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Female Solo Travel in Europe – Do’s and Don’ts

As a female you always have to be a bit more careful when choosing a travel destination, especially when you go on a trip on your own. The good thing is that Europe is perfect for female solo travellers and when you travel the continent you will meet many people just like you. Yet, it’s important to always be aware of the do’s and don’ts of female solo travel in Europe, just to make sure nothing can go wrong!


Do take a taxi

In Europe it’s super safe to use taxis, whether you’re alone or with someone else. If you don’t feel comfortable taking a taxi on your own just use Uber, Taxi Beat or My Taxi (depending on the country you’re visiting), where you can read reviews about the taxi drivers and see how other travellers liked the ride with them.

Do explore cities and towns

It’s important to not think you’re limited to exploring any places because you’re a female solo travellers. It’s very normal to travel alone in Europe and you will be perfectly safe in both big cities as well as little towns.

Do use your locker

Most hostels offer lockers where you can leave your valuables. Make good use of this and don’t bring stuff out on the streets. You often have to bring a little lock yourself but if you forget one just ask the hostel staff as they can get you one too!

Do stay in a good area

Staying in a good area of the city makes travelling alone a lot easier. All our hostels are located at amazing locations that are very safe. Make sure to check where we are and book your bed online!


Do ask hostel staff for advice

One of the best things of staying in hostels is that the hostel staff always have so many tips for you. Not only about places to avoid but also on where to go, what to do and how to get most out of your solo trip.

Do join Free Walking Tours

A great way to get to know a city is by joining free walking tours. A lot of solo travellers always join them so it’s easy to make some new friends, learn about the history of the destination and find out information about transport and tourism sites.

Do scream when you feel uncomfortable

This may sound logical but if you ever are in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable or when guys talk to you in a way you don’t like – just say it. As soon as you say “NO, LEAVE ME ALONE” out loud, you will notice how many people around you will be aware that you’re uncomfortable and will take action. You’re never alone in this when you involve others.


Do know there are female dorms

If you prefer to stay in a room with only other females ask for a female dorm. Almost every hostel offers them and it’s a great way to meet other female solo travellers just like you!

Do know you’re awesome doing this

Female solo travel is becoming more and more popular and there’s a reason why. Going on a trip on your own as a woman is pretty awesome. You will find out yourself when you’re on this adventure. Travelling solo is one of those things you have to do at least once in your lifetime and being a female shouldn’t hold you back from doing this!


Don’t walk in certain areas at night

Just like in any other place you will go to you have to be a bit more careful at night. No matter how safe a city or place is, there can always be some dodgy areas. The best thing is to just take a taxi back when you come from a night out or to ask the hostel staff if there are any areas to avoid at night.

Don’t show off valuables

At home you may be crazy about your new jewelry and used to wearing it every day. Or you want to bring your laptop, camera, high tech phone and everything with you on your trip. The truth about travelling is, however, that you will feel so much better when you don’t bring many valuables with you. Valuables will just be one of the worries you don’t want to have. So try to limit what you bring in terms of valuables and if you do bring them, try not to show off!

Don’t accept drinks from strangers

Most of the time people are just being super polite offering you something to drink in a bar or at a festival. It’s sad but true that as a female solo traveller you just have to be a bit more aware on what you do and do not accept.

Don’t give money to people begging

Most European countries have an amazing welfare system that provides homeless people and refugees with the facilities they need. So when someone approaches you on the street to ask for some of your change, think twice before you get your wallet out.

Don’t be afraid

The most important thing about travelling solo or doing anything on your own is to not be afraid. See it as a new experience, have confidence and show that to the people around you. It’s totally normal to sit in a restaurant on your own, to take the train on your own or to walk in an alley you may not feel that comfortable. When you walk up straight, keep an eye on your belongings and you’ll be perfectly fine!

If you want to know more about Female Travellers you can join Unearth Women community – the first female travel magazine – where you can find tips, suggestions and even Female Guides for specific destinations!





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