Getaway to Belgrade and Budapest Inspire me

Getaway to Belgrade and Budapest

Belgrade is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and is becoming very popular with modern travellers thanks to its budget friendly food, drink and nightlife. Another beautiful city to visit in Europe for a “more for less” holiday is Budapest. Both these cities are rich in architecture and culture, not to mention some of the best bars and clubs in Eastern Europe!

Cheap breaks in Belgrade and Budapest

All the tourist spots here acquaint the tourists with Belgrade and Budapest and visiting these two cities together can make your holiday to Europe a worthwhile experience. Moreover, the kind of sightseeing and other entertainment that these cities offer are worth every penny.


Belgrade is proud of its rich cultural heritage and there are a lot of monuments and buildings worth visiting in the city. One of them is the Belgrade Fortress, which is one of the most important cultural monuments in Europe. This is the epicenter for most of the cultural activities in the city, and the park that surrounds it hosts most of the city’s concerts and events.

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The Republic Square is a general hangout spot for tourists, where they mostly meet for a drink and catch up with friends. This is a great spot to finish up your tour of Serbia’s capital city

The Milenary Monument is a beautiful stone and brick monument, which offers a spellbinding view of the Gardos Hills. This monument has a therapeutic effect on people and gives a macro view of the city center.

The Skadarilja is the hub of restaurants and bars for both locals and tourists alike. This area was built back in the late 19th century. The famous cafes of Skadarilja are a must visit place to try out some delicacies of Belgrade, and to see how the locals live.

Belgrade has become a cultural capital of Europe, offering a variety of creative arts and historical monuments with enough buzzing nightlife to satisfy anyone looking for a crazy night out on the town, or on the Danube in Belgrade’s case!

Despite Belgrade’s increasing popularity, prices are still low and you can do a lot more for a lot less than in many of Europe’s hub cities. For more ideas for what to see in Belgrade check out our Belgrade Guide.

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Budapest is also a hub for cultural activities. The rich cultural heritage cannot be beaten by any other city or country of Europe. The Buda Castle gives the most spectacular views of Budapest and is a must see for everyone visiting this ancient city. One should take at least two to three hours to enjoy the castle journey. This can be done either by climbing the stairs or by the city’s cable car.

The Chain Bridge is a bridge worth visiting because it is the first bridge to connect two cities, Buda and Pest, where the city’s name originates from.

The Museum of Fine Arts preserves the cultural and historical legacy of the country. It includes wonderful collections of sculptures, prints and drawings.

More about Budapest can be found in out Budapest Guide.

Budapest and Belgrade are two such cities that have preserved the cultural heritage of Europe. It is definitely a “more for less” holiday.

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Getaway to Belgrade and Budapest
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