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Que faire à Valence

Localisation: Valencia Length: 2.5 hours Nécessaire : Bonne humeur Language: English and Spanish

Meilleure auberge en ville !Purple Nest Hostel Valencia a une vraie maison de l'atmosphère de la maison. Ils ont également un emplacement privilégié au centre de la vieille ville.

Infos de base

Valencia is sometimes called ‘little Barcelona’ because it has the Mediterranean Sea, good weather and is one of Spain’s most culturally interested cities, integrating the modern with the ancient.

Go on a Free Walking Tour

The best way to explore a city is getting into a free walking tour. Valencia is full of hidden gems and what the best way to expore it than with a local guide? You will get around the city and hear about all the stories about Valencia history and culture. Every inch of the city is covered in history. Nous faire croire – Il vaut la marche !

Book now your tour and explore the wonders and secrets of Valencia with local guides!

You can visit the best modern museums after the beach, or walk along the former river bed enjoying the lush gardens or playing sports.

Valencia is also known for its nightlife with a huge range of tapas bars, restaurants and clubs. Enjoy the year round warm weather and the night breeze in the summer and enjoy the lively night scene like the Valencians!

Valencia is also known for its clean beaches, some of them “blue flag” awarded for their standard of sand, clean water and facilities.

The Beaches

The promenade also offers a wide variety of restaurants and terraces where you can spend the day sheltered from the sun and enjoying a drink or the typical ´tinto de verano´ (a cold red wine drink).

Without having to go out of town, you can enjoy both the beach of Patacona and the beach of Malvarrosa every day of the year, but you will enjoy them most in summer, not only because of good weather, but also because of all the facilities: areas for children, sports facilities, beach bars that sell drinks and ice cream, etc.

It’s also easily reached as buses and trams run every 10 minutes and are inexpensive. For those who seek a quieter but equally impressive beach, head to the south to Playa de Pinedo, with the same characteristics as the city ones but less overcrowded. Something closer to the Albufera Natural Park is the beach of El Saler, a sandy lake of 2,600 meters with a large expanse of pine trees. Despite being a little further, it is one of the most popular beaches because of its calm water tide and even more transparent water and relaxing atmosphere.

To the north of Valencia you will find the beaches of La Patacona and Port Sa Playa, somewhat more wild than the others, usually with a more rebellious tide, yet less crowded and with peaceful areas to relax and unwind.

Valencia night life zones

El Carmen:

the most multicultural area of the city is also the one with the most hidden secrets. Located in the old town between the Serrano Tower and Quart Tower, cobblestone streets with lots of pubs, terraces and places where you can have a drink and enjoy both commercial and alternative music.

The Port of Valencia:

Thanks to the America´s Cup, the Port of Valencia underwent a considerable change, with a redesign of its entire area and adaptation to entertainment areas. Currently there is free access to bars with ocean views, playing mainly house music and with a glamorous atmosphere. The port area is more expensive than the rest, but it has the most the pleasant seaside atmosphere, easy access and ample parking (keep in mind that the underground car park closes at 3) and contemporary music in all its bars.

Pubs areas:

At the end of the 90´s some parts of the city revitalized its nightlife and multiplied pubs that were filling the streets with terraces and entrances to all kinds of clubs The areas of Aragon, Canovas and Juan Llorens are currently the best in the variety of pubs to dance salsa, rock, house and pop music. There is something for all tastes and styles, and unique places for different age ranges. It is one of the best bets if you do not know where to go and want to decide once you arrive which atmosphere you feel like that night.

VIP – Very Important Places to visit:

The Central Market of Valencia:

The Central Market is notable for its vitality, its freshness, its daily life.

“Mercado Central” has its origins in the Arabic periods of Valencia; anyhow you will see a modern 1940 architecture. It’s one of the most fascinating and gorgeous places of Valencia. The central market is a sensorial experience. You will find it in the old town of the city, just next to the Hôme Hostel Valencia. See, smell, listen, and of course taste; your five senses will be revolutioned during your stroll through hundreds of little food market stands.

With over a thousand years of history, the Central Market of Valencia as we know it, sheltered under a sturdy iron roof, windows and domes, was opened in 1928. Its unique architectural structure and light spectacular modernist style has earned it the nickname of “Cathedral of the Good Taste”.

The Silk Market:

“Lonja de la seda” is an old Middle Age Silk Market . It is placed in the middle of the Valencian old town, next to Home Hostels Valencia and it’s a masterpiece of the gothic architecture. Historians, artists and any Valencian you ask will consider “la Lonja de la Seda” as the most beautiful gothic building all over Spain. Even UNESCO declared this unique building as a world heritage. Therefore if you want to know the real history of Valencia you must visit the silk market. Neither a castle nor a church, but an old commercial place.

The old Silk Market seems a mystery. Its appearance leads to confusion – looking at the huge tower some people would think about a castle. Other people, having a closer look at the decorated main door, the windows, the columns and the wide space would consider it as a church.

The Science Museum and The City of The Arts and Science:

The Principe Felipe Science Museum of the City of Arts and Sciences is a world reference museum for interactive science, with over 25 million visitors this great museum has become one of the most visited cultural destinations in the country.

It was inaugurated in 2000 aiming at stimulating curiosity and critical thinking; it surprises and amuses the audience through contents from the world of science, technology, and the environment.

This 21st-century Science Museum was designed by Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava as an interactive and entertaining introduction to everything related to life, science, and technology. It is unique in the world due to geometry of the building, structure, the materials used and the constant presence of nature.

Several basic principles link the world of science with technology through the Museum building, architecture, engineering and art. These principles are: simplicity of approach and elegance of architectural forms. This contents and container are linked in a coherent way.

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