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Interrail Europe: Adventure with Europe’s Famous Hostels

My name is Daisy and I’m behind Mes trucs de voyage! Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamt of exploring the world. I remember hearing stories of people using Interrail in Europe, and now I’ve just returned from completing my own! Wondering where I went? Read on and I’ll fill you in!

Somewhere on my month long adventure with Interrail & Célèbres auberges Europe


I had the month of October to travel around Europe with an InterRail Global Pass, and had to decide where I wanted to see. The Global Pass gives you unlimited train rides in over 30 European countries, so it wasn’t easy to decide where to go! I eventually narrowed it down to 11 destinations, which included:

  • Athènes
  • Rome
  • Nice
  • Paris
  • Londres
  • Amsterdam
  • Copenhague
  • Berlin
  • Vienna
  • Interlaken
  • Barcelone

Once I had my destinations sorted, all I had to do was pack and plan each place! Interrail in Europe – here I come!

Athens to Rome

My adventure started in Athens, where I saw the Acropolis, ate delicious food, and enjoyed the city.

From Athens, I took a ferry to Bari, Italy in order to get to Rome. A great perk to the Interrail Pass is that it includes some ferries, such as the one I took from Athens! While the journey was long, we had a beautiful journey across the Ionian Sea and into the port of Bari. And that’s where my real train adventures started!

My Interrail Pass gave me first class seating, so I found myself on a very comfortable journey to Rome. The train rode through tiny towns and gorgeous farmlands as we made our way to the Italian capital. My hostel was only a few steps away from the train station, so I dropped off my things to see another ancient city!

Like Athens, Rome is breathtaking. From its ancient past, to its religious present, and its delicious food, Rome is just one of those places you have to visit once in your life!

Rome to the French Riviera

From Rome I continued my journey to France to the French Riviera. The journey took me through Italy, Monaco, and France, and reminded me why I love travel in Europe so much! No borders or passport control – just go!

This portion of the journey was exceptionally beautiful, and mist from the waves crashing near the trains made for a memory I’ll never forget!

French Riviera to Paris

After exploring Nice and Monaco I took the TGV (“Train à Grande Vitesse” French for: “high speed train”) north to Paris. It was easily the fastest train I’d ever been on and only took me 5 hours to get nearly across the country. Before I knew it, I was enjoying a glass of wine at the Eiffel Tower!

Paris to London

As if the high speed TGV wasn’t enough to impress me, the Eurostar took it a step further! I enjoyed a nice breakfast on the train while I made my way to London. Travelling from place to place had never been so much fun.

However, the most impressive train ride was yet to come! England is an island, so the train passes through an underwater tunnel just before it gets to the French coast. The journey took about 2 hours, and was incredibly comfy! I enjoyed a tasty croissant and latte on the ride!

Okay, so what else happened?

Though I could write so much more on how I got to my other destinations after London, I won’t bore you with the details. Aside from all the pleasant surprises about train travel (like comfortable night trains, interesting routes, and delicious meals), there’s another thing about train travel you’ll love: the people you meet on your journey.

In most countries, you can easily spot other backpackers and in most cases, they’re always down for a chat. For example, here are some people i met:

  • An elderly man in Denmark who gave me tips on what to do in Copenhagen, and a mini history lesson on the Cold War. I really feel like an expert now!
  • A tennis player in Austria who had just finished an important match and in the Swiss Alps!
  • Aussies who’d never seen snow before.

Everyone enjoyed my backpacking story, and I enjoyed listening to theirs! From international tourists to locals, everyone was friendly, helpful, and memorable. Maybe it was them who made my trip so amazing!

But one group in particular has a special place in my heart. On my night train from Berlin to Vienna I met some other Interrailers. They were from Mexico and we shared an intense passion for travelling. Before I knew it, we were all having beers together on the train, and exchanging stories! It felt more like a good night out than travelling to a new destination.

Should You Get an Interrail Pass?

I think one of the best ways to see Europe is by train, and Interrail is the way to go! The Interrail Global Pass is unique and flexible, and allows you to be as spontaneous or planned as you want! I love the concept of slow travel, the views you get en route, and of course, the people. Thanks Interrail for showing me the best of Europe!

Interrail in Europe

With an Interrail/Eurail Pass you get a 10% discount at Europe’s Famous Hostels! Not a bad deal considering the quality of these highly rated hostels. To get your discount, it’s simple! Just book your hostel and present your reservation and your Interrail/Eurail Pass at check in!

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