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5 Most Haunted Places in Europe

5 Most Haunted Places in Europe

Consider yourself a fan of all things spooky? Or maybe you’re looking to take a Halloween themed vacation? Europe is full of spooky destinations you have to check out!

Europe is packed to the brim with lots of old castles, cemeteries, and local ghost stories. And if you’re after a bit of a spooky thrill, you’ll be sure to find it on the Old Continent. Wondering where the 5 most haunted places in Europe are? From the foggy hills of Edinburgh, to the darkest caves of the Parisian catacombs, we’re sure our guide will inspire, or shivers down your spine!

5 Most Haunted Places in Europe

5 Most Haunted Places in Europe

1. Salzburg, Austria – The Hills Are Alive, With The Sound of…Werewolves!

Salisburgo isn’t all about the cheery and whimsical, ‘The Sound of Music’ – the Austrian city has a spooky side, too! Castello Moosham sits just outside of Salzburg, and is easily one of the most haunted places in Europe. Dating back to 1191, the castle has had a long standing reputation of being haunted, and for good reason. For years, the castle faced adversity and tension, but in the late 1600s, it became the administrative centre for the Salzburg With Trials. Also known as the Zaubererjackl, 139 people were executed here, including 39 children. While the majority of the accused were burned alive, others were hanged or decapitated. Legend has it that the witches’ screams can still be heard at the castle at night!

And it doesn’t stop there. In the 1800s, the castle again found itself in the midst of a spooky setting. Several wildlife had been found dead around the castle, so being logical like villagers were back then, everyone assumed there were werewolves at the castle. This resulted in all Moosham residents being rounded up and executed. Like the witches scream, werewolves are also rumoured to still prowl around the castle grounds. Is it any wonder we’ve ranked Salisburgo as one of the most haunted places in Europe?

Moosham Castle - 5 Most Haunted Places in Europe. Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels.

Moosham Castle. Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels.

2. London, U.K. – The World’s Most Haunted Capital City

It should come as no surprise that Londra has made our list of the 5 Most Haunted Places in Europe. The British capital has a history of ghostly sightings giving you plenty of places to get a good frightening!

One of the most infamous stories from London centres around Jack the Ripper. In 1888, Jack the Ripper terrorised impoverished areas of London and murdered 5 innocent women. While he was never actually caught, and his identity remains unknown, there are several attractions in London dedicated to the story. For example, the Ten Bells Pub is linked to two of his victims, Annie Chapman and Mary Jane Kelly.

If you want to dive into more historically haunted places, then be sure to spend some time at the Torre di Londra. This tower has served as a fortress of protection, a prison, and an execution site, but is now a museum full of haunted stories. It is believed that the murder of the Princes in the Tower occurred here in 1483, and their ghosts still roam the grounds today. Other famous executions that have occurred here include Anne Boleyn, Catherine Howard, Lady Jane Grey, and Henry VI. Visiting the tower in full takes at least half a day, so be sure to plan for time.

Tower of London-London, U.K.

Tower of London-London, U.K.

Where To Stay in London

Located near London Bridge, you’re located in the centre of it all when you stay at Inn San Cristoforo al villaggio. You can choose from dorms, private rooms, and even a POD bed! Make sure you book direct so you can get a free breakfast with your reservation.

3. Barcellona, Spagna – Vampires in The Gothic Streets

Including Barcellona in a list of the 5 Most Haunted Places in Europe might come as a surprise to many, but it certainly deserves a spot! In 1909, Barcelona was rife with social destitution, prostitutes and thieves, and a local woman named Edriqueta Marti ran a brothel. It attracted lots of high class people, some of whom had strange desires and requested children. She kidnapped and prostituted several children in her brothel, but also murdered some as she was a known witch doctor.

