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Meilleurs bars de jazz à Budapest

Localisation : Budapest

Meilleure auberge en ville !Vous souhaitez prendre le pouls de Budapest, tout en profitant d’un environnement relaxant et propre avec une ambiance conviviale ? Situé au cœur de la ville dans un hôtel-château royal construit par la dynastie des Habsbourg, le Maverick Hostel est ouvert aux invités dans sa splendeur originale.

Infos de base

Jazz lovers will certainly have a good time in Budapest as there are quite a few bars, events in town continually. Hungarian jazz itself is pretty good too and they teach it in the Liszt Music Academy hand to hand with classical music. We also have an instrument which was modified to its present form in Hungary, called the cimbalom. It has a beautiful sound and we have some extremely talented musicians who play on it. Two bars certainly stand out with their jazz repertoire.


Opus Jazz Club

One is Opus Jazz Club in Budapest Music Center. Super nice interior, great food and exceptionally musicians. Whatelse would you need for a great concert? They have a studio as well, which means many bands also do their recordings here and then give a concert. They work very closely together with other European cultural institutes, so lots of events are co-organized. Pretty sure you will find something interesting here and dont forget to book a table in advance!


Budapest Jazz Club

The other club is called Budapest Jazz Club and located in a very nice district, Újlipótváros, next to Margit bridge. The place used to be a cinema and then turned into a jazz club with a cosy, relaxed atmosphere. They host jam sessions regularly and many Hungarian jazz artist have concerts here too, but international superstars can be also found in their calendar.



Jedermann is an honest and laid back bar/restaurant which organizes many jazz concerts. Small and cozy, probably not more than 50 guests is the maximum capacity, but this gives that great club feeling which we are all looking for.


Some of our largest concert halls also organize jazz events.

You can check their homepages here:

And also this concert series is mainly focusing on jazz heroes.

Really some of the most famous musicians nowdays:

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