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Vie nocturne à Stockholm

Location: Stockholm

Meilleure auberge en ville !City Backpackers Hostel is centrally located in the heart of Stockholm. And don’t miss our FREEBIES and try out our events and tours, where you get the opportunity to meet other fellow travelers!

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Vie nocturne à Stockholm

If you are looking forward to spending the night out in Stockholm, you won’t be disappointed. The city of Stockholm lets you in on how the Scandinavian like to party and unwind. The haunts in this city are a must visit given how inexpensive the nightclubs are. The city’s elite know how to party hard. The city is known for its cocktails, beer and never ending flow of champagne.


Stockholm comes alive during night time. If you are a party animal, you will surely enjoy your time here and will enjoy so that once you leave the city you will be left begging for more. The city is full of surprises and doesn’t disappoint. Stockholm does live up to its name as having some of the best haunts for those nocturnal people. When it comes to having the very best bars and pubs, the city is a hoot. The food, drinks and people add to make your night a memorable one. If you long for something that will help you unwind, this city has so many options to choose from. Speak to a local before you come to the city and arrange passes for yourself via your hotel for some of the very best night clubs. Make sure you dress well and don’t misbehave as the bouncers here are very strict about anyone misbehaving. They will not think twice when it comes to throwing somebody out.

Beer halls

The Pelikan is a classy place to go to. The traditional Swedish treats and dishes served here will leave your tongues wagging. The Kvaren is a huge favourite. The Akkurat is usually bustling with crowds and is quite different than any other beer hall in the city. If you would like to sip beer with the Richie rich, then go to the Tranan. Most big names in Hollywood do come here when they are in the city.



If you want that cosy feel of a pub then the Tudor Arms will let you enjoy some soothing indie rock that is if you are up for it. Richie is perfect for dinner for two. If like to relax then the Hotel Lydmar lounge is a nice place where one can relax after 10 pm/ The Bistro Jarl bar is very popular with people here. If you like a cosmo vibe, then the Scandic Grand Central is where you should be. For the hip feel, Kaken is a nice hang out. All these bars are a must visit if you are in Stockholm for less than a week. Tourists love just how friendly the crowds are and you are sure to have a lovely time even if you are on your own.



If you like the chill, then go the ABSOLUT Ice bar. The freezing vodka at -5degress will give you an experience like no other. The Gold Bar has some creative cocktails and a great place for one to hang out with friends. The champagne at Café Opera is to die for. If you are looking for a great view and won’t mind heights then the sky bar –Gondolen gives a panoramic view of the city. You will probably have never seen anything like this. The view is something that people rave about even when they have left the city. Le Rouge and Orangeriet are perfect for waterside drinking during the summers.



If you like live music then you are in luck. Berns and Glen Miller have the easy going jazz music playing while you can catch a bite. Both these places are crowded usually on the weekends. The White Room has earned a reputation for itself for having a good crowd at its lounge and party bar. The Debaser Medis is where you will be able to catch some enjoyable rock and roll music live. For those divas who love to dance and let loose on the dance floor Spy Bar and Rose are lovely places to go to.



If you are interested in going to a gay bar, then head out to Roxy or Torget. Fashionistas will certainly enjoy their time here. Berns also hosts Gay parties in their basement but one has to manage to make their name get onto the guest list first. If you love boats and LGBT parties then go to Patricia. Lesbians enjoy partying at Judy’s on Saturday and Sunday. The Urban Deli is great for dinner and drinks. If you would like to go clubbing with gay friends then the Club KG hosts some of the best parties for the LGBT community. The LGBT scene is thriving in this part of the world and they sure know how to party. During the months of July till August a Gay Pride Week is held which is a festival that celebrates gays and lesbians with some of the craziest parties in town.



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