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Mon aventure ibérique: Grenade

From the Albaicín neighbourhood, to the inhabited caves (some almost 800 years old), and the remarkable Alhambra; Granada’s historical past is everywhere.

This wasn’t my first time in Granada, so I was excited to return and explore it again! This time, I’d be returning on My Iberian Adventure, hosted by Oasis Backpacker Hostel!

Jour 1

I hit the ground running in Granada. After checking in, I quickly changed into sports gear and waited with the others from the hostel to go on the Los Cahorros Waterfall hike!

The Cahorros Waterfall Hike was 15€, which is a steal to visit such a beautiful spot. Cost covers transportation, water, lunch on the hike, and tapas afterwards!

We got to know each other as we made our way to the bus that took us to Monachil. Turns out we had people from Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, and Poland all embarking on the adventure!

Mika, our expert guide, was so helpful. He explained the itinerary, assisted us through the difficult portions of the hike where we had to crawl, sit, or shimmy our way to the other side. He also provided some great anecdotes, like how the drought in the past years in Granada has affected the water levels in the waterfalls.

The scenery was breathtaking as we walked past the the greenery, large rocks, and flowing waterfalls. The sheer size of the mountains were awe-inspiring! It was a great start to my visit in Granada, and definitely unforgettable.

Once we got back to the hostel, the hiking tour group and some more new friends relaxed on the rooftop patio to watch the sun set. One of my favourite parts of the hostel was the chilled out and relaxed atmosphere of the patio. It was a great place to meet people, unwind, and have engaging conversations.

For dinner, we checked out a Moroccan Tapas Bar named Omka-Kool. I shared a jar of beer and 4 different tapas with a German and a fellow Canadian for only 6€ each! From tapas we ventured to a shots bar but we didn’t last long and called it a night! Although it was before midnight, the activities of the day left us exhausted!

Jour 2

I dedicated this day to relaxing and did some writing on the rooftop patio. But by the evening, I was ready to socialise! I went to a Flamenco show at La Alborea. For this show, you can get a discount through the hostel, so we only paid 18€ a ticket, and received a free sangria!

And the show was incredible! The dancers had me at the edge of my seat with their impressive footwork, capturing our attention with movements that entranced us to the rhythm of ‘Las Palmas’. I cannot recommend this experience enough!

Later that night, some of us joined the hostel pub crawl and had way too much fun! It’s called ‘Pub-crawl: Disco is Dead’ and costs 10€. You get one hour of unlimited drinks at the hostel, access to three bars, and one club. We only made it to the third bar, however!

We played foosball at Chaplin, drank out of ‘Porrones’ at Hamelin, and danced to great music at Tantra Bar…where disaster occurred. It was here where I lost my phone.

Jour 3

To say the least, this day didn’t get off to the greatest start. I learned the bar didn’t open until 3 p.m. so in the meantime, I stuck to my schedule and did a tour of Albaicín.

As I got closer to the Mirador San Nicolas, I stopped and enjoyed the music buskers on the street. The sound of the Spanish guitar seemed to take my worries away as I sat smiling in the sun.

It was very nice to see my busker friend Dario playing for fun rather than money. He told me that he prefers when it’s quiet, because he can’t hear himself play in the bigger crowds! There are many buskers in the small, winding streets of Albaicín and it’s worth it to just sit and take in the beautiful sounds. It definitely added a musical element to my Spanish holiday!

After listening to Dario, I continued towards Mirador San Nicolas and took in the impressive views of the Alhambra! For those unfamiliar with the Alhambra, it was once a fortress and a palace from the last Moorish Kingdom in Spain. Once the Kingdom fell in 1492, it became the Royal Court of Ferdinand and Isabella. You can book a ticket to visit the palace from the hostel.

I visited the Alhambra almost two years ago and to this day it’s been one of the most impressive historical buildings I’ve ever seen. From the intricate details, to the flourishing gardens of Generalife, and golden accents, it’s definitely a site not to be missed.

At this point in the day, it was nearly 3 p.m., I went to Tantra Bar to see if they had my phone. And to my disbelief, they had it! He handed my phone back to me and told me one of his regulars found it and returned it to the bar. I was so relieved. I floated on cloud nine back to the hostel!

The hostel had Paella night on Saturday like a big family dinner!

Final Evening & Lasting Impressions

My day was turned out amazing after the discovery! My final night in Granada ended with a Paella night! Masterchef Sandra got to work on the famous dish and was quite the sight to watch her prepare it. I had never seen a Paella pan that big!

The Paella hit the spot and as a last night tradition, we all went up to the rooftop patio to digest and chitchat one last time! It was the perfect end of my three day stay in Granada. I love Granada even more now after my second experience.

It felt like home from the moment I arrived at the hostel. I was welcomed with open arms thanks to Leticia and was given so much assistance from the hostel staff when I lost my phone. I left Granada with an amazing impression, and it easily became one of the highlights of my trip. Granada is a must visit if you get the chance to go! You’ll enjoy breathtaking moorish architecture, tapas, drinks, and most importantly the people!


For other tips in Granada, check out 5 Alternative Things to do in Granada, et Granada’s Best Kept Secrets.

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