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Nous utilisons le plus haut niveau de sécurité disponible sur Internet et s’assure que toute information que vous fournissez, y compris les détails de votre carte de crédit, demeureront entièrement confidentielle.

Chaque auberge impose des normes de l’association, formant une marque qui est approuvée par ceux qui restent avec nous. Clients savent qu’ils trouveront les mêmes niveaux de qualité dans tout le réseau. Chaque ville possède seulement une auberge célèbre et votre séjour dans une auberge célèbre garantit que vous aurez un excellent séjour à prix imbattable.


Calling Content Creators! Checkout.note Wants You!

A Famous Hostels initiative to connect content creators to hostels

Calling all content creators! 2020 was not the year we wanted, but it was the year we got. Despite early European-wide lockdowns, the travel industry is bouncing back. Hostels are adapting, travel companies are changing, and community networks are creating innovative ways to adjust to the new normal.

Famous Hostels looked at ways we could help our community, as well as the travellers who support us. On the business side of things, we found that many hostels were struggling with marketing and social media. And on the traveller side, we found that travellers were an untapped resource for great travel content. That, paired with understanding there are a number of available beds across our network, we came up with Checkout.note.

Checkout.note is a hub for content creators to connect with hostels providing free accommodation in exchange for content.

Checkout.note by Famous Hostels logo. Get free accommodation for your travel content

Checkout.note by Famous Hostels – Get free accommodation for your travel content

Why Does This Work?

We’ve already mentioned why we came up with this idea, but you may be asking why it actually works. Essentially, hostels need content for their social media channels, and creators need collaborations for their portfolios. On the business side of things, creating content has proven to be more complex than just snapping a photo, and hostels don’t always have staff who can carry this responsibility. However, that doesn’t mean your businesses lack of presence on social media isn’t impacting your bookings and general reputation.

Luckily, there’s already travellers who are planning to travel to your destination and create content anyway. By offering free accommodation, you get relevant, high quality content without having to burden staff with the task.

As a traveller and content creator, cutting costs while on the road is always preferred if possible. The biggest part of your budget is typically travel & accommodation, so you can cut your costs by offering your talents! We’re here to connect everyone.

Checkout.note on Instagram. Create content for any of our destinations in exchange for free accommodation.

Checkout.note on Instagram. Create content for any of our destinations in exchange for free accommodation.

Who Can Apply?

Since launching, we’ve received applications from content creators across Europe, as well as inquiries from Brazil and the Caribbean. The wonderful thing about travel content is that it comes in all forms, helping us reach more audiences.

Content creators can apply through the application form on the Famous Hostels website. We review each application, and if approved, we start working on a plan. We launched at the end of August and have been successful in generating applications and great content so far!

Firstly, we’re looking for genuine content creators who can show your hostel and destination to the world. Secondly, we don’t look into how many followers applicants have; we look at the quality of their content and what they’re promising to deliver. In essence, applications are open to anyone who fits the description above!

So far, we’ve received applications from bloggers, photographers, and videographers, all bringing us something unique. Applicants range from enthusiastic travellers, skilled bloggers, travel videographers, and more.

Some of our Checkout.note content creators!

Some of our Checkout.note content creators!

What Do You Give & What Do You Get?

For hostels, you get the opportunity to generate high quality, free content in exchange for 3 free nights in a dorm. For creators, you get the opportunity to stay in your destination for free, and gain a valuable collaborative experience.

We’ve created standards for our content creators and ask them to produce the following based on their application:

  • A blog post (min. 750 words) + 5 high quality photo (topic is decided upon between the creator and our team)
  • A series (min. 12) of high quality photos (in the event blogging is not possible)
  • A video of at least 1 min (includes hostel and destination)

All content created is owned by Famous Hostels. It’s used to promote our participating destinations and hostels. Blog posts are posted on the Famous Hostels website under Conseils de voyage. We also share them on our social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. Videos are shared on our IGTV channel, as well as on our YouTube channel. We might also include this media in various blog posts.

Here are samples of some of the content we’ve generated from our program so far:

Milan, Italy. A sample of the content created by @shegowandering for Ostello Bello

Milan, Italy. A sample of the content created by @shegowandering for Ostello Bello

London, UK. Video by @tv_trev

Málaga, Spain. A sample fo the content created by @thebrunettevagabondwonder

Málaga, Spain. A sample fo the content created by @thebrunettevagabondwonder

Seville, Spain. A Checkout.note destination. Photo by @travellingthewonderworld

Seville, Spain. Photo by @travellingthewonderworld

Where Can You Go?

Checkout.note is a service from Famous Hostels, and all member hostels have agreed to offer accommodation in exchange for your content. Here’s a full list of our current destinations and hostels:

However, this program is not exclusive to member hostels within the Europe’s Famous Hostels network. Checkout.note wants to work with any hostel (which is not located in or near our member locations) interested in hosting content creators. We currently have two hostels and destinations outside the network who’ve joined our program:

When Can You Go?

Are you ready to travel? We’re ready to work with you! In order to ensure we can confirm your application, agreement, and hostel availability, we would like at least two weeks notice prior to your travel date. Of course, earlier notice is always preferred. If you don’t yet have a travel date, let us know in your application!

Does this sound like an opportunity for you? Visit our Instagram et application page to find out how you can become our next Checkout.note content creator. And if you’re a hostel looking to join our program, send us an email to [email protected]

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