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5 meilleures choses à faire à Valence

Are you visiting the beautiful city of Valencia?

Great! Here you have 5 useful tips. Valencia is not as popular or as big as Barcelona or Madrid but that is perhaps why Valencia is so unique! Everything is possible and nothing is required. You can explore the city by bike or on foot and stop in between in a nice restaurant and the various sights or relax on the beaches and parks in the city. Beside that, you don’t have to worry about the weather because Valencia has 300 sunny days a year, so you can leave your umbrella at home! Don’t miss out on anything this beautiful city has to offer and check our tips below!

1) Get lost in the charming little streets of Valencia

Valencia has a nice and cosy old centre in the north of the city, called El Carmen. In El Carmen you can find many different small streets and large squares. The best thing is to explore this old centre without a map and by foot because of this you’ll end up in the most beautiful places. At the end of El Carmen you will find the Quart Towers. This is a watchtower where you can take a look over the whole city. It is worth a visit!

2) Eat cheap and cosy in Valencia

In Valencia it’s possible to eat good food on a budget! Most restaurants in Valencia will serve you a 3-course menu from €10 to €20. You need to keep in mind that the Spanish people eat later than most other people. They have lunch around 14:00 normally a warm dish and they have dinner around 22:00. This is why many restaurants are open till 5 pm in the afternoon and open again at 8 pm in the evening.


The most popular dish of Spain is paella and it originates in Valencia. So you definitely need to try Paella. Aside from that you can also try the famous tapas, which you can find on almost every corner. You can find a lot of tapas bars in the city, almost around every corner.


3) Relax in the middle of the city

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little break from city life. That is possible because Valencia has a lot of parks, the biggest being Jardín del Turia, which has a length of 9 km. This park was first a river, but after a flood it was decided to divert it and create a long park out of it. This also makes the park unique, because there are still beautiful old bridges in it.


The park serves as a meeting place and recreation area. You can find a lot different things. There is a run, walk and bicycle path so you can do any kind of sport without any obstructions. You will encounter several beautiful places in the park such as sport fields for tennis and football, skate parks, fountains, botanical gardens and playground areas for children.


During the summer there are also many people in the park who enjoy the sun while having a cold drink.

4) Taste typical food from Valencia at Mercado central

If you love eating, you need to go to the Central Market, one of the biggest covered markets in Europe. All the local produce like oranges, olives, prawns, hams, cheese and more food can be found in this lovely place. The market is established in a special modern architectural building. The central market is just a 10 min walk from Purple Nest Hostel.

5) Check the famous local point of Valencia

If you look on social media a lot of people who have visited Valencia have taken pictures or selfies in front of these modern white buildings and clear water. This is the City of Arts and Sciences and you can find these beautiful buildings at the end of the Turia park. The City of Art and Sciences is the perfect example of modern architecture. Here you can also do various types of activities such as visit the acquarium, the science museum, go to the IMAX cinema or to the opera.


In addition, here you will also find the most beautiful and amazing nightclub of Valencia, Umbracle. Is the perfect place to go partying during the summer. In the open air nightclub between the palm trees and the starry sky where you can enjoy a party with your friends. In the basement of L’umbracle you can find another nightclub MYA which is also open in the winter.


+ 1) Affordable accommodation right in the city center.

So now you really want to go to Valencia, right? But you don’t know where to sleep? What about a hostel? If you are going to visit Valencia, check the Purple Nest Hostel Valencia, which is a proud member of the Europe’s Famous Hostels association.

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