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Gluten-Free Food Guide Madrid

Gluten-Free Food Guide Madrid

Blog post by: @hermanasingluten on behalf of Checkout.note by Famous Hostels.

Worried about what gluten-free foods you can enjoy while in Madrid? The options in one of Spain’s top destinations will surely surprise and excite you!

Food is one of the most essential parts of the travel experience, and it’s certainly no exception in a place like Madrid! However, sometimes dietary restrictions can get in the way of indulging in delicious local foods, and that can be a bummer. But in the case of Madrid, you’ll find that it’s a fairly gluten-free (GF) friendly city! There are tons of gluten-free restaurants, and there’s usually always an option at most typical Madrid restaurants as well. So without further ado, let’s explore your options in the gluten-free food guide to Madrid! 

Gluten free food guide Madrid


Breakfast, Tea, or Snack Time

Breakfast and tea time are easily my favourite meals of the day. And if you do them right, you can usually skip a meal at one point, which can really help if you’re on a budget! Personally speaking, I love visiting bakeries and looking at showcases filled with cakes and other sweet delights. Without a doubt, I would say “Celicioso” is my favourite one in Madrid. On our first visit, we chose a red velvet cupcake, a brownie with cream and nuts, and iced coffee with condensed milk. And the second time around, the chosen ones were the Eggs Benedict with an Americano. From sweet to savoury, Celicioso has it all!

And no matter where you are in the city, you can likely find one as they have 5 locations in Madrid! My two favourite locations would have to be Retiro and Callao. And even if you miss their breakfast, stop in for an afternoon treat and try their carrot cake or red velvet cupcakes. They’re an absolute must and had to be included in the gluten-free food guide to Madrid.

Gluten free food guide Madrid


Laib Gluten Free Bakery

Laib gluten-free bakery” was my chosen option to have breakfast before going to Retiro. I found it by surprise and ended up really liking it! They are specialists in sourdough gluten-free bread, which isn’t always the easiest thing to find, so make sure you bookmark this spot if you want to try it out. They also make a fantastic “palmeritas”, which is a typical puff pastry you’ll find in Madird. I tried them out and have to say they were only delicious and perfectly made!

Gluten free food guide Madrid


Maestro Churrero

If you are the type of traveler that loves trying typical food, you can’t miss churros with hot chocolate! “Maestro Churrero”, as the name suggests, specialises in this traditional treat, and as you’ve probably guessed has some fantastic gluten-free options. Since their chocolate is gluten-free, the only thing you have to do is ask for gluten-free churros when you order; a sweet addition to my gluten-free food guide Madrid.

Maoestro Churrero is near Plaza Mayor, so they are very well located. If you happen to visit in summer, I recommend having the, “cold chocolate” instead of hot chocolate, otherwise, you’ll likely overheat in the hot Madrid sun!

Gluten free food guide Madrid

Churros with Chocolate


Ice cream is always a good plan, no matter the weather! In Madrid, a lot of ice cream parlours have labeled gluten-free flavours and also have gluten-free ice cream cones, so the options are great. My favourite shop was Helados Patagonia Artesanal, not only because it was very close to Cats Hostel, but because all their flavours are gluten-free, so there is no chance of cross-contamination. Pistachio, After Eight, and Kinder, were my absolute favourite ones, and I can only recommend them for your own visit. 

Gluten free food guide Madrid

Ice cream at Patagonia

Lunch, Dinner, and Tapas

Spanish food is very characteristic: seafood, delicious seasonings, and tasty wine, so if you like these things you will love the typical dishes in Madrid.

Near the Reina Sofia Museum, you can find “SurAldea” where you can try a variety of delicious meals. After my museum visit, I stopped by to try the grilled squid and a “tinto de verano”, which is made of red wine and lemon soda. And on an extremely hot day, it’s definitely a perfect combination!

Pizza is always a great idea but finding a spot that serves gluten free pizza isn’t always easy. But Madrid had lots of options! Grosso Napoletano Senza Glutine is an Italian Restaurant in Chueca. We tried the Grosso pizza, Margherita pizza, and for dessert, we finished with an incredible Tiramisu. The whole experience was delicious, and will definitely be back on my bext trip to Madrid.

Gluten free food guide Madrid

Grosso Napoletano

If you have a craving for something a bit on the greasy side, then head to Vips! It’s a fast-food chain you can find all over Spain, and while they aren’t exclusively gluten-free, they’re known to have very good options, bread included. They really take precautions to avoid cross-contamination in your food, so you really don’t have to have any doubts about their safety.


And finally, going “tapas” is something you really won’t want to miss! Indulging in little plates of food while standing at a table and sipping on an ice-cold beer is one of the best ways to experience food in Madrid. I personally couldn’t think of a better night plan!

In Chamberi, “La Tape” has a daily menu with typical food, so I definitely recommend it for a great tapas experience. They also have a variety of gluten-free draft beers, so you can enjoy the experience without missing out on a cold one! I mean, what would a gluten-free food guide for Madrid even look like without at least one recommendation for beers?!


If you’re looking to cook at the hostel, or have a picnic, you’ll need to head to the supermarket. Luckily a few chain markets here have great gluten-free options, so you can get what you need! Mercadona definitely has a wider selection of gluten-free products, and even have their own brand; “Hacendado”. A lot of their gluten-free products are labeled with a blue sign that says “Sin gluten”, so you can always look out for that while you shop.

Carrefour is another one of the big supermarkets and also has a lot of gluten free options, including bread, cookies, and other products.

Where to stay in Madrid

Madrid is a very well connected city, so I would say Cats Hostel has a perfect location, it is 3 blocks from the nearest metro station. 4 minutes walking to Plaza Mayor, Sol or Gran Via. The atmosphere at the hostel was awesome, you can make friends from all over the world. If you like partying, at night you can join a pub crawl that is very fun. If you like knowing the history behind famous places, they organise a free walking tour that is amazing.

Gluten-Free Food Guide Madrid

Being gluten-free in Madrid is literally paradise, as you can well see from this food guide! From breakfast to dinner, and the snack times in between, options for those following this diet seem to be endless. And if these suggestions aren’t enough, I recommend strolling around every morning for more restaurants and bakeries, as I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface of the delicious foods on offer in Madrid. 

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