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Have fun in Budapest Budapest Guide

Have fun in Budapest

Budapest is known as the party capital of Europe and is the hottest destinations to experience an international cultural mix, coupled with the choicest restaurants, night clubs and historic tours you can think of. Because of the tourist traffic Budapest attracts each year, it is recommended that backpackers familiarize themselves with the culture and know what to expect when they get there.

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The options for a night out in Budapest are end endless. There is something for everyone; however, it is important to know how to get around and what kind of places to go to before you decide to walk in.

The safest way to get around the city is by city cabs. What you need to be careful about is whether the cab service is legit or not. Opt for city cab facilities which are authorized cab services and charge by the rate card. If you get caught with the wrong taxi, there are chances you may be over charged and forced to pay.

Before walking into a club, find out if they have an entry fee. Most of the good clubs in Budapest do not charge entry fee. The ones that do may be a scam. Look at the rates on the menus carefully before ordering so you know how much it’s going to cost. Most of the places are decently priced, but if you do not keep a tab on the number of drinks you’ve had, there is a strong chance you may end up emptying your wallet. Also, you are not supposed to pay for drinks of girls who lurk around you at the bar.

Now that you have the safety and financial aspect covered, let’s get down to the business of entertainment. 

If you’re in the mood for dinner, we can suggest some of the popular restaurants like The Prime Steakhouse, La Pampa, P2 – Club and Restaurant, Pomodoro and Deryne. The Prime Steakhouse opened last year but has already become quite the rage for the scrumptious steaks they serve. Another place for a good steak is La Pampa. They specialize in steaks with an Argentinian touch and are delicious on the palate. The P2 club and restaurant pampers your palate and offers the best level of erotic entertainment in the city. If you want to try Italian cuisine, Pomodoro is the best place to get it. You can get excellent value for money here. Deryne is a great place for breakfast. It has an elaborate dessert and pastry menu and espressos to die for.

If a pub is what you’re looking for then you should check out Fat Mo’s, Irish Cat Pub, Spiler, Morrison’s 2 and Old Man’s. You will get a wide variety of cheap Slovakian brews and the best European street food at these pubs. Most of them have different music and culinary specials on different days of the week so there something different for each night in Budapest.

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Among other pubs, there is the option of hopping to the next bar to get the night started. Backpackers will find that the Zizi bar, Oscar, Negro bar and the Boutique Bar are great places to meet people and have a great time.

Getting down to some serious clubbing, we recommend the Dokk Club which is built in a warehouse on a little island in the Danube. This club is a great place to party and you don’t have to dish out too much cash to get drunk. You can expect nudity in these clubs as Budapest is known for its strip clubs and porn movie industry. Don’t be taken aback. Leave your inhibitions aside and party the way you want to.

The Rudas bath hosts a regular event where on one Saturday each month called the Cinetrip. This event combines music, dancing, cinema, food, alcohol and thermal baths, all at the same venue. You can check to see the schedule at the Merlin Theatre.

Other clubs that you should visit are Piaf, bank Dance Hall, Merlin, Trafiq, Otkert, Urimuri, P1 and P2. What you must do before you plan your backpacking trip to Budapest is find out about the blacklisted night clubs in the city. These are clubs which are very expensive and it may not be safe to venture there under any circumstances. I’m sure as a backpacker you are smart and know how to take care of yourself and your friends, but its always better to be safe than sorry.


Have fun in Budapest
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