During the Tragic Week of 1909, Marti was temporarily arrested for running a brothel with children. But thanks to her connections in Barcelona’s high society, she managed to escape conviction. She was finally arrested in 1912 when she was finally caught abducting a child. Authorities found evidence of bodies, and discovered Marti had been killing children and using their blood and organs as medicine and elixirs for wealthy people. Marti was charged with the deaths of 12 children, but it is suspected she killed over 40 in total. Does Barcellona now give you the creeps??

5 Most Haunted Places in Europe

Barcellona, Spagna

Where To Stay in Barcelona

For those who love a social hostel, be sure to book a Kabul Party Hostel in Barcelona. Centrally located, you’ll find all the things a social hostel needs: friendly staff, awesome guests, a bar, and an amazing rooftop lounge.

4. Parigi, Francia – The Dark Side of The City of Lights

Typically known as the City of Lights or the City of Love, Paris has a dark side. Beneath the cobbled streets of Parigi, you can find The Catacombs, which is easily one of the most haunted places in Europe. Spanning 11,000 square metres, The Catacombs are home to the bodies of over 6 million Parisians from the 18th century. While some of it is open for visitors, much of it is a maze of seemingly unending rows of skeletons. And while it’s forbidden to venture off the path, many people have, and some have even died. In 1793, Philibert Aspairt was a doorkeeper who wandered into the Catacombs and never came out. His body was found 11 years later, and oddly enough, he was found near an exit. Legend has it that every night on November 3rd, his ghost wanders around The Catacombs.

We recommend taking a guided tour, but please don’t take it upon yourself to explore! As recently as 2017, 3 teenagers went missing for 3 days after getting lost. Luckily, authorities found them alive and well, but it’s certainly not a mistake you’d want to make!

Paris Catacombs - 5 Most Haunted Places in Europe. Image by Ann B. from Pixabay.

Paris Catacombs – 5 Most Haunted Places in Europe. Image by Ann B. from Pixabay.

Where To Stay in Paris

Our top recommendation for accommodation in Paris is St Christopher’s Inn on The Canal. Located in the 19th Arrondissement, you’ll love the view of the canal from the bar, as well as some of the rooms. Make sure you book directly to get free breakfast, and all guests are entitled to a 25% discount at the restaurant and bar!

5. Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. – A Creepy Castle and Musical Ghosts

Scozia is known for its friendly people, bag pipes, mysterious creatures like Nessie, and the haunted Castello di Edimburgo. This 2000 year old fortress dominates the Edinburgh skyline, and holds lots of dark stories and secrets within its walls. For centuries, it was home to several murders and public executions, which is enough to give you the creeps when visiting.

Edinburgh Castle sits atop a vast network of tunnels connecting it to the Royal Mile. Hundreds of years ago, a young boy was sent into the tunnels to explore and was told to play the pipes as he wandered. His music could be heard above, but about halfway through his journey, the music stopped. Unfortunately, the piper was never found. Many people still say his ghost roams the Royal Mile, and sometimes, you can faintly hear his music.

Edinburgh Castle is home to so many tales of bloody murders and ghostly sightings that the castle has actually been investigated a few times for paranormal activity. Whether you believe in it or not, several investigations have confirmed paranormal activity here, and with many scientific claims to confirm it!

5 Most Haunted Places in Europe - Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.

Castello di Edimburgo

Where To Stay in Edinburgh

If you’re planning to visit the historic city of Edinburgh, then be sure to book with the centrally located Inn Edinburgh di St Christopher's. Guests can enjoy 24 hour reception, a bar, restaurant, and cool themed rooms. Unlike Edinburgh Castle, you won’t have to worry about ghosts creeping around at night!

5 Most Haunted Places in Europe

We hope you enjoyed our 5 Most Haunted Places to Visit in Europe! Planning a spooky or Halloween themed getaway to any of these destinations will surely give you the thrill you’re looking for. If you need more information to help you plan your vacation, click qui per una serie di consigli utili, guide della città, dei ristoranti e altro ancora. And for all the latest news at Famous Hostels, follow us or subscribe on Instagram, Facebook, Pintereste Youtube.

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