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Best Sunny Destinations to Escape Winter

Best Sunny Destinations to Escape Winter

If you’re looking to escape winter, consider these sunny destinations to get your dose of Vitamin D and the Sea!

While there’s truly something special about all the seasons, sometimes winter gets the best of us and we need a break. Luckily, there are loads of destinations you can travel to in order to escape winter, and we want to share them with you! Check out our guide to help you start planning your escape from the cold!

Best Sunny Destinations to Escape Winter

Séville, Espagne – Best Sunny Destinations to Escape Winter

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is first up on our list of sunny destinations to escape winter. The palm trees, sunsets, spices, and gardens are enough to recharge your soul and help you forget about winter. And if that’s not enough, we suggest booking yourself in for a traditional Hammam. It’s a very relaxing spa experience and one you certainly shouldn’t miss out on.

Marrakech is best known for it’s Berber history, beautiful palaces, and is home to Morocco’s oldest souk. Each day, vendors set up in Djemaa el Fna Square and prepare some of the tastiest foods and drinks you can imagine. The delicious scent of fresh fruits and grilled food will keep you coming back every evening.

Lastly, Morocco in general is quite cheap. From transportation, to food, and accommodation, it blows Europe out of the water when it comes to a budget friendly destination. Marrakech is the perfect place to get a healthy balance of history, culture, and the sun.

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Marrakech, Morocco – Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Where to Stay in Marrakech

Si vous êtes en visite Marrakech, ne pas manquer sur votre séjour à Equity Point Hostel. Located in the Medina of Marrakech, you’ll be blown away at the gorgeous facilities, including a rooftop with views over the mountains, and a pool!

Athènes, Grèce

Greece is a constant favourite for sun seekers, and Athens offers heaps of historical sites beneath her sunny skies. As its a typically popular tourist destination, visiting in winter is a great option as the crowds are certainly smaller. Because winter is considered the off-season in Greece, you’ll find that prices for almost everything are cheaper as well. That’s a huge bonus!

Athens is home to some of the most incredible historical sites and museums. While here, you should check out the famous Acropolis, Hadrian’s Arch, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

But Athens isn’t just about the historical sites. It’s one of our favourite cities for delicious food and people watching. there’s also a great art scene, diverse neighbourhoods, and an all night party scene – Si vous pouvez vous tenir !

Best Sunny Destinations to Escape Winter

Athènes, Grèce – Best Sunny Destinations to Escape Winter

Where to Stay in Athens

For the best hostel in ancient city, book with SafeStay Athens. Friendly, safe and fun, this hostel offers the best accommodation on a budget, and it even has a rooftop!

Málaga, Spain

South Spain is always a good idea, so why not head to the cultural hotspot et beach favourite Málaga? The city’s palm trees and blue skies will be enough to chase away your winter blues and you’ll gain a fresh perspective.

Málaga is one of the best sunny destinations to escape winter and for good reason. If you’re into art, you’ll love what the city has to offer. Málaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, so a visit to the Picasso Museum is a must! Other notable sites include Alcazaba Palace, the Roman Theatre, and the Histórico La Concepión, Botanical Garden.

As for the beach, the weather might not be the best for swimming, so don’t get too eager. However, Playa de la Málagueta is located on the shores of the city and is a great spot to spend a day in the sun. You can also bring a blanket and have a picnic here, but please take your trash with you!

Best Sunny Destinations to Escape Winter

Malaga, Espagne – Best Sunny Destinations to Escape Winter

Where to Stay in Málaga

Visiting Málaga? Book your bed at Hostel de oasis Backpacker for the most central stay in town. Their roof terrace bar is particularly good for sun worshippers!

Rhodes, Greece

Of course Greece makes a second appearance on our list of the best sunny destinations to escape winter. With a historical old town, colourful buildings and amazing beaches, Rhodes is a favourite winter getaway.

Greece always delivers on the sunshine and Rhodes has some beautiful sites to visit. Some must-see spots include the medieval town of Rhodes, the Suleman Mosque, and The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. There’s so much to do, you’ll certainly keep busy!

As with most of Greece, the water may be a bit chilly for all the water sports, but don’t let that stop you from doing what you want! It’s actually a great time of year for windsurfing and catching some rays on the beach.

Photo by Devin Koopman from Pexels

Rhodes, Greece – Photo by Devin Koopman from Pexels

Where to Stay in Rhodes

If you’re visiting Rhodes then stay at the designer chic Séjour Rhodes Hostel. You can enjoy the sunshine on their garden terrace, theme nights, or the nearby beach at their centrally located boutique hostel.

Séville, Espagne

Sevilla also has a lovely winter climate where you can enjoy the Andalusian sunshine. With the smell of orange blossom and amazing tapas, the city is one of our favourite escapes from winter in Spain.

Explore the Triana neighbourhood, home to Flamenco and the famous opera, ‘Carmen‘. We suggest wandering through the pedestrian-only streets of the old town to see the architecture and take in Seville’s beauty. The huge Gothic cathedral is unmissable as is the Alcazar and Castle complex. What you’ll notice that’s special about Seville is the pace of life. And we think that pairs perfectly for your much needed escape from winter!

Best Sunny Destinations to Escape Winter

Séville, Espagne – Best Sunny Destinations to Escape Winter

Where to Stay in Seville

Si vous êtes en visite Sevilla alors profiter de l’ambiance à Hostel de oasis Palace Backpacker dans le centre de la ville. Vous aurez l’embarras avec leurs vues haut toit et design cool.

Tel Aviv & Jérusalem, Israël

Since Israel is rather small and easy to get around, we’re including both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as our final suggestion for the best sunny destinations to escape winter. You can actually travel between the two cities in about 30 mins by bus, so you might as well see both!

We’ll start with Jerusalem, which is one of the most amazing cultural, spiritual, and historical cities in the world to visit. Top places to visit is Jerusalem’s Old Town, Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, and the spice markets. Jerusalem’s warm climate means you can enjoy the lively terraces and colourful bazaars, even in winter. You’ll never get bored of Jerusalem and all its history and beauty.

And as for Tel Aviv, this is the place to be for those looking for a more alternative and party-fuelled destination. Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv is a great place for swimming and surfing, even in winter. It’s also home to loads of art galleries, museums, historical sites, and has a thriving gay scene. Tel Aviv will certainly flip your idea of what Israel is like!

Jerusalem, Israel - Best Sunny Destinations to Escape Winter

Jérusalem, Israël – Best Sunny Destinations to Escape Winter

Where to Stay in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv

If you’re visiting either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, then stay centrally at the amazing Abraham Hostel. They organise great parties and tours and have a chilled roof terrace to enjoy. Come see what Abraham is all about!

Best Sunny Destinations to Escape Winter

Now that you’re prepared, it’s time to head to these sunny destinations to escape winter! Wherever you go, we’re certain you’ll come back refreshed and recharged, ready to battle through the remaining bits of the colder season.

If you’re looking for more information to help you plan, click ici. Our blog ranges from city guides, to food guides, travel tips, and more, all in an effort to inspire your next getaway. For all the latest news at Famous Hostels, follow us or subscribe on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube.

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