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Huit itinéraires européens pour vos vacances d’été

When the summer holidays finally start there’s no better way to enjoy your freedom than to jump on a train and explore Europe. But, where in Europe should you go this summer? We selected our most popular routes including the hostels to stay on the way!

Soleil & Fun in Portugal & Espagne

Spain and Portugal are excellent rail partners packed with of beautiful cities and amazing beaches. If you love sun and fun this trip is for you. From flamenco shows in Seville to pub crawls in Barcelona, waterfall hikes in Granada and BBQs in Porto. You’ll find it all at on this itinerary!

Download the Iberian guide here.

1. Porto – Tattva Design Hostel
2. Lisbon – Oasis Backpackers
3. Bilbao – Ganbara Hostel
4. Madrid – Cat’s Hostel
5. Barcelona – Kabul Party Hostel
6. Valencia – Purple Nest Hostel
7. Sevilla – Oasis Backpackers
8. Granada – Oasis Backpackers
9. Málaga – Oasis Backpackers

Kick off your trip with some amazing wine and BBQs in Porto and take a train to Lisbon, the Portuguese capital with its legendary yellow trams, amazing street art and beer volleyball championships.

Head into Spain with the the night train to Bilbao, famous for its art museums and excellent waves. After a few days of surfing move on to explore the Spanish capital Madrid and then Barcelona, where you’ll have some of the best nights out! Head south to Valencia (try the local paellas) and Sevilla where you’ll be amazed by the city’s incredible buildings. Finish off your trip with some hikes, delicious tapas and beach days in Granada and Malaga.

The world’s most iconic coastlines in France & Italy.

If you’re looking for Roman History and iconic coastlines or just want to eat some delicious ice creams, this is the route for you. In France and Italy the trains travel right beside the coast, which makes this easy route the perfect combination of dips in the sea and city sightseeing.

Download the Mediterranean guide here.

1. Marseille – Vertigo Vieux-Port auberge de jeunesse
2. Nice – Villa Saint Exupery
3. Rimini – Sunflower Beach Hostel
4. Rome – Alessandro Palace
5. Naples – Hostel of the Sun
6. Sorrento – Seven Hostel

Start your trip on the French Riviera in Marseille from where you will take the train to the colourful city of Nice. Try scuba diving in the crystal clear sea and throw in a quick visit to Monaco.

After a party stop in at the beach hostel in Rimini, Italy, make your way to the ancient city of Rome where you will be amazed by the most stunning highlights at each corner of the street. You’ll get to see the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Vatican City and so much more. Catch a short train ride to another amazing city: Naples, where you can go on kayak tours and ride a horse up to the Vesuvius volcano! Finish off your trip by exploring Capri and Amalfi Coast from Sorrento and chill at the hostel’s epic rooftop.

3. Far East Route
Indulge yourself and discover the hidden treasures of the Far East destinations.

Travel off the beaten track and explore cities that have a great story to tell. Learn how to make hummus in Jerusalem, see the Acropolis in Athens and take some yoga classes in Istanbul before you go and explore one of Greece’s most stunning islands.

Download the Far East guide here.

1. Jerusalem – Abraham Hostel
2. Istanbul – Hush Hostel
3. Athens – AthenStyle
4. Rhodes – Stay Rhodes

Discover the Middle East in Jerusalem, one of the most interesting cities in the world. The hostel offers yoga classes, hummus workshops and shabbat dinners you don’t want to miss. Fly to Istanbul in Turkey, where east meets west. Explore the city by bike or join the hostel’s neighborhood art walk. Take the train to Athens, Greece, the birthplace of western civilization. Wander around ancient Greek temples or just stay at the hostel’s 360 bar for the best views over the Acropolis. Take the ferry to Rhodes, our favourite Greek island where you can relax and learn how to surf or go on one of the hostel’s running tours!

4. The Best of the East
Stray from the ordinary and explore the best destinations of the east.

A good thing to know is that these cities are generally much more affordable, so if you’re on a budget this route is for you. Especially knowing that most of the places will leave you speechless, such as the Plitvice Lakes in Zagreb and the impressive architecture of Budapest.

Download the East guide here.


1. Belgrade – Arkabarka Hostel
2. Zagreb – Chillout Hostel
3. Vienna – Hostel Ruthensteiner
4. Bratislava – Patio Hostel
5. Budapest – Mavericks Hostel
6. Warsaw – Oki Doki Hostel

Start your trip with staying at an epic boathouse Hostel in Belgrade from where you can explore the city by river. Then catch the train to Zagreb in Croatia where you’ll see one of the most stunning National Parks with countless waterfalls: the Plitvice Lakes. Move on to the most homely hostel in Vienna to explore Schonbrunn Palace and the city’s classy city center before you go to a place that’s so much more fun than you ever thought: Bratislava. Cheap beers and great night outs are guaranteed in Budapest where you have to try one of the escape rooms arranged by the hostel. Finish off your trip in Warsaw and learn more about the Polish history by joining the walking tour!

