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Chaque auberge impose des normes de l’association, formant une marque qui est approuvée par ceux qui restent avec nous. Clients savent qu’ils trouveront les mêmes niveaux de qualité dans tout le réseau. Chaque ville possède seulement une auberge célèbre et votre séjour dans une auberge célèbre garantit que vous aurez un excellent séjour à prix imbattable.



Europe is a diverse continent and so is its cuisine. We've found the 10 Best Foodie Destinations and want to share them with you! Gastronomy says a lot about the local history. and you can learn a lot! Would there be so much pasta in Italy if Marco Polo hadn't brought it to Italy from China? Would there be crêpes, filloas, and frixuelos in Brittany, Galicia, and Asturias if the Celts hadn't populated those coasts? To discover Europe well you need

Trendy London - the 5th stop of my month long Famous Hostels Eurotrip! London is one of the most popular destinations to visit for all types of travellers! With its iconic red telephone booths, double-decker busses, and underground stations, you'll always be reminded you're in the U.K.! Getting to London My journey from Paris to London was one I'll never forget. With my Interrail Global Pass I took the Eurostar train which runs through the world’s longest underwater tunnel -53,4 km long! Riding

Sweeten your stay in Prague We know how to make your casual strolling along the Prague’s charming streets even more delicious. Pastries is always a good choice here, you are getting the full taste of the culture, easy to carry while walking through the small streets and just this feeling of happiness that it gives you - is simply all you are craving at the moment. Trdelnik dessert that Prague is apparently famous for was named one of the must-try things

Naples Food Guide You'll be spoiled for choice and won't go hungry in this Italian city! Naples is famous for the pizza Margherita but it offers more than just delicious pizza pie. From decadent pastries, to hearty pasts dishes, Naples has it all! Read on to explore our Naples Food Guide! Best Italian Restaurants Trattoria Nennella This place is chaotic, fun, and bizarre! Nennella is owned by 7 Neapolitan brothers, so you know you're in for a culinary adventure! There's no prices on the handwritten menus.

Thirteen hours after I left Lisbon, I reluctantly left my comfy sleeper cabin and arrived in Miranda. With three hours until my train from Miranda to Bilbao, I used my time wisely and got the pedicure I was looking for in Lisbon. I easily found a nail salon and I made it back in time to catch the train to Bilbao. Mission Pedicure: Complete Once again, I found myself in those super comfy individual seats for the Mirando to Bilbao ride.

48 Hours in Barcelona Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Spain, and there's tons to see and do! But what if you only have 48 hours to explore!? How do you manage to still see the best of the city? We'll show you how in our guide to 48 hours in Barcelona! Day 1 Morning After fuelling up with a delicious breakfast, start your day in Barcelona with a walk down Passeig de Gràcia, home to famous international couture brands, but also

Why Famous Hostels are the best option when traveling around Europe Taking that big trip around Europe or planning a weekend away? Find out why Europe’s Famous Hostels are the best hostels in Europe! Why Famous Hostels are the best hostels in Europe A view of the Acropolis in Athens? A roof top in Rome? If you’re looking for the biggest party, best atmosphere, designer cool or a home -from-home, we have hostels to suit every traveler. With over 50 destinations in Europe, we offer hostels in

If you know a local in any of your travel destinations, you know how different your experiences in that place can be. Many of us would rather avoid the tourist hot spots while on the road, but it can be tricky to find those 'local secrets'. Some of the staff at the Hostel Room in Rotterdam have shared their fav places to eat, drink, and chill so you can get the insider experience! Top Staff Picks Witte de With Straat is the best

Heart full initiative Hostels are historically the fruit of the adventurous, the wanderer, the independent minds. Most hostels we know are still independently ran by the same ones who once dreamed to create a space where people from the most different backgrounds would get together, share experiences, stories, and fun. Due its ingenious nature and despite the growth of interest and qualified professionals willing to make this industry somehow bigger in the last years, Hostel owners still struggle to find the appropriate

Traveling to a different country is one of the most amazing experiences that a person can experience. But in 2019 it seems like you haven’t really travelled to a country or experienced something amazing, if there is no photo proving it. Wherever people go these days, photos and videos are taken constantly documenting their experiences being made. So now we’re in Jerusalem - where are the best places to take those photos and shoot those videos? In fact, this city has got

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