Wiener Schintzel

Like the doner kebab, the wiener schnitzel can be found virtually everywhere in Frankfurt, and is deifnitely on of our What to eat in Frankfurt highlights! You can find it on the cheap or more on the expensive side depending on your budget.

Wiener schnitzels seem to have been around in Germany forever. Traditionally, wiener schnitzels are made with veal, but contemporary cooks are using all different kinds of meat, including turkey, chicken, and pork. The meat itself is pounded, flattened, and then dipped in a covering made from eggs, flour, breadcrumbs, and seasonings. From there it is fried. Wiener schnitzels traditionally are served with potatoes and salad, but you can find them being served with French fries and lemon.

Frankfurter Würstchen

When you think of Geram gastronomy you may think of the famous sausage dishes, so here it is. If you want to try the most traditional dish in Frankfurt you have to try the Frankfurter Wurstchen – a thin, long sausge made from pork in a casing of sheep’s intestine. Is lightly smoked on a low temperature giving a special taste.



There are many variations of wurstsalats to choose from, even one with blood sausage, but expect pieces of sausages, cheese, and onions being the main pieces in the salad, tossed with dressing. Since it is usually eaten as a main, a lot of places serve it with potatoes and bread. You know that Germany is known for sausages, so it stands to reason that but of course there would be a salad made with them!


This is one of Germany’s favorite dishes, with many areas throwing their hat into the ring as being the creator of the ‘BEST’ currywurst. Currywurst is a large sausage that is covered in sauce, and the sauce varies from mild curry powder to hot, homemade tomato curry. Usually you can get this German favorite practically anywhere, often served with French fries and bread.

Frankfurter Kranz

Now we get to the sweetest part of what Frankfurt gastronomy has to offer. Frankfurter Kranz is a butter cream cake renowned worldwide, created by a sugar baker in 1735. Frankfurt Crown Cake, when translated into English, this German speciality is wrapped with a butter cream and made in a special form.


And for drink, you may ask? Well, besides the traditional German beer that you can get anywhere – here’s some alternative choice: Apfelwein! Also named as EbbelwoiÄpplerStöffscheApfelmost – this juice is made from pressed apples and it has an alcohol content usually around 6%.


If you have at least tasted the above dishes, you can go back home safe in the knowledge that you tried authentic, everyday Frankfurt food.

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