5. Central Europe
Stray from the ordinary and explore the best destinations of Central Europe.

Download the Central Europe guide here.

From dancing the night away in Berlin to outdoor heaven Interlaken. This route is for adventurers who want more than beach holidays and are ready to cross borders!


1. Interlaken – Balmers Hostel
2. Milan – Ostello Bello
3. Salzburg – Yoho Hostel
4. Munich – Euro Youth Hostel
5. Frankfurt – Five Elements Hostel
6. Berlin – Auberge de tournesol
8. Prague – Czech Inn

Kick off your trip in Interlaken, a Swiss town surrounded by the most incredible mountains ready to be explored. Pick one of the countless outdoor activities the hostel offers before you catch the train through the Alps to Milan to enjoy some amazing pizza and pasta. After getting a taste of Italy go into Salzburg, home of the Sound of Music. Then prepare for some good beer parties in Germany, which will be around all summer (yep, even before Oktoberfest). Explore Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin to see the best of Germany. Finally, go to Prague, one of the most magical places in Eastern Europe to discover the city on one of the walking tours!

6. The North
Discover and adventure yourself in the northern lands.

See more of Scandinavia and its rough nature. Be prepared to meet the friendliest people that all speak perfect English (and look like models). From a real Swedish sauna in Stockholm to wandering around the colourful harbour in Copenhagen, if you want to adventure yourself in northern lands, this trip is for you.

Download the North guide here.


1. Stockholm – City Backpackers Hostel
2. Copenhagen – Centre-ville de Copenhague
4. Berlin – Auberge de tournesol
3. Warsaw – Oki Doki Hostel

High up in the north of Europe lies Stockholm, an amazing city that is becoming more and more popular with backpackers. In case you’re afraid it will get cold, no worries because the hostel even has a sauna. Catch the train to Copenhagen to enjoy long summer nights in the colourful harbour. When you’re ready for some good nights out (or like festivals) make sure to go to Berlin. It’s one of the most fun train routes in Europe as the train between Copenhagen and Berlin will go on a ferry(!). After Berlin get a taste of Eastern Europe in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, before you finish the trip.

7. The Islands
Stray from the ordinary and explore the best destinations of the Islands.

Download the Islands guide here.

Get a taste of the UK and Ireland with a trip to the islands. Find yourself in Irish pubs drinking your first ever real Guinness and wander over the Tower Bridge in London on your way to Big Ben.


1. Edinburgh – St. Christopher’s
2. London – St. Christopher’s The Village
3. Dublin – Avalon House Hostel

Start your trip in Edinburgh, Scotland, where you will feel like you’re on the set of Harry Potter as stunning houses with the massive chimneys will catch your attention straight away. If you’re lucky and it’s sunny make sure to go for a hike at Arthur’s Seat before joining the pub crawl. Take the train down to London to explore this amazing city. See Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge and so much more. Then, when you’re ready for another island catch the ferry to Ireland. In Dublin you have to visit the Guinness Storehouse and learn how to drink their world-class beer.

8. Flanders
Discover and adventure yourself in Flanders.

Download the Flanders guide here.

The perfect route to see a lot of beautiful cities without travelling long distances. From cycling along the canals in Amsterdam to walking down the Champs-Élysées toward the Eiffel Tower and exploring lesser known cities such as Utrecht and Lille.


1. Amsterdam – The Flying Pig Downtown
2. Utrecht – Strowis Hostel
3. Rotterdam – The ROOM Hostel
4. Bruges – St. Christophers’ The Bauhaus
5. Lille – Gastama Hostel
6. Paris – St. Christopher’s Canal Paris

We all know there’s no place like Amsterdam so start your trip at this incredible city. Enjoy the hostel’s walking tours to get to know the secret spots of the city for a good night out. Then move on to Utrecht, which is like a quiet Amsterdam with stunning little canals and nice people. When you’re ready to see some modern architecture explore Rotterdam and look over the city from the Euromast. Then go into Belgium to try traditional Belgian beers in Brugge (be careful because these beers are the best – and very strong). Move on to Lille, a cute city that feels like a town. Finish your trip in Paris, the most charming city in Europe where you’ll get your free French breakfast before you explore the city with one of the free walking tours.

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