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Nous utilisons le plus haut niveau de sécurité disponible sur Internet et s’assure que toute information que vous fournissez, y compris les détails de votre carte de crédit, demeureront entièrement confidentielle.

Chaque auberge impose des normes de l’association, formant une marque qui est approuvée par ceux qui restent avec nous. Clients savent qu’ils trouveront les mêmes niveaux de qualité dans tout le réseau. Chaque ville possède seulement une auberge célèbre et votre séjour dans une auberge célèbre garantit que vous aurez un excellent séjour à prix imbattable.


Ce qui est une auberge de jeunesse ? Guide ultime de célèbre auberges l’Europe

Don’t you know what a hostel is? Staying in a hostel is not your first choice when travelling?

That’s because you didn’t stay at one of them! Some people still have a misunderstood idea about what a hostel is really about and what have changed in hotel’s accommodation market on recent years.

We can guarantee you this: A hostel is so much more than just a bed.


What is a hostel?

A hostel is a low-budget accommodation that is considered the perfect lodging for travellers and backpackers. There you can find a special environment, that is based on the experience itself.

As stated before: a hostel is so much more than just a bed. With an easy going feeling, hostels are the perfect way to bond with the local culture and get to know the real destinations. You may have a good experience in a destination but what really takes your trip to the next level is choosing the right hostel!

Travelling alone? No problem. You will meet people from all over the world! You will share travel stories or even find a travel mate for your next trip – simple as that. Hostels provide a friendly atmosphere with social common areas where you can hang-out, play some board games or even exchange books.




Probably you will find a friendly and reliable hostel staff that understands travellers’ needs and expectations. And we guarantee that makes all the difference in the world – they might even turn into your drinking buddies later on!

Hostels offer a wide range of activities for their guests. You can find free walking tours or bike rentals. For getting to know the local nightlife you can always choose pubcrawl or just be aware of the hostel’s events. Some hostels offer a weekly schedule with events such as live music, pub quizz or even a traditional dinner.



Types of Hostel

There are many type of hostels for every taste. Depending on your way of travelling you can find hostels suitable to your needs and requirements. This kind of lodging can offer a variety of options from the most basic to the most luxurious type of accommodation.

Low-Cost Hostels

If you are on a tight budget you can always look for low-cost hostels with basic and standard facilities. There you can find a win-win situation: good accommodation at a fair price. This type of accommodation usually offers dorms that may have up to 10 beds. More beds the cheaper it gets – just do the math!


Party Hostels

If you are looking to meet new people and have some real fun you can pick a party hostel. One thing we can guarantee – fun, fun, fun! This type of hostels usually offers special events to entertain the younger crowds looking to have a good time. Pubcrawl is the top choice for getting to know the local nightlife. However if you prefer to stay “in-house” for the night you can always opt for beer pong or other drinking games!

So, let’s get this party started?


Boutique Hostels

If you value comfort and a selective environment you can always choose a Boutique hostel that usually offers less dormbeds and an upscale service. You can find a sense of luxury and design decoration but still not surpass that squeezed travel budget!


Youth Hostels

Even though these hostels may empathize that is only for younger travellers – we can assure you it’s not! Youth Hostels welcomes everyone with no restriction of age. Like others hostels are budget oriented and their aim is to promote interchange and mobility among people.


Cosy Hostels

There is also the Cosy hostels that you get the “like home” feeling once you get there. This type of hostels usually offers a common area to encourage their guests to strike up a conversation and hang-out with each other. There’s also another feature which caracterizes this hostels: the shared kitchen! Where you can cook and save some money but also leave the stuff you won’t need to other travellers.


Types of Accommodation

Usually when booking a hostel you book a bed, not a room. However hostels nowadays offer a range variety of accommodation – from bunk beds with 12 people to private double rooms. More beds the cheaper it gets – simple as that.

a) Dorm Rooms

When you think of hostels you think of dorm rooms, right? That’s what all hostels have in common: dorm rooms with shared bathroom. Usually starts from 3 beds and can go up to 12 beds in the same room.

However there are multiple options concerning dorm rooms that may surprise you. Guess what? If you’re a girl you can choose a female dorm where only females are allowed! There’s also dorm rooms with different designs and decorations – pod-style rooms where you can have more privacy or just opt for a standard bunk bed. There’s even dorm rooms that you get your own power sockets, locker under bed and a curtain.


b) Private Rooms

So yes, as stated there are hostels for every taste – the same with rooms! If you are travelling with your partner or just value privacy but still want to stay in a hostel, private rooms may be the best solution for you. Hostels (as hotels) offer single rooms, double and twin beds. However you can find private rooms up to 4 people usually named as family rooms.

Concerning bathrooms there is no standard for hostels. Some rooms may include a private bathroom, others may not – always check with the hostel!


c) Apartments

The hostel accommodation business has changed on recent years. New travellers, new expectations and requirements come up each day. Some hostels have been adapting to this new market demands and offer apartments as private accommodation with ensuite bathroom and kitchen. It’s like having your own little space inside of a hostel but still not loosing the friendly atmosphere and activities!


How to book the best hostels

If you are having trouble to find the best type of hostels suiting to your needs and preferences – look no further! Famous Hostels offer top hostels in the best european destinations. Staying at Famous Hostels we can guarantee you’ll have a great stay at unbeatable value – top location, service and facilities. For more information and booking


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